Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #171
Fans: 3
Foes: 3

36 Money League Teams

All-ProTomEGun 1inWest Coast Living
All-AmericanTomEgun 1 (C-)inAll FF Fans Welcome
All-AmericanTomEGun 2 (D)inThe Boneyard 8 - AA30
All-AmericanTomEGun 3 (B-)inSundayAuction
All-AmericanTomEGun 4 (C-)inZekes Bar Fight
All-AmericanTomEGun 5 (C-)inSuperflex is best!!!
All-AmericanTomEGun 6 (B-)inBounty Huntez
All-AmericanTomEGun 7 (C+)inThe Bad Ones
All-AmericanTomEGun 8 (C)inget money
All-AmericanTomEGun 9 (A+)inAmerican Pie
All-AmericanTGun 10 Auto (B)inYou Winston, You Lose Some
All-AmericanTomEGun 11 (C+)inAuction Time
All-AmericanTomEGun 12 (C+)in3rd Shift Winners
All-AmericanTomEGun 13(B)inMidnight Ride
All-AmericanTomEGun 14 (C-)inWild Turkey Club
All-AmericanTomEGun 15 (A-)inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanTomEgun 16 (C+)inTrades
All-AmericanTomEGuns 17 (A)inTuesday Auction Special
All-AmericanTomEgun 18 (A+)inFantasize about the NFL
All-AmericanTomEgun 19 (B-)inFantasy Frenzy
All-AmericanTomEGun 23in4th and Goal
All-AmericanTomEgun 20 (B+)inZappin' Zeke
All-AmericanTomEgun 21 (D)inThursday Night Football
All-AmericanTomEgun 22 (C)inTake No Prisoners
AudibleTomEGun (C-)inWhy not
AudibleDumpster Fire (C)inThursAudi
AudibleDumpster Fire 3inAudi DM 10/25
Draft MastersAuto D ... (C)inSend It!
Draft MastersAutoD (D)inCity Dwellers
Draft MastersTomEGun (C)inThursday Afternoon DM
Draft MastersTomEGuns (B-)inMidday auction
Draft MastersAuto D .. (D+)inAuction Masters
Draft MastersTomEGun (C+)inMidnight Bids
Draft MastersTomEgun (B)inFootball Lovers
Draft MastersTGun (A-)inEarly Bird is now a Nooner
Draft MastersDumpster Fire 2inYou need a bigger Boat

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonTomEGun inWorld Fantasy League 2016

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