Nickname: TicketScalper
Fantasy Player Rank: #108
Fans: 9

62 Money League Teams

ShootoutScalper SB Miami 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutScalper SB Miami 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutScalper SB Miami 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 1inFantasy Championship 7/11 8:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 2inFantasy Championship 7/12 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Mo Phish 3inFantasy Championship 7/13 9:30pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 1inFantasy Championship 7/21 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 2inFantasy Championship 7/23 10:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Nascar 721 3inFantasy Championship 7/24 9:00pm
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 1inFantasy Championship 7/4 7:00pm #
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 2inFantasy Championship 7/5 9:00pm #
ChampionshipScalp Parade July 4 3inFantasy Championship 7/6 8:00pm #
High StakesScalp Balty 816inHigh Steaks-N-Eggs
High StakesScalper Uin4th and Drunk to go
High StakesScalper 630inJust4 ChitZ n GigglEs
All-ProScalp UinRed Wedding Planners
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 1inLate Hits
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 2inSunday Afternoon Draft
All-AmericanScalp 8 25 3inGo Cowboys!!!
All-AmericanScalp 813 1inNooner
All-AmericanScalp 813 2inStack'em Up Mow'em Down
All-AmericanScalp 813 3inHump Day 2
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 1inFlex Armstrong
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 2inMr. Irrelevant
All-AmericanScalp Moh Phish 3inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanScalper 12 1inLuncheon Meat
All-AmericanScalper 12 2inLos Invasores
All-AmericanScalper 12 3inBeer League
All-AmericanScalper 15 1inGround and Pound
All-AmericanScalper 15 2inTaco Tuesday Drafting
All-AmericanScalper 15 3inWEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER
All-Americanscalper 2inEarly Birds
All-AmericanScalper 2 1inBargain Basement
All-AmericanScalper 2 3inThe Tampering Draft
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 1inEasy Money
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 2inKrafts Rub and Tug
All-AmericanScalper 630 AA 3inThe One
All-AmericanScalper 811 1inTHE DIRTY DOZEN
All-AmericanScalper 811 2inSuper-duper
All-AmericanScalper 811 3inShow Me The Money
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 1inFantasy Fireworks!
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 2inFlex McNulty
All-AmericanTrumps july 4 parade 3inThe Bone Crunchers
AudibleTRUMP Scalp wallinBorder Walls
Audiblepats 6x bowl winnerinFlacco over Brady
AudibleScalp rock youinAnother 1 Bites the Dust
Audiblescalper clinchinTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE
AudibleScalper 1inFree Squares
AudibleScalper 7inMonday Night Football
AudibleScalper AUDI JULY 15inIt's a SFlex
AudibleTrump the bestinQuick Stop
Draft MastersScalper DM 630inSunday Punch
Draft MastersScalp 3inBest Ball 50 4hr V
Draft MastersSCALP 13inNew Years DM Best Ball
Draft MastersScalp 2020inDM Roto 20 4hr VIII
Draft MastersScalper 2inNL ONLY
Draft Slot123456789101112

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJeff The Scalperinswampleague
PlayoffScalpers 11 2inearly eagles (Playoff Service)

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