Nickname: Sutton
Fantasy Player Rank: #139
Fans: 5
Foes: 1

16 Money League Teams

All-AmericanLock n Load 1inThe Tampering Draft
All-AmericanLock n Load 2inLate night special
All-AmericanLock n Load 3inSaturday night special
All-AmericanSmack my Bitch Up 1inOne more
All-AmericanSmack my Bitch Up 2inEleven losing teams(I Will Win)
All-AmericanSmack my Bitch Up 3inHacksaw Reynolds Power Tools
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 1inMonday 9-2 Auction
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 2inAA MEETING
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 3inBaby Got Dak
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 1inGridIron
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 2inAl Bundys Beer League
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 3inTake the Knee
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 1inFantasy Football League on RT Spo
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 2inNO MO BLACK AND YELLOW
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 3inAugust 31 Auction
All-AmericanThe Dead PresidentsinBargain Basement

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