Nickname: Vikes87
Fantasy Player Rank: #46
Fans: 5

185 Money League Teams

ChampionshipVikes 112inFantasy Championship 8/27 11:59PM
RTFFCVikes 106inRTFFC Green 5
RTFFCVikes 107inRTFFC White 5
RTFFCVikes 108inRTFFC Black 11
High StakesVikes 104inSlow 12
All-ProVikes 111inGo Deep
All-ProVikes 105inFantasy football league
All-ProVikes 109inGin and Tonic
All-ProVikes 111.1.1inGit Sum
All-AmericanVikes 120inPlay FOOTBALL !
All-AmericanVikes 121inJuly 4th
All-AmericanVikes 122inFast and Furious Fantasy
All-AmericanVikes 123 inEarly Afternoon Draft
All-AmericanVikes 124inThe Living Dead
All-AmericanVikes 125inFun Times on Sundays
All-AmericanVikes 126 inWhoopass
All-AmericanVikes 127inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanVikes 128inGridiron Greats
All-AmericanVikes 129inThe Black and Blue Division
All-AmericanVikes 130inThe Bullshit Detector
All-AmericanVikes 131inClash of the Tight Ends
All-AmericanVikes 132inThis is Spinal Tap
All-AmericanVikes 133inSaturday Night Lights
All-AmericanVikes 134inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanVikes 135inFootball is Back!
All-AmericanVikes 136inLets GOOOOO
All-AmericanVikes 137inBlack and Blue Division
All-AmericanVikes 138inTHE OCEAN LEAGUE
All-AmericanVikes 139inOCEANS 12
AudibleVikes 100inJust Have Fun League
AudibleVikes 111.1inMake Fantasy Great Again
AudibleVikes 110inTHORZAIN
AudibleVikes 102inGet 'er Going
AudibleVikes 103in1, 2, 5
AudibleVikes 112inMake FF Great Again
AudibleVikes 251inCant Wait Til Week 1
AudibleVikes 50inSlow DM
AudibleVikes 51in$50 DM
AudibleVikes 52inDraft Master 4HR Clock
AudibleVikes 53inCTF for King of Key West
AudibleVikes 54inSeptember Prep
AudibleVikes 55inGrapes of Wraith DM
AudibleVikes 10inA.J. McCarron 4 Hire
AudibleVikes 11inNo Stopping Us Clowns Now
AudibleVikes 1inJanuary Drafting
AudibleVikes 1inFree Agent Frenzy Slow
AudibleVikes 10inCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleVikes 11inSlow N Easy
AudibleVikes 12inPartakers Open
AudibleVikes 12inSaturday Night Fever
AudibleVikes 13inLet's Go
AudibleVikes 14inBears are in Ruins
AudibleVikes 15inPead Free Agency Tour
AudibleVikes 16inHump Day Draft
AudibleVikes 161inJessica Alba's Ass
AudibleVikes 162inMan in the Box
AudibleVikes 166inThursday audi
AudibleVikes 167inLunchtime Audi
AudibleVikes 17inDerby Day Bonanza
AudibleVikes 170inShow me the Money
AudibleVikes 18inTate or Pead? Things You Need to
AudibleVikes 19inDawgr vs Death4U
AudibleVikes 2innever to late
AudibleVikes 2inRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
AudibleVikes 20inQuick Fix
AudibleVikes 22inPreakness Preview
AudibleVikes 24inBallyhoo!
AudibleVikes 26inEndzone Celebrating Reunited
AudibleVikes 27inPros vs Joes
AudibleVikes 28inQuick fix
AudibleVikes 3inJosh McDaniels Debacle
AudibleVikes 3in12 25 Let's Go!
AudibleVikes 30inQBs are Overrated
AudibleVikes 32in99 Days till Kickoff
AudibleVikes 33inAfternoon Audi
AudibleVikes 34inThe Real 10 Team Audi
AudibleVikes 37inalright lets do it
AudibleVikes 38inSOS League 1
AudibleVikes 39inFantasy Finals
AudibleVikes 4inSaturday Stoners
AudibleVikes 4inBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
AudibleVikes 41inLATE SHOW
AudibleVikes 42inSlow Audi 6hr Clock
AudibleVikes 43inGet your Slow On
AudibleVikes 46inSlow Motion
AudibleVikes 48inBeer and Brisket
AudibleVikes 49inSaturday Remedy
AudibleVikes 5inPut football in the Olympics!
AudibleVikes 5inHigh Quality H2 "slow"
AudibleVikes 6inMonNiteDrafting
AudibleVikes 6inHeros and Zeros - Slow
AudibleVikes 64infor fun
AudibleVikes 65inWednesday Night
AudibleVikes 66inSUMMER 20 DOLLAR MOX
AudibleVikes 67inKinda Sorta Slow II
AudibleVikes 68inSlow Turtle Draft Prep
