Nickname: TheNationn
Fantasy Player Rank: #208
Fans: 2

31 Money League Teams

All-AmericanThe GuruinDo You Have What it Takes
All-AmericanThe Guru 2inAll American
All-AmericanThe Guru 3inFinally Football Is Here
Triple PlayDone....inMLB TP 125
Triple PlayThe Nation $$inTP 100 XVI
Triple PlayDone....inPlay Ball
Triple PlayThe Nation $inFriday Babyyy!!!!
Triple PlayDone...inTrade Deadline
Triple PlayDone...inTP 20 4hr X
Triple PlayDone...inLets Do This Again!!
Triple PlayDone....inAfternoon Madness
Triple PlayDone....inSunday Night
Triple PlayDone.....inTP 20 2hr VII
Triple PlayThe NationinTP 20 8hr VI
Triple PlayThe Nation 2inTP 20 8hr V
Triple PlayThe Nation 4inJanuary Baseball
Triple PlayThe Nation 5inEarly Die Hards
Triple PlayThe Nation 7inEarly League
Triple PlayThe Nation 8inField of dreams
Triple PlayThe Nation 9inLets do this
Triple PlayThe Nation.11inBig Hurt
Triple PlayThe Nation.13inC'MONNNNN
Triple PlayThe Nation.14inSabremetrics
Triple PlayThe Nation.15inMonday Night Raw
Triple PlayThe Nation.16inTexas Chainsaw Jesus
Triple PlayThe Nation.17inGlory Days
Triple PlayThe Nation.18in20 dolla holla
Triple PlayThe Nation.19inIts Friday!!!
Triple PlayThe Nation.23inTriple Play Fantasy League
Triple PlayTheNation.21inNo Crying In Baseball
Grand SlamDoneinGS 125 8hr V
Draft Slot123456789101112

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