Nickname: hagi316
Fantasy Player Rank: #54
Fans: 8

113 Money League Teams

DynastyCaptain HagiinDynasty Legends
DynastyCaptain Hagi 2inRun and Shoot
All-AmericanBallers 1inSlow Draft III
All-AmericanBallers 2inWe need Sports
All-AmericanBallers 3inFantasy Sports Addicts
All-AmericanBallers 4inSlow Draft IV
All-AmericanBallers 5inThe Slow and the Furious
All-AmericanBallers 6in4 hrnotrade JOIN
All-AmericanBring back Sports 1inFour Hour
All-AmericanBring back Sports 2inQuarantined Players
All-AmericanBring back Sports 3inEarly AA
All-AmericanBring Back Sports 4inRock N Roll
All-AmericanBring Back Sports 5inSlow Draft II
All-AmericanBring Back Sports 6inShut in
Draft MastersBallers 3inAPRIL MADNESS
Triple PlayBallers 3inTP 50 4hr XV
Triple PlayBallersinTP 20 4hr III
Triple PlayBallers 2inTP 20 4hr X
Triple PlayBallers 4inTP 20 8hr XXI
Triple PlayBallers 5inTP 20 4hr XXV
Big LeagueKing BallersinBL 50 4hr II
Big LeagueKing Ballers 2inBL 50 4hr III
Big LeagueKing Ballers 3inBL 50 8hr XIII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 4inBL 50 4hr VII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 5inBL 50 4hr VIII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 6inBL 50 4hr IX
Big LeagueKing Ballers 7inBL 50 8hr XVII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 8inBL 50 8hr XVIII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 9inBL 50 8hr XIX
Big LeagueKing Ballers XinBL 50 4hr XII
Big LeagueKing Ballers X1inBL 50 4hr XIV
Big LeagueKing Ballers X2inBL 50 4hr XV
Big LeagueKing Ballers X3inBL 50 4hr XVI
Big LeagueKing Ballers X4inBL 50 8hr XXI
Big LeagueKing Ballers X5inBL 50 4hr XVII
Big LeagueKing Ballers X6inBL 50 4hr XVIII
Big LeagueBig Balers XXX1inBL 30 4hr XXVII
Big LeagueBig BallersinBL 30 8hr III
Big LeagueBig Ballers 2inBL 30 4hr VI
Big LeagueBig Ballers 3inBL 30 4hr VIII
Big LeagueBig Ballers 4inBL 30 8hr V
Big LeagueBig Ballers 5inBL 30 8hr VI
Big LeagueBig Ballers 6inBL 30 4hr IX
Big LeagueBig Ballers 7inBL 30 4hr XI
Big LeagueBig Ballers 8inBL 30 2hr X
Big LeagueBig Ballers 9inBL 30 8hr IX
Big LeagueBig Ballers XinHot Stove Roto
Big LeagueBig Ballers X1inBL 30 4hr XII
Big LeagueBig Ballers X2inDown Under
Big LeagueBig Ballers X3inBL 30 8hr XI
Big LeagueBig Ballers X4inBL 30 4hr XIV
Big LeagueBig Ballers X6inBL 30 8hr XII
Big LeagueBig Ballers X7inBL 30 4hr XV
Big LeagueBig Ballers X8inBL 30 8hr XIII
Big LeagueBig Ballers X9inBL 30 4hr XVII
Big LeagueBig Ballers XXinBL 30 2hr XIV
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX1inBL 30 4hr XVIII
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX2inBL 30 8hr XV
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX3inBL 30 2hr XV
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX4inBL 30 8hr XVI
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX5inFlorida's Finest
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX6inMarch of Dimes
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX7inBL 30 4hr XXII
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX8inBL 30 4hr XXIII
Big LeagueBig Ballers XX9inBL 30 4hr XXV
Big LeagueBig Ballers XXXinBL 30 4hr XXVI
Slam DunkBaller xinBank Shot
Slam DunkBallers 2inSit and Go 4hr 50 I SD
Slam DunkBallers 3inSit and Go 4hr 50 II SD
Slam DunkBallers 8inSit and Go 4hr 50 V SD
Slam DunkBallers 9inSit and Go 4hr 50 VI SD
Slam DunkBallers X2inBasketball Diaries
Slam DunkBallers X3inSit and Go 4hr 50 VII SD
Slam DunkBallers X6inNo Retreat, No Surrender!
Slam DunkBallers XXinSit and Go 4hr 50 IX SD
Slam DunkBallersinSit and Go 4hr 20 I SD
Slam DunkBallers 4infans of bball
Slam DunkBallers 5inSit and Go 4hr 20 II SD
Slam DunkBallers 7inSit and Go 4hr 20 VII SD
Slam DunkBallers XinSit and Go 4hr 20 VIII SD
Slam DunkBallers X1inaloha League
Slam DunkBallers X4inSit and Go 4hr 20 XII SD
Slam DunkBallers X8inFast Break Fantasy Basketball
Slam DunkBallers xx2in2019 RunNDunk
Slam DunkBig BallsinNooner XX
FranchiseKing Ballers 2inNBA 125
FranchiseKing Ballers 3inHurry - Hurrry
FranchiseKing BallersinSit and Go 4hr 100 I FR
FranchiseBallers XX1inRoto Schmoto
FranchiseBig Ballers 3inSit and Go 4hr 50 I FR
FranchiseBig Ballers 7inSit and Go 4hr 50 II FR
FranchiseBig Ballers 9inSit and Go 4hr 50 III FR
FranchiseBig Ballers X2inWarrior Dynasty
FranchiseBig Ballers X5in2019-20 Life or Death Basketball
FranchiseBallers X7inLaker Nation
FranchiseBig BallersinSit and Go 4hr 30 I FR
FranchiseBig Ballers 2inSit and Go 4hr 30 II FR
FranchiseBig Ballers 4inNothing But Buckets
FranchiseBig Ballers 5inThe good, the bad and the ugly
FranchiseBig Ballers 6inSit and Go 4hr 30 III FR
FranchiseBig Ballers 8inSit and Go 4hr 30 IV FR
FranchiseBig Ballers XinOne More Team
FranchiseBig Ballers X1inSit and Go 4hr 30 V FR
FranchiseBig Ballers X4inFake News Fantasy
FranchiseBig Ballers X6inLet Them Play!
FranchiseBig Ballers XXinSit and Go 2hr 30 I FR
FranchiseBig Ballers XX2inFor the Love of Roto
FranchiseBig Balls xinNBA IS BACK!!!!!
Draft Slot123456789101112

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