Nickname: foos_ball
Fantasy Player Rank: #5
Fans: 34
Foes: 2

219 Money League Teams

ShootoutFoosenFactor 1 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutFoosenFactor 1 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutFoosenFactor 1 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutRosenFoos 1 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutRosenFoos 1 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutRosenFoos 1 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 6/16 11:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 8/19 9:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 8/27 6:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 8/29 9:30PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 8/30 1:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 8/31 10:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 9/1 7:00PM #
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 9/3 1:00PM #
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 9/4 12:00AM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 1inFantasy Championship 9/4 2:00PM #
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 2inFantasy Championship 6/10 10:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 3inFantasy Championship 6/19 7:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 4inFantasy Championship 6/23 11:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 5inFantasy Championship 7/4 11:45PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 6inFantasy Championship 7/15 11:30PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 7inFantasy Championship 7/16 4:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 8inFantasy Championship 7/30 6:00PM
ChampionshipFoosball is the Devil 9inFantasy Championship 8/19 1:00PM
ChampionshipFoosenFactor 1inFantasy Championship 5/26 8:00PM
ChampionshipFoosenFactor 2inFantasy Championship 5/28 8:00PM
ChampionshipFoosenFactor 3inFantasy Championship 6/18 8:00PM
ChampionshipFoosenFactor 4inFantasy Championship 7/2 8:00PM #
ChampionshipFoosenFactor 5inFantasy Championship 8/20 3:00PM
ChampionshipRosenFoosinFantasy Championship 6/8 8:00PM #
ChampionshipRosenFoos IIinFantasy Championship 6/26 8:00PM
RTFFCFoosenFactor Gold MembeinRTFFC Gold 3
RTFFCFoosenFactor Green MachinRTFFC Green 7
RTFFCFoosenFactor White inRTFFC White 2
RTFFCRosenFoos BlackinRTFFC Black 11
RTFFCRosenFoos BlueinRTFFC Blue 1
RTFFCRosenFoos RedinRTFFC Red 2
AudibleI PeadinAndre "Bad Moon" Rison
AudibleFoos 1inPre Superbowl Party 2018
AudibleFoos 2inRosen Palooza
AudibleFoosball 1inDiaper League #1
AudibleFoosball 10inYou know the drill
AudibleFoosball 100inDeath 4 U Invite
AudibleFoosball 11inI Pead Signing Party Draft
AudibleFoosball 12inRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
AudibleFoosball 13inAPB for Rosen
AudibleFoosball 14inConcussion Protocol
AudibleFoosball 15inBest Team Wins
AudibleFoosball 16inTaco Tuesday
AudibleFoosball 17inFootball Junkies
AudibleFoosball 18inHump Day Drafting
AudibleFoosball 19inA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs
AudibleFoosball 2insaturday night fever
AudibleFoosball 20in420 Happy Hr
AudibleFoosball 21inQuick fix
AudibleFoosball 22inRosen and Axe Talk Fantasy
AudibleFoosball 23inNo Protesting on Sunday
AudibleFoosball 24inRosen Under Investigation
AudibleFoosball 25inKickers Lives Matter
AudibleFoosball 26inBeerThirtySomewhere 420 here
AudibleFoosball 27inThe Usual Suspects
AudibleFoosball 28inBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleFoosball 29inElf Enterprises Presents I Pead
AudibleFoosball 30inHAPPY HOUR DRAFTIN
AudibleFoosball 31inShaun Hill Invitationsl
AudibleFoosball 32inPead signs 3 year deal
