Nickname: hayseed
Fantasy Player Rank: #250
Fans: 1

24 Money League Teams

Championship2nd TFC250inFantasy Championship 8/13 7:30pm
ChampionshipFirstTFC250inFantasy Championship 7/2 9:00pm #
RTFFCRTFFCNumber1for250inRTFFC Black 7
RTFFCRTFFCNumber2For250inRTFFC Blue 12
High StakesMICHAEL ERAG TVinWest Coast!!!!
High StakesSoul Candy125HSinCrosstown Traffic
DynastySecondTime$500inStars and Stripes
DynastySquadMe250inEnd Game
DynastyGeorge'sVoicemail125inDynasty Legends
DynastyKeanu125inArmchair Football League
DynastySix125inPigskin Pros
All-ProFlexme125inFlex Appeal
All-AmericanAllAmerican$30inDraft after the Draft
AudibleSeinfeld episode 125inits 420 somewhere
AudibleKramerica100AudiinOLD FASHIONED
FaceoffGot thisinHouston 50 Bracket 2
Draft MastersArrozDbestball100inSniffers Row
Draft MastersAvaNElla/BestBall$20inSit and Go 20 LXIV
Triple PlayNL monSTARSinTP 125
Triple PlaySummer of GeorgeinTriple Play MLB 125
Triple PlayBizzarroJerryinTP 50 2hr IV
High StakesFestivus 4 The Rest Of inNL-Only
Draft MastersFestivusinDM Roto 100 2hr IV
Draft Slot123456789101112

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