Nickname: hayseed
Fantasy Player Rank: #282

10 Money League Teams

High StakesLookawayimhideous8inHigh Stakes $500 PPR
High StakesLookawayimhideous7inI Am Gruden
All-ProCan you spare 1 squareinWINNERS GALORE!!!
All-ProCousin EddieinAmistad League
All-ProLast Chance For UsinLast Minute League
All-ProLookawayimhideous9inHere for the Beer
All-ProDoubleFaultsinUp In Smoke!
All-ProSoup NaziinJames Starks Beard
All-ProSummer of GeorgeinFantasy football league
All-AmericanNo Daddy NoinJulio Let the Dogs Out

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