Nickname: hagi316
Fantasy Player Rank: #66
Fans: 6

116 Money League Teams

DynastyCaptain HagiinDynasty Legends
DynastyCaptain Hagi 2inRun and Shoot
All-AmericanBallers 1inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanBallers 2inTechmo Bowl
All-AmericanBallers 3inHigh Times
All-AmericanBallers 4inFour Hour Slow Draft
All-AmericanBallers 5inBattle of Winterfell
All-AmericanBallers 6inWay To Early Draft
All-AmericanBallers 7inFour Hour Slow Draft II
All-AmericanBallers 8inMini Camp
All-AmericanBallers 9inEarly Birds
All-AmericanBallers XinDoesn't matter
All-AmericanBallers X1inSlow Motion
All-AmericanBallers X2inCheeseburger in Paradise
All-AmericanBallers X3inFour Hour Slow Draft III
All-AmericanBallers X4inLukin's
All-AmericanBallers X5inSuper Techmo Bowl
All-AmericanBallers X6inThurs May 23rd AA
All-AmericanBallers X7inFriday night jamz
All-AmericanBallers X8inFour Hour Slow Draft IV
All-AmericanBallers X9inadp trendsetter
All-AmericanBallers XXinGulf coast beaches
All-AmericanBallers XX1inFour Hour Slow Draft V
All-AmericanBallers XX2inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanBallers XX3inSaturday night kickoff
All-AmericanBallers XX4inFantasy Junkies
All-AmericanBallers XX5inFour Hour Slow Draft VI
All-AmericanBallers XX6inAA League
All-AmericanBallers XX7inFantasies Dues Come True
All-AmericanBallers XX8inBest Coast
All-AmericanBallers XX9inFall Fever
All-AmericanBallers XXXinAA League
All-AmericanBallers XXX1inCropduster
All-AmericanBallers XXX2inDallas Sucks
All-AmericanBallers XXX3inEarly Draft
All-AmericanBallers XXX4inAll Out Battle
All-AmericanBallers XXX5inMonsters of Jock Tour '19
All-AmericanBallers XXX6inUp and good!
All-AmericanBallers XXX7inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanBig Ballers 1inCrown of Thorns
All-AmericanBig Ballers 2inSlow play
All-AmericanBig Ballers 3inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanBig Balls 1inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanBig Balls 3inMoney Rules
All-AmericanBig Balls 4inAugust H2H
All-AmericanBig Balls 5inFLY EAGLES FLY
All-AmericanBig Balls 6inDraft for Stoners
All-AmericanCaptain 1inArmchair GMs
All-AmericanCaptain 2inBig Ten
All-AmericanCaptain 3inWorking Man League
All-AmericanCaptain 4inChillin n Grillin
All-AmericanCaptain 5inHit the hole
All-AmericanCaptain 6in12 ANGRY MEN
All-AmericanThe King 1inHeavy Metal
All-AmericanThe King 2inEarly NFL
All-AmericanThe King 3inUp North
All-AmericanThe King 4inMiller genuine
All-AmericanThe King 5inGridiron Guru's
All-AmericanThe King 6inSLOW 8HR
All-AmericanThe Last 1inOld school
All-AmericanThe Last 2inProtect Ya Neck
All-AmericanThe Last 3inJuly H2H
All-AmericanThe Last 4inAloha League
All-AmericanThe Last 5inBALLS DEEP
All-AmericanThe Last 6inBarking Dogs
All-AmericanThe Last 7inDakota Lakota
All-AmericanThe Last 8inPickled Pike
All-AmericanThe Last 9inSuper Flex
All-AmericanThe Last X 1inHangover
All-AmericanThe Last X 2inThe League
All-AmericanThe Last X 3inGritty up
Triple PlayBig Ballers 1inTP 20 8hr IV
Triple PlayBig Ballers 2inTP 20 2hr VII
Triple PlayBig Ballers 3inTP 20 8hr VI
Triple PlayBig Ballers 4inTP 20 8hr XVI
Triple PlayBig Ballers 5inTP 20 4hr XXII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 1inBL 50 4hr II
Big LeagueKing Ballers 4inBL 50 4hr VI
Big LeagueKing Ballers 5inBL 50 2hr XIV
Big LeagueKing Ballers 6inBL 50 4hr IX
Big LeagueKing Ballers 7inBL 50 8hr VIII
Big LeagueKing Ballers 8inBL 50 4hr X
Big LeagueKing Ballers XinBL 50 8hr XI
Big LeagueKing Ballers X1inIT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING
Big LeagueKing Ballers X2inBL 50 4hr XVII
Big LeagueKing Ballers X3inBL 50 4hr V
Big LeagueKing Ballers X5inOne For The Road
Big LeagueBallers 1inBL 30 8hr VIII
Big LeagueBallers 3inBL 30 8hr IX
Big LeagueBallers 5inBL 30 8hr XI
Big LeagueBallers 6inBL 30 4hr VI
Big LeagueBallers 7inBL 30 2hr XII
Big LeagueBallers 8inBigly Time
Big LeagueBallers 9inBL 30 2hr XIII
Big LeagueBallers XinBL 30 8hr XIII
Big LeagueBallers X1inFriends of Horse Racing
Big LeagueBallers X2inBL 30 4hr VIII
Big LeagueBallers X4inBL 30 2hr XV
Big LeagueBallers X6inBL 30 8hr XVIII
Big LeagueBallers X7inBL 30 4hr XIII
Big LeagueBallers X8inBL 30 8hr XIX
Big LeagueBallers X9inBL 30 4hr XIV
Big LeagueBallers XX2inBL 30 4hr XVI
Big LeagueBallers XX3inBL 30 4hr XVII
Big LeagueBallers XX4inBL 30 2hr XX
Big LeagueBallers XX5inRotogods
Big LeagueBallers XX6inBL 30 4hr XVIII
Big LeagueBallers XX8inTwelfth Man
Big LeagueBallers XX9inSlow Hand
Big LeagueBallers XXXinBL 30 2hr XXII
Big LeagueBallers XXX1inBL 30 4hr XXII
Big LeagueBallers XXX2inBL 30 4hr XXIII
Big LeagueBallers XXX3inBL 30 2hr III
Big LeagueBallers XXX5inBL 30 2hr V
Big LeagueBallers XXX6inBL 30 2hr VI
Big LeagueBallers XXX7inRoto 5x5
Draft Slot123456789101112

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