Nickname: forty_9ers
Fantasy Player Rank: #274
Fans: 7
Foes: 1

31 Money League Teams

All-AmericanFilthy49ers16inSuper Flexy Motherflexer
All-AmericanFilthy49ers22 1inMoney Maker
All-AmericanFilthy49ers22 2in1 month till training camp
All-AmericanFilthy49ers22 3inUnafraid To Trade 6-29
All-AmericanFilthy49ers99inStanding is GREAT!
AudibleFilthy49ersinBennett Bros vs Sunset Retirement
AudibleFilthy49ers10inLand of Enchantment
AudibleFilthy49ers12inTo early
AudibleFilthy49ers13inSunday draft
AudibleFilthy49ers18inFantasy Bounty
AudibleFilthy49ers2inDrafting for Dollars
AudibleFilthy49ers3inThis Place id Dead Nothing Is Fil
AudibleFilthy49ers33inSuperflexing into the night - 25
AudibleFilthy49ers34inSFLEX with Sauce
AudibleFilthy49ers49inSaturday Night football drafting
AudibleFilthy49ers5inLet's get it
AudibleFilthy49ers55inThursday Night MFL
AudibleFilthy49ers66inLD SPECIAL 3
AudibleFilthy49ers7inSunday Funday
AudibleFilthy49ers8inDefense wins championships
AudibleFilthy49ers9inEnd of May Audi 10/25
Draft MastersFilthy49ers13inEarly n Often '
Draft MastersFilthy49ers19inSunday Draft
Draft MastersFilthy49ers4inBest Ballers
Draft MastersFilthy49ers56inBig Papas Playground
Draft MastersFilthy49ers6inBest Ball Challenge
Draft MastersFilthy49ers98inTuesday Night

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