Nickname: fudds
Fantasy Player Rank: #196
Foes: 1

29 Money League Teams

All-Starall star turdsinJust another league
All-StarBull SquirtinAll Star
All-StarCrazy EyesinAdd Em Up
All-StarDustinMonStar AllStar
All-AmericanBlock HeadsinA Wing and Leveon a Prayer
All-AmericanDunce CapsinUSA Network
All-AmericanFartsinThis is Spinal Tap
All-AmericanIcy HotinIcy Hot
All-AmericaninstitutionalizedinYou Must Be Hungry!
All-AmericanJinx Deconstructioninleague 1
All-AmericanNumber 23inFruit Loops
All-AmericanOh CrapinTechmo Bowl
All-AmericanPizza Faceinturtle mode
All-Americanpugslyinsuper slowmo
All-AmericanSuper GoonsinAnother Slow draft
AudibleBig ToesinThis is It
AudibleThe Trashcansin$50 Sflex Audible slow draft
Faceofffudd 100inThird Down 99.1 Bracket 11
Faceofffudd 50inThird Down 49.1 Bracket 11
Faceofffudd 11inFourth Down 19.2 Bracket 11
Faceofffudd10inGoal Line 19.3 Bracket 10
Draft MastersBongos and SoupinRun, Gun, Fun
Draft MastersPig FeetinSlow Draft
Draft MastersRobot BowlinginFootball Fever
Draft MastersRogue selectinHS Rookie Draft League
Draft MastersTurdBurglersinHall of Famers

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