Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #79
Fans: 3
Foes: 3

42 Money League Teams

ChampionshipCOMEBACK KIDinFantasy Championship 8/14 6:00PM
All-Pro1 TOMEGUNinTD Sunday
All-ProTOMEGUNinPatriots Suck
All-ProBROADWAY JOEinThe Dank League
All-ProMAD SCRAMBLERinLast Chance
All-ProTHE ASSASSINinBuilt to Win
All-ProTHE PLAYMAKERinone more team 2018
All-American*30 TD*inYour Best League
All-American*BART STARRS**inAugust 8 Auction
All-American*CAPTAIN CHECKDOWN*inLate Night Superflex
All-American*CAPTAIN CLUTCH*inMon9 Fantasy Fl
All-American*CATCH 22**inI'm SFlexy and I Know It
All-American*Doctor Zhivago*inOne Big little winne
All-American*DUKE OF EARL**inMochoman
All-American*DUNKING DEUTSCHMAN*inFull Season Fantasy
All-American*FLASH 80**inThe Tailgate Auction
All-American*KANSAS COMET**inFantasy Game of Thrones
All-American*POETRY IN MOTION**inUS Fantasy Open
All-American*ROBOT OF DESTRUCTION**inBabes Babes Babes
All-American*THE BULLET*inalll american auction
All-American*THE JUICE**inSalty's G.O.A.T. Ballers
All-American*THE KING**inThe Money League
All-American*THE PROFESSOR*inDMS Fantasy Football
All-AmericanTRADER JACKinSuperFlex-Aa
AudibleDoneinOne for TWO
Draft Masters*DRACULA IN CLEATS*inSaturday
Draft Masters*FREAK OF NATURE**inThe Raven
Draft Masters*JACK SPLAT*inAuctionTime
Draft Masters*TomEgun**inAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersDoneinLassssst one
Draft MastersDoneinB E S T B A L L
Draft MastersDoneinB E S T B A L L N O W
Draft MastersDoneinMasters of the Draft
Draft MastersDoneinMaximum Suckage
Draft MastersDoneinGo Deep
Draft MastersDoneinDraft Munchies
Draft MastersDoneinCryptozoologists
Draft MastersDoneinTime is Short
Draft MastersDoneinTGIF Best Ball
Draft MastersDoneinWedNiteAuction
Draft MastersPURPLE PEOPLE EATERS 2inAnother draft

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonTOMMY-GUNin16 man fantasy football 2010
Full SeasonTomEGuninWorld Fantasy League 2017

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