Nickname: finzfan13
Fantasy Player Rank: #43
Fans: 32

239 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipFinztastic IinFantasy Championship 5/28 8:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic VinFantasy Championship 6/26 8:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic IIIinFantasy Championship 9/4 8:00PM #
ChampionshipFinztastic IVinFantasy Championship 6/18 8:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic IIinFantasy Championship 6/2 8:00PM #
ChampionshipFinztastic VIinFantasy Championship 6/29 9:30PM
ChampionshipFinztastic VIIinFantasy Championship 7/16 4:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic VIIIinFantasy Championship 7/17 7:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic IXinFantasy Championship 7/19 9:00PM
ChampionshipFinztastic XinFantasy Championship 8/19 1:00PM
RTFFCFinztastic RedinRTFFC Red 1
RTFFCFinztastic WhiteinRTFFC White 2
RTFFCFinztastic BlueinRTFFC Blue 1
RTFFCFinztastic BlackinRTFFC Black 3
RTFFCFinztastic GreeninRTFFC Green 1
RTFFCFinztastic GoldinRTFFC Gold 4
High StakesFinztastic 250inSlow And Steady
High StakesFinztastic 8inIMPEACH MIXON
High StakesFinztastic 2inFinzFan Special
High StakesFinztastic 3inMaximum Carnage
High StakesFinztastic 4inHidden Treasures
High StakesFinztastic 5inMonday Night Football
High StakesFinztastic 6inFRIDAY NIGHT HS
High StakesFinztastic 7inJULY 4th Afternoon Delight
High StakesFinztastic 9insaturday afternoon high stake$
High StakesFinztastic 10inCrak Rok Invitational
High StakesFinztastic 11inPimpin Ain't Easy
High StakesFinztastic 12inThe FinzFan Classic
High StakesFinztastic 13inLate Night Crak
High StakesFinztastic 14in11 Amateurs and 1 Pro
High StakesFinztastic 15inAll the King's Men
High StakesFinztastic 16inThe $1300 Pyramid
High StakesFinztastic 17inFantastic Friday
High StakesFinztastic 18inRound 2
High StakesFinztastic 19inSay My Name
High StakesFinztastic 20inLeVeon and Let Die
High StakesFinztastic 21inthe BOLD and the gutless
High StakesFinztastic 23inNine Inch Ditka
High StakesFinztastic 22inrambunctionairies
All-ProFinztastic AP100inIce cream tuesdee
All-AmericanFinz 1AAinSunday Stoners
All-AmericanFinz AA2inFF SHARKNADO
All-AmericanFinz AA3inMaximum Carnage
AudibleFinztastic 125.1inBOYZ R BACK IN TOWN
AudibleFinztastic 125.2inDUALFLEX HIGH STAKES AUDI 10/18
AudibleFinztastic 125.3inAudi 125
AudibleFinztastic 100.1in10 at TEN
AudibleFinz 50.1inAndre "Bad Moon" Rison
AudibleFinz 50.2inTrouble Makers
AudibleFinz 50.3inBattleGrounds
AudibleFinz 50.4inHit Squad League 9/19
AudibleFinz 50.5inHard Hitting League
AudibleFinz 50.7inPigskin Mayhem
AudibleFinz 50.8inTouchdowns All Day
AudibleFinz 50.9inPlay Hard Or Go Home
AudibleFinz 50.10inForty Two Yard Line
AudibleFinz 50.11inThe Money Train
AudibleFinz 1inDiaper League #1
AudibleFinz 2insaturday night fever
AudibleFinz 4inYou know the drill
AudibleFinz 5inI Pead Signing Party Draft
AudibleFinz 6inRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
AudibleFinz 7inAPB for Rosen
AudibleFinz 8inTaco Tuesday
AudibleFinz 9inHump Day Drafting
AudibleFinz 10in420 Happy Hr
AudibleFinz 13inNo Protesting on Sunday
AudibleFinz 11inQuick fix
AudibleFinz 12inRosen and Axe Talk Fantasy
AudibleFinz 14inRosen Under Investigation
AudibleFinz 16inKickers Lives Matter
AudibleFinz 15inBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
AudibleFinz 17inThe Usual Suspects
AudibleFinz 18inBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleFinz 19inElf Enterprises Presents I Pead
AudibleFinz 21inApril Fools Cheapo
