Nickname: TomEGun
Fantasy Player Rank: #135
Fans: 3
Foes: 3

71 Money League Teams

All-ProTOMEGUN B (-T)inGamehendge
All-ProTOMEGUN C (-1)inLePetomaine Thruway
All-ProTOMEGUN C (-T)inThe Dirty Dozen
All-ProTGUN B (-1) WCinRed Zone Fever
All-ProTGUN B (-T)inPreseason week 2
All-ProSnidely Whiplash A (+2)inWest Coast Living
All-ProSnidely Whiplash A (+3)inAwesomest League Ever
All-ProSnidely Whiplash C (-1)inWing and a Prayer
All-ProSnidely Whiplash C (-1)inNFL Auction 2017
All-ProSnidely Whiplash F (-2)inElite Fantasy Football
All-ProSnidely Whiplash F (-3)inSHAM A LAMA DING DONG
All-American**TOMEGUN AinTrades
All-American**TOMEGUN BinThe Most Wonderful Time of the Ye
All-American**TOMEGUN Bin4th and Goal
All-American**TOMEGUN B (-1)inBeer, Wings and Football FFL
All-American**TomEGun Cincollateral damage
All-American**TOMEGUN C (-1)inGot Bills To Pay
All-American**TOMEGUN C (-2)in12 Walkers
All-American**TOMEGUN C (-2)inFantasy Football Masterminds
All-American**TomEGun D (-2)inFOR THE VETS
All-American*TomEGun D (-2)inThe Bad Ones
All-AmericanTOMEGUN A (+1)in3rd Shift Winners
All-AmericanTOMEGUN A (+1)inget money
All-AmericanTOMEGUN A (+1)inBounty Huntez
All-AmericanTOMEGUN A (+2)inAuction League 2017
All-AmericanTOMEGUN BinAll-American
All-AmericanTOMEGUN BinThe Boneyard 8 - AA30
All-AmericanTOMEGUN B (-1)inSnipers
All-AmericanTOMEGUN B (-1)inZekes Bar Fight
All-AmericanTOMEGUN CinEclipse Day
All-AmericanTOMEGUN C (-1)inAction auction awesome
All-AmericanTOMEGUN C (-1)inFantasy MANIACS
All-AmericanTOMEGUN C (-1)inSundayAuction
All-AmericanTOMEGUN C (-2)inBest AA Ever
All-AmericanTomEGun DinKnockdown Dragout
All-AmericanTomEGun DinFriday+Fantasy Football = Heaven
All-AmericanTomEGun DinFantasy Frenzy
All-AmericanTomEGun DinFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanTomEGun DinMidnight Ride
All-AmericanTomEGun DinYou Winston, You Lose Some
All-AmericanTomEGun DinAmerican Pie
All-AmericanTomEGun DinAll FF Fans Welcome
All-AmericanTomEGun D (-1)inTuesday Auction Special
All-AmericanTomEGun FinTake No Prisoners
All-AmericanTomEGun FinFantasize about the NFL
All-AmericanTomEGun FinWild Turkey Club
All-AmericanTomEGun FinSuperflex is best!!!
All-AmericanTomEgun FinThursday Night Football
All-AmericanZGun FinZappin' Zeke
All-AmericanZGun FinAuction Time
AudibleHomer BallinAudi DM 10/25
AudibleHomer BallinWhy not
AudibleHomer Ball 01inMFL Late Night Quickie
AudibleHomer Ball 03inFight Night 2
AudibleHomer Ball 06in20 dollar AUDI
AudibleHomer Ball 10inThursAudi
Draft MastersTOMEGUN inLast Chance Thursday
Draft MastersTOMEGUN inSend It!
Draft MastersTGUN 1 inThree.Lock Box
Draft MastersTGUN 1 inFootball Lovers
Draft MastersTGUN 2inMidday auction
Draft MastersTGUN 3inYou need a bigger Boat
Draft MastersTGUN 5insat nite auction
Draft MastersTGUN 6inThursday Afternoon DM
Draft MastersTGUN 7inTime for Auction
Draft MastersTGUN 7inEarly Bird is now a Nooner
Draft MastersTGUN 7 in1 AM DM 20 ROUND SNAKE
Draft MastersTGUN 8inMidnight Bids
Draft MastersTGUN 9 (A)inCity Dwellers
Draft MastersTGUNS 10inFriAuction
Draft MastersTGUNS 10 (A)inAuction Masters

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonTomEGun inWorld Fantasy League 2017

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