Nickname: cosmic_slop
Fantasy Player Rank: #270
Fans: 3

30 Money League Teams

ChallengechronicinPlayoff Challenge 99.63
ChallengethcinPlayoff Challenge 49.83
Challengesouthbound pachyderminPlayoff Challenge 19.160
All-ProrochambeauinMonday Yet?
All-Proroy munsoninWINNERS GALORE!!!
All-Prosouthbound pachyderminthe Local 636
All-Prochronic dynastyinNFL FFL 2018
All-Promothers of inventioninFootball Rules
All-ProOne size fits allinGamehendge
All-ProsasquatchinPurple pride
All-Prothe evil has landedinLast Cut
All-Prouncle remusinGet Some of Deez Nuts
All-Procosmic slopinDrafts Rock & Roll
All-Projesus ranchinRed Zone Fever
All-ProspectruminWhite Walkers
Audiblepfunk1inLet's Draft...
Audiblestinky britchesin20 Dollar No Holler
Draft Mastersboognish kinginMiƩrcoles
Draft Masterschronic 1inTD. Celebration
Draft MastersfunkadelicinDraftistan
Draft Mastersmaggot braininSunNiteDM
Draft Masterspudding timeinBilly White Shoes Johnson Memoria
Draft MastersrochambeauinYou had me at titties
Draft Masterssb pachyderminBring It
Draft Masterssouthbound pachyderminQuickie Draft
Draft MastersstinkfistinThe Fast Draft
Draft MastersthcinTechnical Ecstacy
Draft Mastersthc 2inLate Night
Draft Mastersthe evil has landedinLeague of Ballers
Draft Masterswaka jawakainThe Axe Elf Invitational

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