Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #82
Fans: 3
Foes: 3

61 Money League Teams

ChampionshipCOMEBACK KIDinFantasy Championship 8/14 6:00PM
All-Pro1 TOMEGUNinTD Sunday
All-Pro3 TOMEGUNinPatriots Suck
All-Pro1 ARMED RODGERsinFirst and Goal to Go
All-Pro1 BROADWAY JOEinThe Dank League
All-Pro1 CATCH 22inIn the Dark of the Night
All-Pro1 MAD SCRAMBLERinLast Chance
All-Pro2 THE ASSASSINinBuilt to Win
All-Pro2 THE PLAYMAKERinone more team 2018
All-Pro3 IRONHEAD HEYWARDinMonsters of the Midway
All-Pro4 STICKY FINGERSinFantasy Football 2018
All-American1 30 TDinYour Best League
All-American1 BART STARRSinAugust 8 Auction
All-American1 CATCH 22inI'm SFlexy and I Know It
All-American1 DUNKING DEUTSCHMANinFull Season Fantasy
All-American1 FLASH 80inThe Tailgate Auction
All-American1 HIS AIRNESSinFantasy Football NOW
All-American1 THE BULLETinalll american auction
All-American1 THE KINGinThe Money League
All-American1 TRADER JACKinFor Those Who Strive To Win
All-American2 CAPTAIN CHECKDOWNinLate Night Superflex
All-American2 GOLDEN ARMinNoble Gasses
All-American2 KANSAS COMETinFantasy Game of Thrones
All-American2 POETRY IN MOTIONinUS Fantasy Open
All-American2 ROBOT OF DESTRUCTIONinBabes Babes Babes
All-American2 THE COMMANDERinNew York Style Fantasy Football
All-American2 TRADER JACKinThat's what she said
All-American3 DIZZY DEANinSuper Bowl of Fantasy
All-American3 DUKE OF EARLinMochoman
All-American3 GODFATHERinElite Auction
All-American3 GOLDEN BOYinThe Toughest Ones
All-American3 SLINGIN SAMMYinDak in the Saddle
All-American3 THE DIESELinHouse of Pain
All-American3 THE PROFESSORinDMS Fantasy Football
All-American4 CAPTAIN CLUTCHinMon9 Fantasy Fl
All-American4 Doctor ZhivagoinOne Big little winne
All-American4 DR JinFootball Saturday
All-American4 PRIME TIMEinThe Draft Room on RT Sports Leagu
All-American4 THE JUICEinSalty's G.O.A.T. Ballers
All-American4 TRADER JACKinSuperFlex-Aa
All-American4 WOODSONinFantasy Dreams
All-American4 ZONKinLong Snapper
All-AmericanOUTintraining camp week 2
AudibleBAD MOON RISON 4inOne for TWO
Draft MastersARMED RODGERS 7inLassssst one
Draft MastersDA COACH 4inGo Deep
Draft MastersDRACULA IN CLEATS 3inSaturday
Draft MastersFat Ninjas 7inTime is Short
Draft MastersFREAK OF NATURE 2inThe Raven
Draft MastersJACK SPLAT 3inAuctionTime
Draft MastersNOT GOOD 3inDraft Munchies
Draft MastersPHYTHON WOLF 7inCryptozoologists
Draft MastersPURPLE PEOPLE EATERS 2inAnother draft
Draft MastersSACK MAN 9inB E S T B A L L
Draft MastersSTEEL CURTAIN 5inMasters of the Draft
Draft MastersTHE MOSSIAH 4inB E S T B A L L N O W
Draft MastersTomEgun 10inWedNiteAuction
Draft MastersTomEgun 2inAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersTomEgun 6inTGIF Best Ball
Draft MastersYARDS AFTER CATCH 7inMaximum Suckage

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonTOMMY-GUNin16 man fantasy football 2010
Full SeasonTomEGuninWorld Fantasy League 2017

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