Nickname: fudds
Fantasy Player Rank: #178
Foes: 1

38 Money League Teams

ChallengeSticksinPlayoff Challenge 100.26 JOIN
Challengesticks2inPlayoff Challenge 50.26 JOIN
All-ProSquirrel Nuts 50inI need more coffee
All-Star50 Turds 1 MarbleinEARLY NFL
All-StarcomatoseinTraders Anonymous
All-StarNeal AlotinIR List
All-Starzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzin8 hr madness
All-AmericanElmer FuddinLeague #1
All-AmericanMiMIinAll American Goons
All-AmericanMimi BobeckinPlay FOOTBALL !
All-AmericanPick My NoseinAnother Slow draft
All-AmericanRhino DilemmainAmazing Grace
All-AmericanTurd in ParadiseinAll American Idiots
All-AmericanWhineeee Little BitchesinDrafting 101
AudibleIdiot Squad 100aminNFL KICKOFF
AudiblePoop on a Stick 50inCouch Potatoes
AudibleconfusioninWHEEL OF FORTUNE 6
AudibleRubberinsflex early slow
AudibleSon of Rubberinslow sflex drafters
AudibleStick PeopleinOpening Fireworks
Faceofffart maninFirst Down 100.2 Bracket 15
Faceofffudd100inSecond Down 100.1 Bracket 12
FaceoffpushinThird Down 50.1 Bracket 15
FaceofffuddzzzzinTouchdown 20.3 Bracket 15
FaceofflastinSecond Down 20.3 Bracket 15
Faceoffshopping unit jinxinFourth Down 20.5 Bracket 13
FaceoffStixinGoal Line 20.5 Bracket 14
FaceoffyyioioyiyiyiyinThird Down 20.4 Bracket 14
Draft MastersConeHeadsinSit and Go 20 CXIX
Draft MastersNeanderthalsinSit and Go 20 CVIII
Draft MasterstyytruootyutyoinSit and Go 20 XCIV

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