Nickname: TicketScalper
Fantasy Player Rank: #104
Fans: 8

64 Money League Teams

ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 1inFantasy Championship 7/11 8:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 2inFantasy Championship 7/12 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 3inFantasy Championship 7/13 9:30pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 1inFantasy Championship 7/21 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 2inFantasy Championship 7/23 10:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 3inFantasy Championship 7/24 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 1inFantasy Championship 7/4 7:00pm #
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 2inFantasy Championship 7/5 9:00pm #
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 3inFantasy Championship 7/6 8:00pm #
High StakesScalp Balty 816inHigh Steaks-N-Eggs
High StakesScalper Uin4th and Drunk to go
High StakesScalper 630inJust4 ChitZ n GigglEs
All-ProScalp UinRed Wedding Planners
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 1inLate Hits
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 2inSunday Afternoon Draft
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 3inGo Cowboys!!!
All-AmericanScalp 813 1inNooner
All-AmericanScalp 813 2inStack'em Up Mow'em Down
All-AmericanScalp 813 3inHump Day 2
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 1inFlex Armstrong
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 2inMr. Irrelevant
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 3inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanScalper 12 1inLuncheon Meat
All-AmericanScalper 12 2inLos Invasores
All-AmericanScalper 12 3inBeer League
All-AmericanScalper 15 1inGround and Pound
All-AmericanScalper 15 2inTaco Tuesday Drafting
All-AmericanScalper 15 3inWEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER
All-Americanscalper 2inEarly Birds
All-AmericanScalper 2 1inBargain Basement
All-AmericanScalper 2 3inThe Tampering Draft
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 1inEasy Money
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 2inKrafts Rub and Tug
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 3inThe One
All-AmericanScalper 811 1inTHE DIRTY DOZEN
All-AmericanScalper 811 2inSuper-duper
All-AmericanScalper 811 3inShow Me The Money
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 1inFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 2inFlex McNulty
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 3inThe Bone Crunchers
AudibleTRUMP Scalp wallinBorder Walls
Audiblepats 6x bowl winnerinFlacco over Brady
AudibleScalp rock youinAnother 1 Bites the Dust
Audiblescalper clinchinTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE
AudibleScalper 1inFree Squares
AudibleScalper 7inMonday Night Football
AudibleScalper AUDI JULY 15inIt's a SFlex
AudibleTrump the bestinQuick Stop
Draft MastersScalper DM 630inSunday Punch
Triple PlayScalper 15inTP 100 XIV
Triple PlayTrump 2020inTP for 50
Triple PlayTrump all the wayin50 Dolla Holla
Triple PlayScalp 2inDoubleheader Tuesday
Triple PlayTrump is the BestinTriple time
Big LeagueTrump NOT GuiltyinThe New Mexico League
Big LeagueDonald J TrumpinFor NL Fans
Big LeagueTrump rulesinWeed and Popcorn
Draft MastersScalper 13in50 Pays Better!
Draft MastersScalper 3inHot Corner Dilemma
Draft Mastersscalp 5inBaseball Starts This Month
Draft MastersTrump is The BestinMonday Quick Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJeff The Scalperinswampleague
PlayoffScalpers 11 2inearly eagles (Playoff Service)

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