Nickname: hayseed
Fantasy Player Rank: #271

12 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMnMinFantasy Championship 8/29 9:45PM
High StakesReverse Peephole 500inGunslingers and Cocktail Waitress
High StakesSummer of George 500inDrop Back Passers
High StakesLookawayimhideous33inA Quick Slow One
High StakesCan You Spare A Square inDont You Know Time Is Money
High StakesCaptaininAuction League
High StakesHighest BiddersinElite High Stakes Auction
High StakesToo Soon?inHigh Stake Rake
DynastyDynasty BrosinDynamohum
FaceoffDo you have a brotherinThird Down 100.1 Bracket 10
Draft MastersSheainQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft MastersHog Ballinmelo in the first

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