Nickname: TicketScalper
Fantasy Player Rank: #101
Fans: 5

73 Money League Teams

ShootoutScalpersinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChallengeScalpers - 50inPlayoff Challenge 50.61
ChallengeScalpersinPlayoff Challenge 20.94
ChallengeScalpers - 20 - 2inPlayoff Challenge 20.95
ChampionshipScalpers 13 1inFantasy Championship 7/1 8:00PM #
ChampionshipScalpers 13 2inFantasy Championship 7/2 7:30PM #
ChampionshipScalpers 13 3inFantasy Championship 7/3 8:00PM #
RTFFCScalpers 50 1inRTFFC Gold 9
RTFFCScalpers 50 2inRTFFC Blue 10
RTFFCScalpers 50 3inRTFFC Black 11
All-ProRevenge of the ScalpersinRevenge Of The Nerds
All-ProScalpers all pro 55inFirst and Drunk to Go
All-AmericanScalper 2 1inBargain Basement
All-Americanscalper 35 1inLa Cosa Nostra
All-Americanscalper 35 2inFantasy Football Championship
All-Americanscalper 35 3inSunday Morning Party
All-AmericanScalper 39 1inSuperDuperFlex
All-AmericanScalper 39 2inFOOTBALL TIME
All-AmericanScalper 39 3inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanScalper 8-4 1inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanScalper 8-4 2inGreen Machine
All-AmericanScalper 8-4 3inThe Ditch Diggers
All-AmericanSCALPERS 15 1inTHE Fantasy League
All-AmericanSCALPERS 15 2inThursday Draft
All-AmericanSCALPERS 15 3inFireworks
All-AmericanScalpers 20 1inThe Lunch Bunch
All-AmericanScalpers 20 2inNo Shark Zone
All-AmericanScalpers 20 3inMichael McDonald
All-AmericanScalpers 21 1inThe 420 League
All-AmericanScalpers 21 2inPremier League
All-AmericanScalpers 21 3inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanScalpers 23 1inFulltime Fantasy
All-AmericanScalpers 23 2inShow Me Your TDs
All-AmericanScalpers 23 3inBeast Mode and Skittles
All-AmericanScalpers 26 1inJayson Condo Classic
All-AmericanScalpers 26 2inTuesday's Delight
All-AmericanScalpers 26 3inFlexys Midnight Runners
All-AmericanScalpers 33 - 8-7-AA 1inFun League
All-AmericanScalpers 33 - 8-7-AA 2inThe Draft
All-AmericanScalpers 33 - 8-7-AA 3inAugust 7 Draft
AudibleScalpers 75inLabor Day Audi
AudibleTRUMP Scalp wallinBorder Walls
Audiblepats 6x bowl winnerinFlacco over Brady
AudibleScalper 1inFree Squares
AudibleScalper 25inAnimalz are welcome
AudibleScalper 26inSFLEX or die
AudibleScalper 5inPost Combine Draft
AudibleScalper 6inBracket Busters
AudibleScalper 9inWedNiteDrafting
AudibleScalpers 11inMonNiteDrafting
AudibleScalpers 13inFRIDAY 10/25 AUDI
AudibleScalpers 15inTuesday Toast
AudibleScalpers 2inPut football in the Olympics!
AudibleScalpers 3inThe 2-15 Express
AudibleScalpers 4inA.J. McCarron 4 Hire
AudibleScalpers 40inThe Dark Princess
AudibleScalpers 8inWedNiteDrafting
AudibleScalpers 9inThirsty Thursday Free Beer
Draft MastersScaper 100 DMinSaturday Night Special
Draft MastersScalper DM 7-24inWho has the best balls
Draft MastersScalpers 8 31 MusicinRIDE THE LIGHTNING
Draft MastersScalper 17inSunday Night
Draft MastersScalper 33inLATE NIGHT BEST BALL
Draft MastersScalper 45inThe Best Ones
Draft MastersScalper 65 DMinThe Football History Dudes
Draft MastersScalper 66 DMinTip Drill
Draft MastersScalper DM - 8-6inMonday Morning Draft
Draft MastersScalpers 39inLateLunchDraft
Draft MastersScalpers 57 DMinBest Ball Draft Masters
Draft Masterssclpers DMinQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft MastersScalper 13in50 Pays Better!

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJeff The Scalperinswampleague
PlayoffScalpers 11 2inearly eagles (Playoff Service)

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