Nickname: fudds
Fantasy Player Rank: #147
Fans: 3

60 Money League Teams

All-ProPLASTICinOur Boss Thinks We're Working Lea
All-ProHole in the BusinSUPER FLY
All-AmericanAll BeansinUp North
All-AmericanBurnsinCheeseburger in Paradise
All-AmericanGopher BallsinThe Fantasy Blues
All-AmericankryptoniteinEarly Birds 2
All-AmericanLucifers Ugly CousininJet Sweep
All-AmericanpooperinMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanRoach racesinCropduster
All-AmericanSquab NortainMighty Mason
All-AmericanTurf ToeinEmanzed
All-AmericanU SUCKinSuper flex league
All-AmericanXYLO CRITONSinAA League
AudibleBig Feet 100inOLD FASHIONED
AudibleLucifers nephewinMail Bag
AudibleMUSHYinFishing the Eastern Sierras
AudibleSatanin$50 Super Flex Big Roster
AudibleCASHinGet Those QB's
AudibleGreen TeethinLD SPECIAL 5
AudibleTITBITSinsflex slow fun
Triple PlayLongSpittersinBase On Balls
Triple PlayRusty Cleats125inStrike 3
Triple PlayThe Skulls100inslow 8 hr draft
Triple PlayZX100inRoad House
Triple PlayBucFamilyWhinersinTP 50 8hr XI
Triple PlayI am Stupid 50inTP 50 8hr VII
Triple PlayMiceMen50inTP 50 8hr VIII
Triple PlayPoooper50inTP 50 8hr III
Triple PlayStick People50inTP 50 8hr IV
Triple PlayWest 50inTP 50 8hr XII
Triple Play3 fingers saminTP 20 8hr VII
Triple PlayAnother OneinTP 20 8hr XX
Triple PlayBlueBallsinTP 20 8hr VIII
Triple PlayBoozerinTP 20 8hr IX
Triple PlayCyborgs RuleinTP 20 8hr XIV
Triple PlayMoosePoopinTP 20 8hr XIII
Triple PlayPIPER CITYinTP 20 8hr VI
Triple PlayThe LawinTP 20 8hr XV
Triple PlayThe MoronsinTP 20 8hr XXII
Triple PlayThe ShedsinTP 20 8hr XVI
Triple PlayxyloinTP 20 8hr XIX
Triple PlayZeppoinLast One
Triple PlayZORROinTP 20 8hr XII
Big LeagueStone50inBL 50 8hr VII
Big LeagueTWEZZLE 50inBL 50 8hr V
Big LeagueZeron50inBL 50 8hr XI
Big LeagueDR. CYCLOPSinBL 30 8hr XI
Big LeagueTroubleinBL 30 8hr XX
Draft MastersBozoinBest Ball 20 8hr X
Draft MastersPressurePtsinBest Ball 20 8hr IX
Draft MastersRotoAxeinDM Roto 20 8hr XIII
Draft MastersRotoBlabberinDM Roto 20 8hr XVIII
Draft MastersRotoRooterinDM Roto 20 8hr XI
Draft MastersRotten StuffinBest Ball 20 8hr XII
Draft MastersThe AxeinBest Ball 20 8hr XIII
Draft MastersXeoninBest Ball 20 8hr XVIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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