Nickname: Roasters925
Fantasy Player Rank: #189

174 Money League Teams

DynastySnaggletooth Shih TzuinThere Can Only Be One
High StakesSpiritboxinPPR HS
High StakesSpiritbox SFlexin125 Superflex
All-ProSnaggletooth Tzus!inBest Wonderlickers
All-ProLITTLEDOGinJust 4 Fun
All-ProShih Tzu LoveinBallers and Bums!
All-ProDyn-O-Mite!inEggs an Football
All-ProMy League Mates Built MinNo Flex No Trade
All-ProMy League Mates DraftedinLet it Rock
All-ProMy Leg!inUnited Fantasy League
All-ProMy Weakest Squad!inGoal Line Stand
All-ProShih Tzu Pillagers SFleinFlexing QBs
All-ProShih Tzu Plunderers SFlinPremier Players League
All-ProChintzy McGeeinNewbies and chum
All-ProIn It, Tua Win ItinAll PRO
All-ProReek and Destroy!inNewbies
All-ProShih Tzu Security SFlexinDogs of the Dome
All-American49ersinAll-American 847
All-AmericanA Dingo ate ma HomeinLet's Do This
All-AmericanAlways AngryinMonday Night Madness
All-AmericanAmon a RollinAll-American 1120
All-AmericanBat**** CrazyinThirsty Thursday Draft
All-AmericanBoogie Boy McGeeinWin This Thing
All-AmericanBreakin' T-LawinEarly Bird Special
All-AmericanBuckle Up, Butter KuppinNovice Slowdraft #3
All-AmericanCancun RacooninIdiots only
All-AmericanChampionship Kupp!inLet's Go!
All-AmericanChasing the TitleinAll-American 836
All-AmericanClueless in Claytonin4 Da Love of Da Game
All-AmericanCornholioinThe All Hype League
All-AmericanDeath of piece of mindinNovice Slowdraft #1
All-AmericanDigg it ManinPlump Country Bumpkins
All-AmericanDilfers Chosen Ones SFlinAndy Reid Is Your Daddy
All-AmericanDilfers Chum SFlexinFlex it up
All-AmericanDilfers Crud SFlexinHonor of J.B.
All-AmericanDilfers Dawgs SFlexinFOOTBALL LOVERS
All-AmericanDilfers Dimwits SFlexinSuperFlex Better Than Sex
All-AmericanDilfers Ding Dongs SFleinOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanDilfers Dingbats SFlexinFootball Fantasies
All-AmericanDilfers Dingleberries SinMiller Bye Life
All-AmericanDilfers Doo Doo SFlexinSF is the best
All-AmericanDilfers Dream Team SFleinsuperflex w trades
All-AmericanDilfers Duds SFlexinEarly Flex
All-AmericanDilfers Dung SFlexinLeague of Losers
All-AmericanDilfers Minions SFlexinFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanDilfers Peons SFlexincool jerks
All-AmericanDilfers Scrubs SFlexinAA Super Flexy
All-AmericanDilfers Slugs SFlexinLucky One
All-AmericanDilfers Studs SFlexinEveryone Wins
All-AmericanDisadvantaged ChampioninDrafting with Dummies
All-AmericanDK SniperinWorst to First
All-AmericanDos TzusinAll-American 1060
All-AmericanDude, Whose my QB?inFriday night Nerd fight
All-AmericanDumb Dumb TheoinSaturdays for fighting
All-AmericanFirst Down BrowninReal American Beer
All-AmericanGimme Chocolateinn00b draft
All-AmericanGo Reek Lightning!inSaturdays for fighting
All-AmericanGrumpis McDumpisinVIP Fantasy
All-AmericanHaving it my wayinLeague of Newbies
All-AmericanHillary won RIGGED!inMay is for drafting
All-AmericanHot Chick!inHump Day Fun
All-AmericanHurts So GoodinTecmo Bowl II
All-AmericanIdiot BoyinNight Cap Anyone?
All-AmericanKelce You in the FinalsinApril Showers Brings Zay Flowers
All-AmericanMaster of Puppies!inAll-American 1086
All-AmericanMeep!inAll-American 727
All-AmericanMoving on UpinLate Night Ballers
All-AmericanMr. HankyinAll American
All-AmericanMultiple ScoregasmsinWide Right
All-AmericanMy guysinField of Dreams
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinAll-American 772
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinTuesday's Gone
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinAll-American 807
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinAll-American 731
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinThere's No Cryin' In Football
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinBros and Hoes
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinWith Trades
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinUnder-inflated Balls
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinEveryones All-American
All-AmericanMy League Mates DraftedinSaturday Night Fever
All-AmericanMy League Mates Gave MeinLast Chance
All-AmericanMy League Mates screwedinAll-American 787
All-AmericanMy League Mates Squeel!inShow me the Money
All-AmericanMy League Mates Stink!inWhat's up my nerdssssss
All-Americanp-star 7inMay or May not
All-AmericanPass the BijaninTHursday Night Football Draft
All-AmericanPigs can fly!in4th and Goal
All-AmericanPillow Humper TheoinLoco Moco
All-AmericanPiper DiaperinDraft with ignorant idiots
All-AmericanPoopy Pants McGeeinFlash Them TD'S
All-AmericanRun CMCinAll-American 686
All-AmericanSerenity Now!inBrowns Haters
All-AmericanShih Shih TzuinGOOD TIMES
All-AmericanShih Tzu Security, Inc.inMuch Ado About Fantasy
All-AmericanSimone McGheeinDraft with Dummies
All-AmericanSnaggletooth SimoneinDraft with Big Dummies
All-AmericanSnaggletooth TheoinDraft with big time Idiots and st
All-AmericanStrawberry Fields ForevinIllegal Motion
All-AmericanSun GodinTijuana is part of the United Sta
All-AmericanTerrible TheoinDraft with idiots and numbskulls
All-AmericanThe Health InspectorinAll My Rowdy Friends
All-AmericanThe JackassinAll-American 695
All-AmericanTheodore BarksdaleinLets Get Started
All-AmericanThis is the wayinWE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!
All-AmericanTreasonous LunaticsinHave Some Dijon with Your Bijan
All-AmericanTzu BluezinFresh Start 2023
All-AmericanVacuum Cleaner SimoneinPlayoff Football
All-AmericanWaddle Around TowninAll-American 736
All-AmericanWaddle Time!inDrafting with Idiots 3
All-AmericanWax on, Wax offinAll American
All-AmericanWinners ClubinFantasyland
Draft Slot123456789101112

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