Nickname: davjack
Fantasy Player Rank: #101
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

35 Money League Teams

Big LeagueBaphometsinBig League Two $100
Big LeagueFungo ChickensinSuper Bowl Hangover
Big LeagueHouse of MetatroninSprings
Big LeagueOuroborosinAngels in the Outfield
Big LeagueThe BedlaminPrime Time, Baby JOIN
Big LeagueViscera EyesinThunder and Lightning League
Big LeagueGoliathinBL 50 8hr V
Big LeagueMetatroninBL 50 4hr X
Big LeagueSpiral OutinBL 50 8hr XI
Big LeagueThe OuroborosinFriday Draft
Big LeagueFloodinBL 30 4hr VIII
Big LeagueRipstickinIt's Snowing
Big LeagueRipstick 116inTuesday BL
Big LeagueThe BaphometsinBL 30 4hr XIII
Big LeagueThe FloodinBL 30 8hr VIII
High StakesDay of the BaphometsinBoys of Summer
High StakesOuroborosinSlow Pitch
High StakesSoothsayerinSeamheads JOIN
High StakesThe BedlaminPrepare to try JOIN
High StakesGoliathinI aint' afraid of no drafts
High StakesMetatroninThe Greatest Game
High StakesViscera EyesinLeague of Legends
High StakesBaphometsinHS 125 4hr V
High StakesFloodinHS 125 4hr IX
High StakesFungo ChickensinHS 125 4hr III
High StakesRipstick 116inHS 125 8hr XIV
High StakesSalted BloodinHS 125 4hr VIII
RTFBCDay of the BaphometsinRTFBC 13
RTFBCFungo ChickensinRTFBC 12 JOIN
RTFBCHouse of MetatroninRTFBC 11
Draft MastersFungo ChickensinGroundhog's Day
Draft MastersGoliathinBest Ball 50 4hr IV
Draft MastersFloodinBest Ball 20 4hr XV
Draft MastersSalted BloodinNight Draft
Draft MastersThe FloodinDM Roto 20 4hr XVII

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