Nickname: Smokedogg13
Fantasy Player Rank: #239

125 Money League Teams

High StakesSmokedoggeeinTurning 50
AudibleWhatinLabor Flex
All-American5 Days LeftinBlessed Be
All-AmericanAllen Yard 1inAuction Sunday
All-AmericanAllen Yard 2inPreSeason Week 1A
All-AmericanAllen Yard 3inHawks Fans
All-AmericanAnimal Rescue 1inMidwest money league
All-AmericanAnimal Rescue 2inAll-American 1040
All-AmericanAnimal Rescue 3inPigskins
All-AmericanBig Dic Nick 1inArt Of The Deal
All-AmericanBig Dic Nick 2inTuesday night football
All-AmericanBig Dic Nick 3inNo Wimpy Kickers
All-AmericanCan't Stop Won'inAfternoon Flex
All-AmericanCan't Stop Won'inFootballers
All-AmericanCan't Stop Won'in420 FANS
All-AmericanContraption 1inNoles Fantasy Football
All-AmericanContraption 2inSunday Countdown
All-AmericanContraption 3inThe 12 Pack
All-AmericanDogeNobodyinLet's Go Brandon!
All-AmericanDogeNobody 1inTNF Special
All-AmericanDogeNobody 2inAll-American 904
All-AmericanDogeNobody 3in8/11/23
All-AmericanEverlast 1insuperflex w trades
All-AmericanEverlast 2inFantasy Football 2023
All-AmericanEverlast 3inBring It On
All-AmericanFiona's Phillies 1inAll-American 887
All-AmericanFiona's Phillies 2inCome Get The Bag
All-AmericanFiona's Phillies 3inAll-American 888
All-AmericanGoing 4 Broke 1inAll-American 1036
All-AmericanGoing 4 Broke 2inComeGetSome
All-AmericanGoing 4 Broke 3inAll-American 1037
All-AmericanImma win 1inAll-American 938
All-AmericanImma win 2inBlazed and Confused
All-AmericanImma win 3inAll-American 934
All-AmericanLabor Day Monday 1inAre You Ready
All-AmericanLabor Day Monday 2inFake It to You Make It
All-AmericanLabor Day Monday 3inBring It On
All-AmericanLast Dance 1inAll American Trader League
All-AmericanLast Dance 2inFantasy Football 2023
All-AmericanLast Dance 3inThe Best and The Rest
All-AmericanMartys Madmen 1inMidnight Madness
All-AmericanMartys Madmen 2inMonica Lewinksy PPR
All-AmericanMartys Madmen 3inSFlex on em
All-AmericanMcKenzie 1inStay Thirsty My Friends
All-AmericanMcKenzie 2inAll-American 1053
All-AmericanMcKenzie 3inFLEXORAMA
All-AmericanMershon Rockets 1inLegends
All-AmericanMershon Rockets 2inAll-American 951
All-AmericanMershon Rockets 3inAll-American 949
All-AmericanNancy Pelosi is my Mom inAug 31 PPR Auction
All-AmericanNancy Pelosi is my Mom inRevolution
All-AmericanNancy Pelosi is my Mom inYour team sucks
All-AmericanNowinPurdy Good League
All-AmericanNow or Never 1inShill Bidding
All-AmericanNow or Never 2inFLEXORAMA
All-AmericanNow or Never 3inThe Harris
All-AmericanPGA Guru 1inAll-American 1063
All-AmericanPGA Guru 2inPhilly cheese
All-AmericanPGA Guru 3inAll-American 1068
All-AmericanPGA Pro 1inIt's 5 o'clock somewhere
All-AmericanPGA Pro 2inAll-American 1055
All-AmericanPhootBall Team 1inIts as Fantasy Life
All-AmericanPhootBall Team 2inTecmo Bowl!
All-AmericanPhootBall Team 3inDime Package
All-AmericanPM Dawn 1inPaper Tigers League
All-AmericanPM Dawn 2inEveryones All-American
All-AmericanPM Dawn 3inMonday Night Flex
All-AmericanPumas Mice 1inTuesday Free for All
All-AmericanPumas Mice 2inChuck Norris
All-AmericanPumas Mice 3inAll-American 908
All-AmericanRacer X 1inFriday night football
All-AmericanRacer X 2inAll-American 1084
All-AmericanRacer X 3inIdiots and Clowns
All-AmericanRussian Spy Orange StaiinSnot Bubbles
All-AmericanSmoke on the Water 1inAll-American 1048
All-AmericanSmoke on the Water 2inMuch Ado About Fantasy
All-AmericanSmoke on the Water 3inAll-American 1049
All-AmericanSmokeDogeinAll-American 918
All-AmericanSmokeDogeinAll-American 919
All-AmericanSpottypuppy 1inBig Trouble in Little Fantasy
All-AmericanSpottypuppy 2inAll-American 1028
All-AmericanSpottypuppy 3in420 Fans
All-AmericanStorm The Capitol 1inAA Auction Aug 31
All-AmericanStorm The Capitol 2inAll-American 1077
All-AmericanStorm The Capitol 3inFootball is Life
All-AmericanThe Orange Stain's Jailin8/15/23
All-AmericanThe Orange Stain's JailinAll-American 952
All-AmericanThe Orange Stain's JailinOnly In Cleveland
All-AmericanTickle me Pelosi 1inAll Hail the Chefs
All-AmericanTickle me Pelosi 2inPPR League
All-AmericanTickle me Pelosi 3inHit Somebody! $$
All-AmericanWil I ever Stop 1inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanWil I ever Stop 2inLeague of Hairy Gentleman
All-AmericanWil I ever Stop 3inAll-American 942
All-AmericanYesterday 1inDunder Mifflin Office League
All-AmericanYesterday 2inWings, Beer, and Babes
All-AmericanYesterday 3inAA Auction sept 2
Best Ball SFlex2 days leftinBest Ball SuperFlex 1116
Best Ball SFlexDouble PenetrationinBest Ball SuperFlex 1069
Best Ball SFlexMy Fiona my my my my ohinBest Ball SuperFlex 1100
Best Ball SFlexNo managerinBest Ball SuperFlex 717
Best Ball SFlexSmoke it UpinBest Ball SuperFlex 1127
Best Ball SFlexSmoke on The WaterinBest Ball SuperFlex 1071
Best Ball SFlexSwifts SwiftyinBest Ball SuperFlex 1125
Best Ball SFlexYeppersinBest Ball SuperFlex 908
Best Ball SFlexYesinBest Ball SuperFlex 1045
Best Ball xTraExtra extrainBest Ball xTra 351
Best Ball xTraGame dayinBest Ball xTra 565
Best Ball xTraJoin join joininBest Ball xTra 399
Best Ball xTraLast DraftinBest Ball xTra 512
Best Ball xTraLast not leastinBest Ball xTra 452
Best Ball xTraNo managerinBest Ball xTra 341
Best Ball xTraNo moreinBest Ball xTra 289
Best Ball xTraNo!inBest Ball xTra 248
Best Ball xTraSmokeinBest Ball xTra 344
Draft MastersOh boyinThe League
Draft MastersAuction auctioninAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersAuction auctioninAuction Kings 30
Draft MastersLet's do itindraft master like me!
Draft MastersVote for Pedroinquick ppr!
Draft MastersVote for Pedro 2inDraft Masters BB
Draft MastersYes!inDraft Masters BB
Draft Slot123456789101112

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