Nickname: clarkdog
Fantasy Player Rank: #426

60 Money League Teams

DynastyLITTLEinRoad to Glory
High StakesPAWinromper room
All-ProFrank and NuninIdiots and Inept
All-ProLady JockinTouchdown
All-ProALVAinEarly Draft
All-ProBilly the PainterinStuds and Duds
All-ProJOHN BOYinLate June league
All-ProMajor WilliaminC.R.E.A.M
AudibleBoogie Rayin8 Team League, big rosters
AudibleSISTER SAMinCTW Best-Ball 8-2
All-AmericanMark B GoneinOrdinary Gentlemen
All-AmericanMark Markin12 Angry Men
All-AmericanStanford Bin2 HR SLOW AA
All-AmericanSteel DragoninWhatsup
All-AmericanSteven SweetssssinTecmo Bowl
All-AmericanTom SawyerinSlow Draft XXIIVIX
Draft MastersJohn HenryinSit and Go 100 XVI
Draft MastersScott the CatinSit and Go 100 XIX
Draft MastersLady JockinSit and Go 50 XII
Draft Mastersdumb dumbinTwo Minute Warning
DimesBoogie RayinDimes Best Ball 15060
DimesJUDY BinDimes Best Ball SFlx 15167
DimesPAWinDimes Best Ball 15166
Dynasty RotoPaul WinRookie of the Year
Dynasty H2HGeddy LeeinThe Natural
Dynasty H2HGeddy LeeinThe Perfect Game
Dynasty H2HTom SawyerinThe Sandlot
Grand SlamCB StyleinGS 125 4hr II
Grand SlamJudithinGS 125 4hr VI
Triple PlayBrantleyinTP 100 March is here
Triple PlayHowardinTP 100 4 Hour
Triple PlayJudy VegasinTP 100 4hr I
Triple PlaySammyinTP100 4hr League
Triple PlayBruceinTP 50 4hr X
Triple PlayDinkinTP 50 4hr XVIII
Triple PlayHowardinTP 50 4hr VII
Triple PlayHowardinTP 50 4hr II
Triple PlayMax WebsterinTP 50 4hr XII
Triple PlaySimple SaminTP 50 4hr I
Triple PlayBetty LinTP 20 4hr III
Triple PlayBig RichardinTP 20 4hr II
Triple PlayExpensive CatinTP 20 4hr VII
Triple PlayJohnny CinTP 20 4hr VIII
Triple Playsissy boyinTP 20 4hr I
Best BallJerry SinBest Ball Championship 1324
Best BallMGWinBest Ball Championship 1185
AudibleMax WebsterinEarly best ball
Draft MastersJohn HenryinYou Can't Handle The Truth
Draft MastersMathew GinBest Ball 100 4hr VI
Draft MastersMax WebsterinBest Ball 100 4hr X
Draft MastersPAWinBest Ball 100 4hr II
Draft MastersJerry SinBest Ball 50 4hr IX
Draft MastersColbyinBest Ball 20 4hr XVII
Draft MastersColbyinFBB 2023
Draft MastersMGWinBest Ball 20 4hr VIII
Draft MastersStanford BinDM Roto 20 4hr VII
Draft Mastersstanford binBest Ball 20 4hr X
DimesJohn HenryinDimes Best Ball 349
DimesJonny DimesinDimes Best Ball 438
Draft Slot123456789101112

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