Nickname: forty_9ers
Fantasy Player Rank: #218
Fans: 10
Foes: 1

66 Money League Teams

DynastyFilthy49ers77inGet Your Flex On!
AudibleFilthy49ers102inAudibles R Us
AudibleFilthy49ers36inAudibles R Us XTRAZ
AudibleFilthy49ers67inHow about a Superflex Draft?
AudibleFilthy49ers86in10 Weeks..
AudibleFilthy49ers87inLate Night Superflex
AudibleFilthy49ers93inLet's Get Ready to Fumble 2
All-AmericanFilthy49ersin(not) Tax & Stimulus $ Day Draft!
All-AmericanFilthy49ers12inLate night
All-AmericanFilthy49ers14inSick of Quarantine
All-AmericanFilthy49ers15inA League
All-AmericanFilthy49ers16inThursday Night Football
All-AmericanFilthy49ers17inStay Home < Save Lives !!
All-AmericanFilthy49ers19inLate Night
All-AmericanFilthy49ers21inThe Rise of Stink Finger
All-AmericanFilthy49ers25inThe Sharks
All-AmericanFilthy49ers26inJohnsonville Cornhole Championshi
All-AmericanFilthy49ers27inLate Night AA
All-AmericanFilthy49ers28inShow Me the Money
All-AmericanFilthy49ers29inWednesday Evening Delight
All-AmericanFilthy49ers31inTHIS ISN'T FERRELL'S LEAGUE!
All-AmericanFilthy49ers34inTFC Hangover
All-AmericanFilthy49ers38inWay to Soon
All-AmericanFilthy49ers42inSunday Fantasy
All-AmericanFilthy49ers43inWeed Strain Names
All-AmericanFilthy49ers6inUp In Smoke
All-AmericanFilthy49ers7inDraft Night
All-AmericanFilthy49ers8inDraft Day 2
All-AmericanFilthyrich31inHelmet to Helmet Collision
EliminatorFilthy49ers30inSheer boredom
EliminatorFilthy49ers37inCOATS FOR GOATS
Best BallFilthy49ers1inBest Ball Championship 1257
Best BallFilthy49ers15inBest Ball Championship 2167
Best BallFilthy49ers18inBest Ball Championship 1347
Best BallFilthy49ers2inBest Ball Championship 1281
Best BallFilthy49ers20inBest Ball Championship 1376
Best BallFilthy49ers22inBest Ball Championship 1384
Best BallFilthy49ers24inBest Ball Championship 1410
Best BallFilthy49ers3inBest Ball Championship 1283
Best BallFilthy49ers32inBest Ball Championship 1450
Best BallFilthy49ers33inBest Ball Championship 1456
Best BallFilthy49ers4inBest Ball Championship 1282
Best BallFilthy49ers41inBest Ball Championship 1514
Best BallFilthy49ers5inBest Ball Championship 1295
Best BallFilthy49ers61inBest Ball Championship 1796
Best BallFilthy49ers62inBest Ball Championship 1758
Best BallFilthy49ers68inBest Ball Championship 2084
Best BallFilthy49ers70inBest Ball Championship 1824
Best Ballfilthy49ers75inBest Ball Championship 1931
Best BallFilthy49ers90inBest Ball Championship 2057
Best BallFilthy49ers98inBest Ball Championship 1840
Best BallFilthy49ers99inBest Ball Championship 1814
Draft MastersFilthy49ers49inSaturday Quick 50
Draft MastersFilthy49ers10inWay Too Early! So What?
Draft MastersFilthy49ers11inWatch MJ & Draft! We Need Somethi
Draft MastersFilthy49ers13inDraft Early! Draft Often!
Draft MastersFilthy49ers35inLeague of Champions
Draft MastersFilthy49ers38inHappy Hour
Draft MastersFilthy49ers40inSaturday Night Draft
Draft MastersFilthy49ers68inMonday Night Football
Draft MastersFilthy49ers88inSuper Duty Flex Best Ball
Draft MastersFilthy49ers9inDraft Night Draft
Draft MastersFilthy49ers91inFriday Night Draft
Draft Slot123456789101112

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