Nickname: Sutton
Fantasy Player Rank: #215
Fans: 5

24 Money League Teams

All-AmericanCB-4 1inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanCB-4 2inThe Ton Loc Invitational
All-AmericanCB-4 3inI GOT THE MOTTS !
All-AmericanLock n Load 1inLow Key Faded
All-AmericanLock n Load 2inSaturday Night
All-AmericanLock n Load 3inTraining Camp
All-AmericanMarch Sadness 1in1ST AUCTION
All-AmericanMarch Sadness 2inPlayer's Ball I
All-AmericanMarch Sadness 3inThe Quagmire Quarantine
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 1inTrump Train 2020
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 2inSunday Auction Sept 6
All-AmericanSnake n Nape 3inThe Hooters Invitational
All-AmericanStrait Cash Homey 1inAugust 28 AA Auction
All-AmericanStrait Cash Homey 2inFriday Night Free For All
All-AmericanStrait Cash Homey 3inKeepin it Real
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 1inSATURDAY NIGHT FEVER
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 2inMemorial Day Auction
All-AmericanSweep the Leg 3inFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanTake the Needle 1inSuperFlex
All-AmericanTake the Needle 2inLabor Day Hangover
All-AmericanTake the Needle 3inThe Nine Eight Superflex
ChallengeStrait Cash HomeyinPlayoff Challenge 50.46
Triple PlayGoing YardinCalifornia Penal Draft
Triple PlayJUICEDinSaturday Night
Draft Slot123456789101112

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