Nickname: Slitha
Fantasy Player Rank: #171
Fans: 5

26 Money League Teams

ChampionshipSteel Monkeys CH 1inFantasy Championship 8/2 9:00pm #
ChampionshipSteel Monkeys CH 2inFantasy Championship 8/4 9:30pm #
ChampionshipSteel Monkeys CH3inFantasy Championship 8/10 10:00pm
All-ProSteel Monkeys AP1in100 Beaners
All-AmericanSteel Monkeys AA1inBid and Win
All-AmericanSteel Monkeys AA2inAuction 7-30
All-AmericanSteel Monkeys AA3inSuper-duper
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB6inOrenthal Just Dust in the Wind?
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB1inMidnight maddness
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB10inRemember the Alamo
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB12inlate night d
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB13inMAVERICK
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB2inMonday Night Raw
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB5inSuper sexy superflex
AudibleSteel Monkeys BB8in9 PM Draft
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB14inDM Auction Time
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB16inDog Days
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB3inFor Those About To Rock
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB4inTaco Thursday
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB9inJust the Johnsons
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB10inafternoon DM auction
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB11inBest Ball NOW
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB15inAir Assault
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB17inFiday Night Auction
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB18inDraftmaster Auction
Draft MastersSteel Monkeys BB7inAuction Rookies
Draft Slot123456789101112

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