Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #149
Fans: 3
Foes: 3

22 Money League Teams

All-Pro*TOMEGUN *inRed Zone Fever
All-Pro*Snidely Whiplash*inWing and a Prayer
All-Pro*Snidely Whiplash*inAwesomest League Ever
All-Pro*Snidely Whiplash*inWest Coast Living
All-American*TOMEGUN*inAuction League 2017
All-American*TOMEGUN*inBest AA Ever
All-American*TomEGun*inZekes Bar Fight
All-AmericanTOMEGUNinAction auction awesome
All-AmericanTOMEGUNinget money
All-AmericanTOMEGUN lossinFantasy Football Masterminds
All-AmericanTOMEGUN lossinFantasy MANIACS
AudibleHomer BallinMFL Late Night Quickie
AudibleHomer Ball inFight Night 2
Draft MastersTGUN 1inMidday auction
Draft MastersTGUN 3inMidnight Bids
Draft MastersTGUN 3inFootball Lovers
Draft MastersTGUN 4in1 AM DM 20 ROUND SNAKE
Draft MastersTGUN 4inFriAuction
Draft MastersTGUN 4inThursday Afternoon DM
Draft MastersTGUN 5inCity Dwellers
Draft MastersTGUN 6insat nite auction

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonTomEGun inWorld Fantasy League 2017

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