Nickname: SF_Faithful
Fantasy Player Rank: #22
Fans: 77
Foes: 1

37 Money League Teams

ChampionshipRiley's DADinFantasy Championship 8/17 8:30pm
ChampionshipRiley's DadinFantasy Championship 9/2 11:00pm
ChampionshipRiley'sDadinFantasy Championship 9/3 10:00pm
RTFFCRiley's DAD 2inRTFFC White 6
High Stakes*HS 2inMonday Night Football
High Stakes*HS 4inLeft Coasters
High Stakes+HS 1inSiriusXM League
High Stakes+HS 3inMoonlight over Miami Dolphins
High Stakes+HS 5inGoing once...
High Stakes+HS 7*inSunday Funday
All-Pro*AP 2 125inAverage Joe's League
All-Pro*AP 3 125inSeriously.....not
All-Pro*AP 5 125inAre you ready
All-Pro+AP 1 125inSunday fever
All-Pro*AP 8 100inStl Ballers
All-Pro+AP 7 100inTil The End
All-Pro+AP 9 100inMax's League
All-Pro+Mario's BroinAngler's Club
All-Pro*AP 8inITS TIMe!!
All-Pro+AP 10inGrid Iron Brew Crew
All-Pro+AP 12inBlood Sweat and Beers
All-Pro+AP 14inShow me your TDs
All-Pro+AP 4inOld McDonald had a farm
All-Pro+AP 6inTitans of Fantasy
All-Pro+AP 9inThe League of Ordinary Gents
All-American+AA 14inNight Owls
All-American+AA 15inPick No Bengals
All-American+AA 3inThe Late Show
All-American+AA 4inGuns N Roses
All-American+AA 7 +2inWeek 1 Camp All Stars
All-American+AA 8inThe BIG League
All-American+Marios Big BroinBlistering Feet
Draft Slot123456789101112

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