Nickname: TheBaroo
Fantasy Player Rank: #164
Fans: 1

50 Money League Teams

DynastyPandemic TimesinRockstar Fantasy
DynastySun DevilsinSoler Power
DynastyThe CleanersinAngels in the outfield
DynastyBack Back Back GoneinPowerhouse Dynasty
Grand SlamBeer HereinThe Sandlot
Grand SlamProblem ChildinGS 125 4hr II
Triple PlayLockdown TimeinNo Lock Out
Triple PlayGreedy BunchinTriple Play @ 100
Triple PlayShort ListinTP 100 For Traders
Triple PlayThe VillagersinTP 100 with Trades
Triple PlayBleacher CreaturesinTP 50 4hr III
Triple PlayCorona TimeinTP 50 4hr VI
Triple PlayCruisersinTP 50 4hr XIX
Triple PlayDown TowninTP 50 4hr VII
Triple PlayF.O.D.S.inTP 50 4hr XIX
Triple PlayFinal AnswerinTP 50 4hr IX
Triple PlayGermaphobeinTP 50 4hr XIV
Triple PlayMan DowninTP 50 4hr VIII
Triple PlayQuick FixinTP 50 4hr I
Triple PlaySnoozerzzzzinTP 4 Hour 50
Triple PlayVery NiceinTP 50 4hr IV
Triple PlayBeat Bobby FlayinSwinging in the Breeze
Triple PlayBoom Stick Baby 2inTP 50 4hr XV
Triple PlayCat DaddyinTP 50 4hr V
Triple PlayComfortably NumbinTP 50 4hr X
Triple PlayComic Book DudeinThe Thrill is Back
Triple PlayDr JamesoninTP 50 4hr XII
Triple PlayDr Tullamore Dewin4-Seamer
Triple PlayMr HappyinTP 50 4hr V
Triple PlayNappy TimeinThe Hutt Twins
Triple PlayNeed Gas MoneyinTP100 slow
Triple PlayShwing BatterinTP 50 4hr XVII
Draft MastersDeal Hunter 5thinBest Ball 100 4hr II
Draft MastersFloating Holidays 9thinBest Ball 100 4hr IV
Draft MastersFree Money 1stinBest Ball 100 4hr VI
Draft MastersFun Times 8thinBest Ball 100 4hr III
Draft MastersGlory Days 7thinBest Ball 100 4hr VI
Draft MastersPlay 60 9thinWS Champs
Draft MastersTee To Green 7thinBest Ball 100 4hr III
Draft MastersWhat Went Wrong 1stinBest Ball 100 4hr V
Draft MastersAsterisks 2ndinBest Ball 50 4hr V
Draft MastersCheers 6thinBest Ball 50 4hr III
Draft MastersCrash and Burn 5thinBest Ball 50 4hr III
Draft MastersMarlin Man 1stinPaint Drying
Draft MastersMasked Bandits 3rdinBest Ball 50 4hr VI
Draft MastersOld Timers 3rdinBest Ball 50 4hr II
Draft MastersThe Hooligans 3rdinBest Ball 50 4hr IV
Draft MastersUncle Bob's Rock Shop 2inWinner
Draft MastersValue Picks 4thinBest Ball 50 4hr II
Draft MastersAnxiety Ridden 7thinBest Ball 50 4hr VI
Draft Slot123456789101112

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