AudibleFoosball 33inafternoon quickie dm AFAST 1
AudibleFoosball 34inOur Daily Addiction
AudibleFoosball 35inPoint Collectors
AudibleFoosball 36inTry Try again
AudibleFoosball 37inEarly Bird Special DM
AudibleFoosball 38inThursday Throwdown
AudibleFoosball 39inNo Fumbles
AudibleFoosball 4inRosen's Quest for 1001 drafts in2
AudibleFoosball 40inGoff or Glennon
AudibleFoosball 41inCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleFoosball 42inSunset Grill n Chill
AudibleFoosball 43inBeware of Frying Pans
AudibleFoosball 44inCoin Flip
AudibleFoosball 45inBefore The Draft
AudibleFoosball 46inFast Money
AudibleFoosball 47inRock Lobster
AudibleFoosball 48inGlennon to Pead Perfect Combo
AudibleFoosball 49inCash Money
AudibleFoosball 5inHammertime Free Agent Frenzy
AudibleFoosball 50inGet r Done
AudibleFoosball 51inGlennon for Hire
AudibleFoosball 52inQuick Fix
AudibleFoosball 53inEaster vs Playboy Bunny
AudibleFoosball 54inPlayboy Bunny
AudibleFoosball 55inNe'er Do Well
AudibleFoosball 56inLet's Go
AudibleFoosball 57inGet Money
AudibleFoosball 58inMaybe it will fill
AudibleFoosball 59inPead or Fournette
AudibleFoosball 6inHammertime Free Agent Guide
AudibleFoosball 60inFriday night before the draft
AudibleFoosball 61inWhere's the Beef
AudibleFoosball 62inFournette Mccaffrey or Pead
AudibleFoosball 63inFast Cash
AudibleFoosball 64inGlenn Coffee returns
AudibleFoosball 65inFood Stamp EBT Diaper
AudibleFoosball 66inCertainer
AudibleFoosball 67inShort Pocket Dweebs
AudibleFoosball 68inShall we Draft
AudibleFoosball 69inNo Protesting Allowed
AudibleFoosball 7inSame Bat Time Same Bat Station
AudibleFoosball 70inCash Money
AudibleFoosball 71inRosens Mock Draft 2017
AudibleFoosball 72inBears are in Ruins
AudibleFoosball 73inSaturday Night Fever
AudibleFoosball 74inBears are the New Browns
AudibleFoosball 75inEdge of Summer
AudibleFoosball 76inPead Free Agency Tour
AudibleFoosball 77inDRAFTMASTERS
AudibleFoosball 78inDerby Day Bonanza
AudibleFoosball 79inHump Day Draft
AudibleFoosball 8inRosen MIIA
AudibleFoosball 80inPBJ Lunchtime Special
AudibleFoosball 81inThursday is Draft Day
AudibleFoosball 82inNo Protesting Just Draft
AudibleFoosball 83inWeekend Is Here
AudibleFoosball 84inMayo Fivo
AudibleFoosball 85inTate or Pead? Things You Need to
AudibleFoosball 86inEBT vs Diaper
AudibleFoosball 87inJust In Case
AudibleFoosball 88inSaturday Night Fever Again
AudibleFoosball 89inSpring League MVP Ben Tate
AudibleFoosball 9inFill the Diaper
AudibleFoosball 90inSunday Coming Down
AudibleFoosball 91inJOKERZ N SMOKERS
AudibleFoosball 92inFireplace
AudibleFoosball 93inQuick Fix
AudibleFoosball 94inThe Program
AudibleFoosball 95inNo Boots for You
AudibleFoosball 96inFriday Friday Friday
AudibleFoosball 97inEasy Money
AudibleFoosball 98inFever Saturday Night
AudibleFoosball 99inMothers Day Drafting
AudibleFoosball AikmaninBozo the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleFoosball All AmericaninRed White and Blue
AudibleFoosball ArcherinPros vs Joes
AudibleFoosball AustininArmchair Cornerbacks
AudibleFoosball BaileyinShape shifting and excessive cele
AudibleFoosball BettisinCall the Auduble
AudibleFoosball Big BeninCaptain Spaulding Clowns Only!!!
AudibleFoosball BradyinBeware of the Dawg
AudibleFoosball BushinFriday Night Fun
AudibleFoosball CannoninIm Crushing It
AudibleFoosball Chad KellyinAfternoon Audi
AudibleFoosball Cooleyinalright lets do it
AudibleFoosball CrabtreeinFriday!!!
AudibleFoosball Cruzinafternoon delight
AudibleFoosball CutlerinDawgr vs Death4U
AudibleFoosball CyprieninEndzone Celebrating Reunited
AudibleFoosball DavisinDRaftmaster SF
AudibleFoosball Dawkins inholiday drafting.
