Nickname: Worm566
Fantasy Player Rank: #242

66 Money League Teams

Championshipphinatics BDinFantasy Championship 9/8 3:00pm E
ChampionshipPhinatics BD 2inFantasy Championship 9/9 11:00am
High StakesPhinatics 41inSunday Funday
High Stakesphinatics11inFun League
High Stakesphinatics34inIt's My Birthday
All-Prophinatics42inTijuana is part of the United Sta
AudiblePhinatics 52inThe Sunday Tavern
All-Americanphinatics 15inFriday Fish Fry
All-Americanphinatics 4inMonday night football
All-AmericanPhinatics 51inAll-American 1104
All-AmericanPhinatics 53inWaggle
All-Americanphinatics 56inOne Toke Over the Line
All-Americanphinatics 8inAll-American 951
All-Americanphinatics12inSuper Saturday Auction
All-AmericanPhinatics18inAll-American 988
All-Americanphinatics22inAll-American 1005
All-Americanphinatics25inRoughing the passer
All-Americanphinatics27inGold Diggers
All-AmericanPhinatics31inKickers have Feelings Too
All-AmericanPhinatics32inmasters of fantasy
All-Americanphinatics33inAll-American 1029
All-Americanphinatics36inMaking Sundays Great Again
All-Americanphinatics44inAll-American 1068
All-AmericanRainbow BriteinAll-American 1063
EliminatorPhinatics EliminDecapitation Surprise
Best BallJim Bob FurleyinBest Ball Championship 14892
Best BallPhinaticsinBest Ball Championship 14695
Best Ballphinatics 13inBest Ball Championship 14771
Best BallPhinatics 2inBest Ball Championship 14683
Best Ballphinatics 5inBest Ball Championship 14729
Best BallPhinatics 6inBest Ball Championship 14731
Best BallPhinatics 7inBest Ball Championship 14744
Best BallPhinatics 9inBest Ball Championship 14761
Best BallPhinatics14inBest Ball Championship 14786
Best BallPhinatics16inBest Ball Championship 14828
Best BallPhinatics17inBest Ball Championship 14844
Best BallPhinatics19inBest Ball Championship 14833
Best Ballphinatics20inBest Ball Championship 14857
Best Ballphinatics21inBest Ball Championship 14871
Best Ballphinatics23inBest Ball Championship 14885
Best Ballphinatics24inBest Ball Championship 14890
Best Ball SFlexphinatics46inBest Ball SuperFlex 717
Best Ball xTraPhinatics 30inBest Ball xTra 174
Best Ball xTraPhinatics 55inBest Ball xTra 446
Best Ball xTraphinatics26inBest Ball xTra 163
Best Ball xTraphinatics29inBest Ball xTra 168
Best Ball xTraphinatics35inBest Ball xTra 198
Best Ball xTraphinatics37inBest Ball xTra 225
Best Ball xTraphinatics38inBest Ball xTra 241
Best Ball xTraphinatics43inBest Ball xTra 272
Best Ball xTraPhinatics48inBest Ball xTra 293
Best Ball xTraphinatics49inBest Ball xTra 300
Best Ball xTraPhnatics39inBest Ball xTra 214
Draft MastersPhinatics 47in$50 draft masters
Draft MastersPhinatics 54inHigh Noon
Draft Mastersphinatics60in$50 last draft masters
Draft Mastersphinatics 3inLate Night Draft Masters
Big LeagueBeantown Bombers 2inLast One I Promise
Best BallBeantown BombersinBest Ball Championship 1539
Draft Slot123456789101112

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