AudibleFinz 22inPead signs 3 year deal
AudibleFinz 23inOur Daily Addiction
AudibleFinz 24inPoint Collectors
AudibleFinz 25inThursday Throwdown
AudibleFinz 26inGoff or Glennon
AudibleFinz 27inSunset Grill n Chill
AudibleFinz 28inCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleFinz 29inBeware of Frying Pans
AudibleFinz 30inCoin Flip
AudibleFinz 31inFast Money
AudibleFinz 32inBefore The Draft
AudibleFinz 33inRock Lobster
AudibleFinz 34inGlennon to Pead Perfect Combo
AudibleFinz 35inGet r Done
AudibleFinz 36inGlennon for Hire
AudibleFinz 37inEaster vs Playboy Bunny
AudibleFinz 38inPlayboy Bunny
AudibleFinz 39inLet's Go
AudibleFinz 40inGet Money
AudibleFinz 41inMaybe it will fill
AudibleFinz 42inFriday night before the draft
AudibleFinz 43inWhere's the Beef
AudibleFinz 44inGlenn Coffee returns
AudibleFinz 45inShort Pocket Dweebs
AudibleFinz 46inNo Protesting Allowed
AudibleFinz 47inCasual Massage
AudibleFinz 48inRosens Mock Draft 2017
AudibleFinz 49inCertainer
AudibleFinz 50inCash Money
AudibleFinz 51inFood Stamp EBT Diaper
AudibleFinz 52inBears are the New Browns
AudibleFinz 53inSunday Draft
AudibleFinz 54inEdge of Summer
AudibleFinz 55inPead Free Agency Tour
AudibleFinz 56inDRAFTMASTERS
AudibleFinz 57inHump Day Draft
AudibleFinz 59inThursday is Draft Day
AudibleFinz 58inPBJ Lunchtime Special
AudibleFinz 60inWeekend Is Here
AudibleFinz 61inDerby Day Bonanza
AudibleFinz 62inNo Protesting Just Draft
AudibleFinz 63inSunday Coming Down
AudibleFinz 64inTate or Pead? Things You Need to
AudibleFinz 65inSpring League MVP Ben Tate
AudibleFinz 68inEasy Money
AudibleFinz 66inNo Boots for You
AudibleFinz 67inDark Star Classic
AudibleFinz 69inMothers Day Drafting
AudibleFinz 70inLets fill a Diaper
AudibleFinz 71inMaking a Donation
AudibleFinz 73inQuick Fix
AudibleFinz 72inDawgr vs Death4U
AudibleFinz 75inBozo the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleFinz 74inCaptain Spaulding Clowns Only!!!
AudibleFinz 76inPead on the Move
AudibleFinz 77inPreakness Preview
AudibleFinz 78inLiving the Dream
AudibleFinz 79inCap'n Crunch or Froot Loops
AudibleFinz 80inBears Super Bowl Shuffle
AudibleFinz 81inBeware of the Dawg
AudibleFinz 82inA box full of the Mondays
AudibleFinz 83inUnranked drafters only
AudibleFinz 84inI See a Bad Draft Rising
AudibleFinz 86inPros vs Joes
AudibleFinz 85inEndzone Celebrating Reunited
AudibleFinz 87inRamble On
AudibleFinz 88inDiamonds and Auctions Last Foreve
AudibleFinz 89inFriday!!!
AudibleFinz 90inFriday!!! (2)
AudibleFinz 91inCamping at Walgreens
AudibleFinz 92inGet it filled
AudibleFinz 93inAdult Beverages & BBQing
AudibleFinz 94inHappy Memorial Day
AudibleFinz 95inAPB for Rosen Please Check Milk C
AudibleFinz 96inQBs are Overrated
AudibleFinztastic 97in Cheapo Diaper to the Rescue
AudibleFinztastic 98in99 Days till Kickoff
AudibleFinztastic 99inAfternoon Audi
AudibleFinztastic ainThe Real 10 Team Audi
AudibleFinztastic binShow me your Audi
AudibleFinztastic cinFantasy Freakazoids
AudibleFinztastic dinWho wants Maclin
AudibleFinztastic einSaturday Afternoon Draft
AudibleFinztastic finRosen Lost at Sea
AudibleFinztastic hinCall the Auduble
AudibleFinztastic ginReggie DM
AudibleFinztastic SF1inDRaftmaster SF
AudibleFinztastic iinRegular Audi DMs Are Great
AudibleFinztastic jinPuff the Magic Dragon
AudibleFinztastic kinHump Day Invitational
AudibleFinztastic linWake Up Its Draft Time
AudibleFinztastic minLATE SHOW
AudibleFinztastic S2inGet your Slow On
AudibleFinztastic ninLet's Try Again
AudibleFinztastic oinSaturday Matinee
AudibleFinztastic pinBig Girlz Hotwings or Both ?
