Nickname: Slugger2659
Fantasy Player Rank: #163

96 Money League Teams

All-ProTennessee Twisters 125 inGridiron Greats
All-ProTennessee Twisters 125AinPatriarchy
All-ProTennessee Twisters AP1 inFOR THE VETS
All-ProTennessee Twisters 2 50inTuesday Riot
All-ProTennessee Twisters 50inOne Last Try
All-ProTennessee Twisters 50 3inLastDraftForReal
All-ProTennessee Twisters AP50insuper flex fun
All-AmericanMCM 1inAll-American 891
All-AmericanMCM 2inLate night sflex
All-AmericanMCM 3inFlexing
All-AmericanMCM 4 1in420 Fans
All-AmericanMCM 4 2inJesus saves
All-AmericanMCM 4 3inBlessed Be
All-AmericanMCM 5 1inSFlex Money Money
All-AmericanMCM 5 2inUnder Dog
All-AmericanMCM 5 3inAll-American 914
All-AmericanMCM AA1 1inTuesday Superflex
All-AmericanMCM AA1 2inBlue 42 Blue 42
All-AmericanMCM AA1 3inLate night heros
All-AmericanMCM AA100 1inNight Owl SuperFlex
All-AmericanMCM AA100 2inLate Nighter
All-AmericanMCM AA100 3inLate Nighter
All-AmericanMCM AA110 1inForever Unclean
All-AmericanMCM AA110 2inEarly Morning Flex
All-AmericanMCM AA110 3inLets Be Super Flexy
All-AmericanMCM AA120 1inMick Blows
All-AmericanMCM AA120 2inOld Skool
All-AmericanMCM AA120 3inLate Night Action
All-AmericanMCM AA130 1in420 Fans
All-AmericanMCM AA130 2inMartians Have Landed
All-AmericanMCM AA130 3inOnly the best
All-AmericanMCM AA150 1inSaturday Finale Superflex
All-AmericanMCM AA150 2inNever Say Never
All-AmericanMCM AA150 3inSunday Countdown
All-AmericanMCM AA160 1inFans of 420
All-AmericanMCM AA160 2inLast Chance
All-AmericanMCM AA160 3inBlood, Sweat, and Beers
All-AmericanMCM AA180 1inLast Call
All-AmericanMCM AA180 2inAll-American 1140
All-AmericanMCM AA180 3inGame Time
All-AmericanMCM AA20 1inLet's Do It !
All-AmericanMCM AA20 2inWed Superflex
All-AmericanMCM AA20 3inPlayers Club
All-AmericanMCM AA30 1inEarly Birds
All-AmericanMCM AA30 2inLate Night
All-AmericanMCM AA30 3inJim Irsay's Whale Habitat
All-AmericanMCM AA40 1inPPR AUCTION
All-AmericanMCM AA40 2inNovice only
All-AmericanMCM AA40 3inFantasy Factory
All-AmericanMCM AA50 1inSat Superflex
All-AmericanMCM AA50 2inLate Night Drafting
All-AmericanMCM AA50 3inTitans of Superflex
All-AmericanMCM AA60 1inSuperflex Junkies
All-AmericanMCM AA60 2inLate Night Drafting
All-AmericanMCM AA60 3inTaco Tuesday
All-AmericanMCM AA70 1inReal Thick Thighs
All-AmericanMCM AA70 2inLate Night Flexin
All-AmericanMCM AA70 3in420 FANS
All-AmericanMCM AA80 1inFffflexy
All-AmericanMCM AA80 2inEarly Risers
All-AmericanMCM AA80 3inLate Nighter
All-AmericanMCM AA90 1inFeelin Alright
All-AmericanMCM AA90 2inLate night
All-AmericanMCM AA90 3inSmash Mouth Football
All-AmericanMCM Final 1inThe Gridiron
All-AmericanMCM Final 2inFree Peak #2
All-AmericanMCM Final 3inOne for Road
All-AmericanMCM Final 4inThe Black Lagoon
All-AmericanMCM Final 5inLast day draft
All-AmericanMCM GamedayinTailgating
All-AmericanMCM The EndinAutodraft for the win
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 1inAndy Reid Is Your Daddy
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 1inAAFF SFlex
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 1inSuper Flexin'
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 1inMoney For Nothing
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 16 NinQB Panic
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2inTuesday Free for All
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2inMonday Maniacs
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2inSFlex is the Best
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 2insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 200inFlag Football
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3inLate Nighter
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3inSuperflexy
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3inIn God we trust
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3inFF Gurus
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 3inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 4inHall of Fame Day Draft
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 9 1inFLEXED FOOTBALL
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 9 2inSunday Funday
All-AmericanMusic City Maniacs 9 3inFlex 'em babyyyy
Best BallMusic City Maniacs BB2inBest Ball Championship 1349
Best BallMusic City Maniacs BB1inBest Ball Championship 1281
Best BallMusic City Maniacs BB3inBest Ball Championship 1398
Draft Slot123456789101112

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