Nickname: Slitha
Fantasy Player Rank: #110
Fans: 2

49 Money League Teams

ChallengeEat Beef J erky FC1inPlayoff Challenge 19.49
ChampionshipSlitha CH 1inFantasy Championship 7/29 11:00PM
ChampionshipSlitha CH 2inFantasy Championship 8/6 5:00PM #
ChampionshipSlitha CH 3inFantasy Championship 7/29 9:00PM
RTFFCSlitha RTTFC 1inRTFFC Green 6
RTFFCSlitha RTTFC 2inRTFFC White 9
High StakesEat Beef J E R K Y HSinAuction Delicacy
High StakesJ erky by Art HS1inAuction Fever
High StakesSlitha HS2inShow Me Your TDs
High StakesSTF Eat Beef J erkyinCome Get Your Damn $$$
All-ProEat Beef J E R K Y AP1inTHIS IS IT!
All-StarSlitha AS1inThe Best of The Best
All-AmericanSlitha AA1inSunday Draft
All-AmericanSlitha AA2inMasters of Mayhem
All-AmericanSlitha AA3inSNL Auction
All-AmericanSlitha AA4inPack Attackers
All-AmericanSlitha AA5inBring the heat 2
All-AmericanSlitha AA6inThis is merica
AudibleEat Beef J e r k yin$250/$100
AudibleEat Beef J E R K Y DMin$250/$100
AudibleSlitha Aud1inLET"S DRAFT
AudibleEat Beef J E R K Y doitinAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
AudibleSlitha DM11inShort Notice
FaceoffEat Beef J erky TD2inThird Down 99.1 Bracket 18
FaceoffEat Beef J erky TD4inFourth Down 99.1 Bracket 18
FaceoffEat Beef J erky TD1inTouchdown 49.1 Bracket 16
FaceoffEat Beef J erky TD3inTouchdown 49.1 Bracket 18
Draft MastersSlitha DM37infill it
Draft MastersSlitha DM22inQuick Morning Draft!
Draft MastersSlitha DM23in49 auction
Draft MastersSlitha DM27inMister Sparky and the Deadheads
Draft MastersSlitha DM34inLeague
Draft MastersSlitha DM36inWaggle Waggle Waggle
Draft MastersSlitha DM1inAll in
Draft MastersSlitha DM13inBidding Is Open
Draft MastersSlitha DM15inRevenge of the Disbanded
Draft MastersSlitha DM16inIt's a Camptastic Time of the Yea
Draft MastersSlitha DM17inBoys vs Cards
Draft MastersSlitha DM20inEasy Money
Draft MastersSlitha DM24inLate Nighter
Draft MastersSlitha DM29inBroken Dreams
Draft MastersSlitha DM31inGo Roger Fed
Draft MastersSlitha DM32inHungry Hippo
Draft MastersSlitha DM33inAny Given Sunday
Draft MastersSlitha DM35inEddie Curious George
Draft MastersSlitha DM4inAuction League
Draft MastersSlitha DM6inManiac Monday
Draft MastersSlitha DM7inAuction DM

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