Nickname: clarkdog
Fantasy Player Rank: #432

38 Money League Teams

DynastyLITTLEinRoad to Glory Days
All-AmericanBilly the PainterinMisfits
Dynasty RotoPaul WinRookie of the Year
Dynasty H2HGeddyinThe Natural
Dynasty H2HGeddyinThe Perfect Game
Dynasty H2HTominThe Sandlot
Grand SlamBilly the PainterinGS 125 8hr II
Draft & HoldSteven SweetssssinKick Off DnH
Triple PlayJudy VegasinBase Swindlers
Triple PlayMaster ClowninFull Count
Triple PlayPaul WinTriple Crown
Triple PlayMark MarkinMendoza Line
Triple PlayPAWinThe Musial Suspects
Triple PlayStinky PeteinHummm Baby!
Triple PlayBilly the PainterinTP 50 8hr I
Triple PlayBoogie RayinTP 50 8hr I
Triple PlayKnuckle HeadinTP 50 8hr IV
Triple PlayMad hatterinTP 50 8hr VI
Triple PlayPAWinJanuary Baseball Draft
Triple PlayRicky TinTP 50 8hr VII
Triple PlaySlinky slinkinTP 50 4 hr
Triple PlaySteven SweetssssinTP 50 8hr IX
Triple PlaySteven SweetssssinTP 50 8hr III
Triple PlayBo CallahaninTP 20 8hr II
Triple PlayJamieinTP 20 8hr XXVIII
Triple PlaySamanthainTP 20 8hr VII
Best BallJOHN BOYinBest Ball Championship 1846
Best BallKaren GinBest Ball Championship 1759
Best BallMr MilesinBest Ball Championship 1800
AudibleStanford BinDog Eat Dog
HR ShowdownBilly the PainterinHome Run Showdown 178
Draft MastersJHWinBest Ball - 4hr
Draft MastersJudy VegasinSlow Jams Best Ball I
Draft MastersJOHN BOYinBest Ball 20 8hr IV
Draft MastersPaul WinstoninDM Roto 20 8hr X
DimesDinkyinDimes Best Ball 558
DimesMark B GoneinDimes Best Ball 529
DimesMark B GoneinDimes Best Ball 512
Draft Slot123456789101112

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