Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #52
Fans: 7
Foes: 3

40 Money League Teams

All-Pro$$ Chin Checkin TimeinLast Auction!
All-Pro$$ Dr NoinVandelay Industries
All-Pro$$ TOMEGUNinWe Love Big TDs
All-Prox Dill Pickle BeerinSuper Bowl Bound
All-Prox Golden GUNinOne For The Money
All-American$$ FLEX your GunsinAuction aug 2 friday
All-American$$ FLEXing AppealinOver officious jerk
All-American$$ FLEXy to yainThe Superflex Special
All-American$$ Joe CoolinPre Sizzlin
All-American$$ TGUNinPRE-SEASON
All-American$$ ThunderballinTailgate Party
All-American$$ TomEGunsinTHE CASINO
All-American$$$ Morning WedgieinJose Cuervo
All-Americanx Analyzer FailureinRambler Park Championship
All-Americanx KobayashiinMonday Late Nighter
All-Americanx TGUN FLEXinDoink!!
All-Americanx That SmellinTGIF Fantasy
All-Americanxx BatmaninThe Fantasy Draft Room
All-Americanxx Game SucksinHunt Punts Kuntz
All-AmericanXX Golden GrahamsinJabronz Conez
All-Americanxx GoldfingerinPASS INTERFERENCE
All-Americanxx Shredded WheatinOut of Luck
All-Americanxx Slow Poke RodriquezinDirty Dozen
All-Americanxx Water Boyinbobbyboucher
All-Americanxxx Try AgaininFantasy Matchups
Audible#3 TGUNinLate night
Draft Masters#1 Planet CaravaninBest Ball NOW LXXIV
Draft Masters#2 Gravel RoadinSunday Fun Say
Draft Masters#2 TGUNinAnother one
Draft Masters#2 THE GUN -116.70inOut of Luck
Draft Masters#3 Best Balls -100inBest Ball NOW LXVI
Draft Masters#3 Master Po -94.75inBest Ball NOW XXXIV
Draft Masters#3 TomEGun -28.70inThirsty Thursday Auction
Draft Masters#4 Gimme Three StepsinBest Ball NOW LXX
Draft Masters#5 BART STARRS -270.00inLate Night Best Balls
Draft Masters#5 Dill Pickle Beer -32inBest Ball NOW LXII
Draft Masters#5 Late night Losers -2inBest Ball NOW XLIX
Draft Masters#6 pEARLes Harbor -175.inBest Ball
Draft Masters#7 Randy Crosses MulletinHello? Is anyone out there?
Draft MastersxxxDoneinBest Ball NOW CX
Draft Slot123456789101112

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonTOMMY-GUNin16 man fantasy football 2010
Full SeasonTomEGuninWorld Fantasy League 2019

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