Nickname: Skubala40
Fantasy Player Rank: #105
Fans: 1

36 Money League Teams

All-AmericanSkubsSnacksinDraft Now VII
All-AmericanSkubsSnacksDosinGood Times
All-AmericanSkubySnacksinFantasy Freaks & Ho's
All-AmericanSkubs De light inWaydas Warriors 3
All-AmericanSkubs De liteinAlways Smokin
All-AmericanSkubs De funkinWhat Up
All-AmericanSkubs inMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanSkubs 1infriday afternoon draft
All-AmericanSkubs BoogieinThe Open Challenge
AudibleSkubala1inGlennon to Pead Perfect Combo
AudibleSmells like SkubalainGet r Done
AudibleSkubala3inPlayboy Bunny
AudibleSkubala 4inShall we Draft
AudibleSkubala5inPBJ Lunchtime Special
AudibleSkubs6inSaturday Night Fever Again
AudibleSkubs7inDark Star Classic
AudibleSkubs8inCaptain Spaulding Clowns Only!!!
AudibleSkubs9inKrusty the Clown Open to Cliowns
AudibleSkubs10inBeware of the Dawg
AudibleSkubs11inRamble On
AudibleSkubs12inFill this draft
AudibleSkubs13inQBs are Overrated
AudibleSkubs14in Cheapo Diaper to the Rescue
AudibleSkubs15in99 Days till Kickoff
AudibleSkubs16inCheapo Challenge
AudibleSkubs17inReggie DM
AudibleSkubs18inPuff the Magic Dragon
AudibleSkubs19inLet's Try Again
AudibleSkubs20inDraftmaster Depot
AudibleSkubs21inspeedy dual flex
AudibleSkubs22in Nothing but Dumpster Fires
AudibleSkubs23inFun Fast Cheap
AudibleSkubs24inFriday Night Lights
AudibleSkubs25inGet your Beastmode On
AudibleSkubs26inAfternoon Audi 10/25
AudibleSkubs27inThrowback Thursday

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