Nickname: TheDut
Fantasy Player Rank: #288
Fans: 4

10 Money League Teams

Big LeagueSmjurfsin'Twas the Draft Before Christmas
High StakesCome Back, ShaneinLeague of Legends
High StakesSpongmonkeysinI aint' afraid of no drafts
High StakesWelcome Back, You PiginThe Greatest Game
High StakesDexter Hall of VillainsinHS 125 4hr III
High StakesManny RiberainHS 125 4hr VIII
High StakesPorkety/Back to the BurinHS 125 4hr V
RTFBCKangaroomaninRTFBC 13
RTFBCRednecksinRTFBC 2
RTFBCScrappyDooManinRTFBC 1

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