Nickname: Skubala40
Fantasy Player Rank: #91
Fans: 3

73 Money League Teams

High StakesZinginWalter Payton Memorial
All-AmericanBlitz 1inThirsty Thursday
All-AmericanBlitz 2inJune Swoon
All-AmericanBlitz 3inLatish AA
All-AmericanElf Camp 1inLuncheon Meat
All-AmericanElf Camp 2inCATCH A RISING BUM
All-AmericanElf Camp 3inHappy Days
All-AmericanIn a Panic 1inHard Knocks
All-AmericanIn a Panic 2inMonkey Business
All-AmericanIn a Panic 3inStand for the Flag
All-AmericanMercury Burning 1inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanMercury Burning 2inLIQUID LUNCH
All-AmericanMercury Burning 3inAs Seen on TV
All-AmericanNews Flash 1inBalls to the wall
All-AmericanNinth LifeinThe Nooner
All-AmericanNo PanicinMid afternoon
All-AmericanNot Goin BrokeinWadsquad
All-AmericanO Mama 1inAfternoon draft
All-AmericanO Mama 2inDon't want to work
All-AmericanO Mama 3inYoung Guns
All-AmericanOakie Express 1inDon't Get Scared Now
All-AmericanOakie Express 2inVacation time filler
All-AmericanOakie Express 3inHOF Day
All-AmericanOsweilerinDraft now
All-AmericanPlow 1inFlexachusetts
All-AmericanPlow 2inFrasco Classic
All-AmericanPlow 3inAfter School Special
All-AmericanQuality Team 1inShake and Bake
All-AmericanQuality Team 2inOG Kush
All-AmericanQuality Team 3inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanSomething ExcitinginThe Madden Curse
All-AmericanThe Big Ace 1inDeep Sleepers
All-AmericanThe Great BeyondinMaui Wowie
All-AmericanThe Same ThinginTuesday Special
All-AmericanUnfinished Business 1inFriday Fantasy
All-AmericanUnfinished DisasterinMorning Wood
All-AmericanVery GoodinLaughing Buddha
All-AmericanWild Thing 1inFriday Morning Glory
All-AmericanWild Thing 2inThe Unusual Suspects
All-AmericanWild Thing 3inAFC Central
AudibleSkubs2150inAudi 50
AudibleSkubs3050SFinSuperman Flex Build
AudibleSkubs101inEnders Football Game
AudibleSkubs102inFathers Day Cheap Audi
AudibleSkubs103inBest Ball Bonzo
AudibleSkubs104inDaytime Playtime
AudibleSkubs105inI want Winners
AudibleSkubs106inFriday Feels
AudibleSkubs107inStars and Stripes
AudibleSkubs108inDirrty thirrrty
AudibleSkubs109SFinLickin the Spoon
AudibleSkubs110in20 Player Roster - 10 TM - PPR
AudibleSkubs111SFinPM SFLEX
AudibleSkubs112inBeast Ball
AudibleSkubs113SFinLate Deep Legends
AudibleSkubs116inNo Work Yes Draft
AudibleSkubs117inFrasco Ball
AudibleSkubs118inPhantom of the Soap Opera
AudibleSkubs120inNoFunLeague Audi
AudibleSkubs121inADP Shake Up Madness
AudibleSkubs122SFinLast Couple Chances to Pick a Win
Draft MastersSkubsDM01inTaco Tuesday Auction
Draft MastersSkubsDM02inBalln' the Draft
Draft MastersSkubsDM03inOlivia's Pool
Draft MastersSkubsDM04inBeast Ball
Draft MastersSkubsDM05inMid Day Draft
Draft MastersSkubsDM06inWomen football liquor
Draft MastersSkubsDM07inOprah's Minge
Draft MastersSkubsDM08inLet's get started

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