AudibleFoosball DezinSatDraft
AudibleFoosball EdwardsinRamble On
AudibleFoosball EifertinSunday Funday
AudibleFoosball EliinBears Super Bowl Shuffle
AudibleFoosball ElwayinChuckles the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleFoosball EmmittinHappy Memorial Day
AudibleFoosball FavreinLets fill a Diaper
AudibleFoosball FitzgeraldinSaturday Matinee
AudibleFoosball FlaccoinSuper Awesome Fun League
AudibleFoosball ForteinEl Cheapo Drafto No Manageo
AudibleFoosball FournetteinRegular Audi DMs Are Great
AudibleFoosball Georgein73 Days till Kickoff
AudibleFoosball HenneinHumpDay Audi 10/25
AudibleFoosball HesterinThe Real 10 Team Audi
AudibleFoosball HowardinSaturday Audi 10/25
AudibleFoosball JacksoninFun Thursday DM 10/25
AudibleFoosball Jenningsinfor a sunday stroll
AudibleFoosball Jones-DrewinSOS for Rosen
AudibleFoosball JulioinI See a Bad Draft Rising
AudibleFoosball KearseinHappy Hour Audi DM 10/25
AudibleFoosball LewisinDouble flex
AudibleFoosball MaclininCamping at Walgreens
AudibleFoosball ManninginKrusty the Clown Open to Cliowns
AudibleFoosball Martavius BryainCheapo Challenge
AudibleFoosball McFaddeninAdult Beverages & BBQing
AudibleFoosball McNabbinHump Day Invitational
AudibleFoosball Ocho CincoinRed Sea Scrolls
AudibleFoosball Orakpoinokay one for the ages
AudibleFoosball PeadinSaturday Remedy
AudibleFoosball PetersoninRosen Lost at Sea
AudibleFoosball PeytoninDiamonds and Auctions Last Foreve
AudibleFoosball PhillipsinTuesday Night
AudibleFoosball PolamaluinGet it filled
AudibleFoosball Prime TimeinSunNooner
AudibleFoosball red White blueinCheap Quickie 10/25
AudibleFoosball REDwhiteblueinFountains or Firecrackers
AudibleFoosball Revisin4th of a July Fireworks
AudibleFoosball RevisinWake Up Its Draft Time
AudibleFoosball RiceinFantasy Freakazoids
AudibleFoosball Ricky WilliamsinWe're Talkin' Practice
AudibleFoosball Riversin60 Days Till Kickoff
AudibleFoosball RodgersinA box full of the Mondays
AudibleFoosball RoethlisbergerinUnranked drafters only
AudibleFoosball RomoinCap'n Crunch or Froot Loops
AudibleFoosball RyaninMaking a Donation
AudibleFoosball SanchezinLiving the Dream
AudibleFoosball SchaubinSatDrafting
AudibleFoosball TanneyhillinQuick Fix
AudibleFoosball TomlinsoninWho wants Maclin
AudibleFoosball UrlacherinSixty Second Selection Sunday
AudibleFoosball WardinSUMMER 20 DOLLAR MOX
AudibleFoosball WarnerinBig Girlz Hotwings or Both ?
AudibleFoosball WattinFriday Night Lights
AudibleFoosball William GayinAPB for Rosen Please Check Milk C
AudibleFoosball WilliamsinFriday Happy Hour Audi
AudibleFoosball WilliamsinLATE SHOW
AudibleFoosball WilsoninPreakness Preview
AudibleFoosball WitteninFinfan Open
AudibleRussiansinNewbies Only No Colors Allowed
Draft MastersFoosballinEarly Test

11 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full Season($)($)RosenFoosin15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonFoosenFactor Canton 17in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonFoosenFactor HM 17in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRosenFoos FF 2017in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRosenFoos Kickoff 17in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRosenFoos SN4 17in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRosenFoos VF 17in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonFoosball.cominChamps League
Full SeasonFoosenFactor DM 17inKFFSC Draftmaster 2017
PlayoffFoosball 2inSBFFC PLAYOFF CHALLENGE 2018

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