Nickname: ThePolishEagles
Fantasy Player Rank: #4280
Fans: 1

18 Money League Teams

All-AmericanThe Polish Eagles 1inUp for Grabs
FaceoffJohn Wick 6inLos Angeles Rams 20 Bracket 8
FaceoffJohn Wick 7inJacksonville 20 Bracket 10
FaceoffRockatansky InterceptorinCleveland 20 Bracket 7
FaceoffRockatansky InterceptorinDenver 20 Bracket 9
FaceoffSnake Plisskens Army 1inAtlanta 20 Bracket 7
FaceoffSnake Plisskens Army 2inChicago 20 Bracket 8
Draft MastersJohn Wick 1inGirl Play
Draft MastersJohn Wick 5inLunch hour fun!
Draft MastersJohn Wick 2inMasked & Padded
Draft MastersJohn Wick 3inOne last one for my daughter
Draft MastersJohn Wick 4inLast chance DM3
Draft MastersRockatansky InterceptorinOK, Let's Draft.
Draft MastersThe Polish Eagles 2inLabor Day fun
Draft MastersThe Polish Eagles 3inThe superflexiest league
DimesThe Polish Eagles 4inDimes Best Ball 5531
Draft Slot123456789101112

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