Nickname: mauro
Fantasy Player Rank: #86
Fans: 3
Foes: 2

65 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChicago BlitzinFantasy Championship 8/27 2:30pm
ChampionshipChicago BlitzinFantasy Championship 8/25 4:30pm
ChampionshipChicago BlitzinFantasy Championship 8/18 3:30pm
ChampionshipChicago BlitzinFantasy Championship 8/17 3:00pm
ChampionshipChicago BlitzinFantasy Championship 7/29 7:00pm
RTFFCChicago BlitzinRTFFC Purple 10
High StakesChicago BlitzinVEGAS GOLD
High StakesChicago BlitzinHigh Wire Act
High StakesChicago BlitzinEarly Auction
High StakesChicago BlitzinIt's happy hour, let's draft!
High StakesChicago BlitzinNo guilt.
High StakesChicago BlitzinBig Pharma
All-ProChicago BlitzinSunday fever
All-ProChicago BlitzinPut Up or Shut Up
All-ProChicago BlitzinFOR THE VETS
All-ProChicago BlitzinAll Pro
All-ProChicago BlitzinNFL IS LIFE
All-ProChicago BlitzinXmas Sunday's
All-ProChicago BlitzinHop in the Boxcar
All-ProChicago BlitzinDART THROW
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinThe End Is Nigh
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinFootball is Back
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinMaui Wowie
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinJumpin' Jack Flashers
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinAll American
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinTony Pollard time
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinAll American
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinVandelay Industries
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinUnemployed Losers ONLY
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinAll American
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinWalter Payton Football League
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinThirsty Thursday 2
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinWednesday Night Action
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinNooner
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinEarly Tuesday
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinShifty But Nifty
All-AmericanChicago Blitzinbaker mayfield
All-AmericanChicago Blitzin4th and 44
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinFriday Morning Special
All-AmericanChicago Blitzin28 Days...
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinAfter Lunch
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinZeke Gordon's League of Disappoin
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinMorning Draft
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinMonday Blues
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinPHILLYS WORST
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinACME Inc
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinJust Bring It
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinOnly The Brave and Foolish
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinGame time
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinMorning East Coast Drafters
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinA Fistfull of Dollars
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinFootball, nuff said!
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinLate Afternoon Special
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinTraining Camp
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinGood old AA
All-AmericanChicago Blitzin4th and Goal
All-AmericanChicago Blitzinfantasy12
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinFantasy Football 2019
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinNo Way Out
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinSaturday Night FB
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinMr. Irrelevant
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinBrowns Fans Unite
All-AmericanChicago BlitzinGoing Once.....
AudibleChicago BlitzinTommyknockers Birthday Draft
AudibleChicago BlitzinBubbles Dances to Motown
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonTactical Nukinsteeplechase

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