Nickname: comerica
Fantasy Player Rank: #312
Fans: 2

32 Money League Teams

Draft MastersComericainLeague of ILL Repute
Triple PlaycominMLB TP 100 TRIPLE PLAY
Triple PlayComerica 7inMoneyball
Triple Playcomerica16inThe Rookie
Triple Playcomerica22inFriday Babyyy!!!!
Triple Playcom21inTP 20 DRAFT
Triple PlayComerica 3inPre-Super Bowl Shuffle
Triple PlayComerica 4ingoing, going, gone
Triple Playcomerica1inbaseball
Big Leaguecomerica25inThirsty Thursday
Big LeaguecomericaXX1inTHURSDAY EVE
Big LeagueComerica 24inSaturday Night Trade & Auction
Big LeagueComericainLate Night Auction
Big Leaguecomerica14inFriday Night Auction
Big LeagueComerica35inget er done
Big LeaguecomericaxxvinBarry Larkin HOF
Big LeaguecomericazinBaseball Draft
Grand SlamComerica50inGrand Salame
Draft Masterscomerica19inFifty.Pays.Better.SoLetsGo!
Draft Mastersc0merica10in????????????
Draft Masterscom17inBeerleague3
Draft MastersCOMERIcAinMike Mike Mike Mike
Draft Masterscomerica 12inDM Auction for Cheapskates
Draft MastersComerica 2inDM Roto 20 2hr IX
Draft Masterscomerica 29inRoto Auction
Draft MastersComerica 5inBest Ball 20 4hr XIV
Draft MastersComerica 9inNo Name
Draft Masterscomerica15inPlay Ball
Draft Masterscomerica33inMonday Night
Draft Masterscomerica34inRainbow Trout
Draft Masterscomerica37inLate Night
Draft MastersComericaxinBaseball Starts This Month
Draft Slot123456789101112

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