AudibleVikes 69inSaturday Night
AudibleVikes 7inHumpDay Drafting
AudibleVikes 7inBeginner Draft
AudibleVikes 70inMarbles
AudibleVikes 71inHumpDay Audi 10/25
AudibleVikes 74in69 Days till Kickoff
AudibleVikes 76inSaturday Night
AudibleVikes 78inKinda Sorta Slow III
AudibleVikes 8inOur Daily Addiction
AudibleVikes 9inPoint Collectors
AudibleVikes 90inSlow Audi
AudibleVikes 95inDraft Masters 10/25
AudibleVikes 97inSlow DM Audi
AudibleVikes 98inGoing Deep Try To Keep Up
Draft MastersVikes 56inDM Slow 99 I
Draft MastersVikes 57inLet's Draft
Draft MastersVikes 58inKings of D
Draft MastersVikes 150inTrumpCity2020
Draft MastersVikes 151inTrump Train
Draft MastersVikes 152inEarly Drafters
Draft MastersVikes 153inMaster Blaster
Draft MastersVikes 154inLet's Draft!!!
Draft MastersVikes 155inQuick Afternoon Draft...
Draft MastersVikes 156in$50 Draftmasters
Draft MastersVikes 157inMade of Golden Tate
Draft MastersVikes 159inpittsburgh draftmasters
Draft MastersVikes 250inmr sparky
Draft MastersVikes 252inSmoke on the Water
Draft MastersVikes 253inQuick Hits
Draft MastersVikes 257inWaggle Waggle Waggle
Draft MastersVikes 59inEarly Bird Action
Draft MastersVikes 140inWeekend Draft Bliss
Draft MastersVikes 141inWe Hate Brady
Draft MastersVikes 142inSlow for beginners
Draft MastersVikes 143inAmateur Hour
Draft MastersVikes 144inGoal Line
Draft MastersVikes 145in2nd and 5
Draft MastersVikes 146inFirst Preseason Game
Draft MastersVikes 147inBest Ballin
Draft MastersVikes 148inWeekend Fun
Draft MastersVikes 149inWe Hate Brady
Draft MastersVikes 160inOne and Done
Draft MastersVikes 161inAugust Draftmasters
Draft MastersVikes 163inSpeed Drafters 8/9
Draft MastersVikes 164inThursday Afternoon Delight
Draft MastersVikes 165inWednesday
Draft MastersVikes 168inFill Er Up
Draft MastersVikes 169inNight Owls
Draft MastersVikes 171inFriday Quick One
Draft MastersVikes 173inBig Ash TDs
Draft MastersVikes 174inJerrys World
Draft MastersVikes 175inBadass Draft
Draft MastersVikes 176inLife in the Fast Lane
Draft MastersVikes 177inSit and Go 19 II
Draft MastersVikes 178inSit and Go 19 III
Draft MastersVikes 179inDM D-BaggageClaim
Draft MastersVikes 180inRed Zone
Draft MastersVikes 181inKronke is a D-Bag
Draft MastersVikes 183in1985 Bears Reunion
Draft MastersVikes 185inThank God for Football
Draft MastersVikes 21inway too early
Draft MastersVikes 23inA League Too Far
Draft MastersVikes 25inDraftmaster Low Stakes
Draft MastersVikes 29inTrubinsky?
Draft MastersVikes 31inLate May Draft
Draft MastersVikes 35inDM Slow 19 I
Draft MastersVikes 36inPractice Makes Perfect
Draft MastersVikes 44inDraft Masters Amateurs
Draft MastersVikes 47in4hr Slow draft
Draft MastersVikes 60inMid June DM
Draft MastersVikes 62inafter father's day dinner
Draft MastersVikes 63inSlow Motion
Draft MastersVikes 72inNice-N-Slow
Draft MastersVikes 73inDrafting is my Forte
Draft MastersVikes 75inThe 1 Hour Draft
Draft MastersVikes 77inKinda Sorta Slow 3
Draft MastersVikes 79inJuly slow raft
Draft MastersVikes 8in2018 Season #2
Draft MastersVikes 80inDraftniks
Draft MastersVikes 81inTuesday Quick One
Draft MastersVikes 82inLets Go
Draft MastersVikes 9inThose Who R Sick Like ME
Draft MastersVikes 91inJoin or ...
Draft MastersVikes 92inPre Camp Test Track
Draft MastersVikes 93inBankroll Builder
Draft MastersVikes 94inHump Day Shenanigans
Draft MastersVikes 96inDraft Masters
Draft MastersVikes 99inFryday

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRegulatorsinBeer League
Full SeasonLittle ShitsinThe Ferdmonger League
Full SeasonRenegadesinThe Ferdmonger League
Full SeasonRenegadesinVIKING

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