AudibleFinztastic qinafternoon delight
AudibleFinztastic rinSixty Second Selection Sunday
AudibleFinztastic S3inSlow Motion
AudibleFinztastic sinNBAaudi
AudibleFinztastic tinDraftmaster Depot
AudibleFinztastic uinSomething to Do
AudibleFinztastic vin Nothing but Dumpster Fires
AudibleFinztastic S4inKinda Sorta Slow Audi
AudibleFinztastic winFun Fast Cheap
AudibleFinztastic xinDraft Now, You'll be busy on Sund
AudibleFinztastic yinFinfan Open
AudibleFinztastic zinCheap Quickie
AudibleFinztastic abinSaturday Remedy
AudibleFinztastic bcinSunday Funday
AudibleFinztastic S5inKinda Sorta Slow II
AudibleFinztastic SF2inTRY ME
AudibleFinztastic cdinAfternoon Audi 10/25
AudibleFinztastic deinWednesday Night
AudibleFinztastic efinThrowback Thursday
AudibleFinztasic fginSUMMER 20 DOLLAR MOX
AudibleFinztastic ghinNewbies Only No Colors Allowed
AudibleFinztastic hiinFriday night fun
AudibleFinztastic ijinSatDraft
AudibleFinztastic jkinSaturday Audi 10/25
AudibleFinztastic klinSunNooner
AudibleFinztastic lminRed Sea Scrolls
AudibleFinztastic mnin73 Days till Kickoff
AudibleFinztastic noinA Choice
AudibleFinztastic opinHumpDay Audi 10/25
AudibleFinztastic pqin69 Days till Kickoff
AudibleFinztastic qrinRed White and Blue
AudibleFinztastic rsinCheap Quickie 10/25
AudibleFantastic tuinFountains or Firecrackers
AudibleFinztastic SF3inJuly Fourth Picking
AudibleFinztastic uvin60 Days Till Kickoff
AudibleFinztastic wyinWedAfternoon
AudibleFinztastic yzinFriday Happy Hour Audi
AudibleFinztastic zzinSatDrafting
AudibleFinztastic AainArmchair Cornerbacks
AudibleFinztastic Bbinafternoon delight
AudibleFinztastic CcinQuick and Easy
AudibleFinztastic DdinAUDI 10/25
AudibleFinztastic Eein10/25 on a Summer's Day
AudibleFinztastic FfinFun Thursday DM 10/25
AudibleFinztastic GginFriday Audi 10/25
AudibleFinztastic Hhin10/25 Is So Good
AudibleFinztastic IiinThursNooNer
AudibleFinztastic JjinSummertime Funtime
AudibleFinztastic Kkinokay one for the ages
AudibleFinztastic Llinfor a sunday stroll
AudibleFinztastic MminDM 25/10
AudibleFinztastic NninSometimes its a winner's parade
AudibleFinztastic OoinQuik Easy and Done
AudibleFinztastic Ppin28 Days Till Kickoff
AudibleFinztastic QqinFriday Audi 10/25
Draft MastersFinztastic dm1inEarly Drafters
Draft MastersFinztastic DM50inThursday Nooner
Draft MastersFinztastic Sdmin1st Slow Draft
Draft MastersFinztastic dm2inBanging Draft
Draft MastersFinztastic dm3inCTF for Mayor of Gothem
Draft MastersFinztastic dm4inThe Wednesday War Room
Draft MastersFinztastic dm5inPre Season Showdown
Big LeagueGround Rule Triple inSNOWED IN SUNDAY

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonFinztasticinChamps League
Full SeasonSan Diego Great WhitesinUSFFL

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