Nickname: Sutton
Fantasy Player Rank: #94
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

43 Money League Teams

ChallengePlayoff ChalkinPlayoff Challenge 50.87
All-American93 Heffenreckersinlatenight
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 1inFantasy Island Football
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 2inThe Tailgate Auction
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 3in12 Strong
All-AmericanJustify This 1inSaturday Night Auction
All-AmericanJustify This 2inLETS GO!!
All-AmericanJustify This 3inPost NFL Draft FANTASY League
All-AmericanLock n Load 1inSaturday Night Draft
All-AmericanLock n Load 2inHere's to Lebron. Sucking my ....
All-AmericanLock n Load 3inMemorial Day
All-AmericanMothers Day MassacreinMidwest
All-AmericanOne Hitter QuittersinBring out the Gimp
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 1inSNL Auction
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 2inOreos Eat Cool J Cookies
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 3inKalc SF 20
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 1inFriday Night Primer
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 2inToss it out There
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 3inNFC EAST FANS
All-AmericanTaking the Needle 1inTouch DOWNsyndrome
All-AmericanTaking the Needle 2inJersey Boyz
All-AmericanTaking the Needle 3inMarshall Faulk Cutback
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 1inAuction, Rinse, Repeat
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 2inDefend The Land
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 3infun sflex auction
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Buzz KillinAFC East
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Flexpert 1inGrindhouse Gamers
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Flexpert 2inThe Saturday Super Flex Flex
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Flexpert 3inJustin Tuck Rule
All-AmericanThe Fantasy SyndicateinTraining Camp Auction
All-AmericanThe Sunday Night Strip inBig Dogs Porch
All-AmericanThe Sunday Night Strip inThe Predraft Mockery
All-AmericanThe Sunday Night Strip inDraft Day IV
All-AmericanThe Trendy Pix 1inBidders League
All-AmericanThe Trendy Pix 2inOne League Twelve Teams One Champ
All-AmericanThe Trendy Pix 3inThe Eight Two Seven
AudibleCome At Me BroinTaco Tuesday
AudibleDr. NaughtyinA.J. McCarron 4 Hire
AudibleGet Your Feb Freak OninSunNiteDrafting
AudibleMothers Day Massacreinsunday draft
Triple PlaySweep the LeginPre-Super Bowl Shuffle
Triple PlayToss It Out ThereinSunday night draft
Big LeagueHigh and TightinTuesday BL

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