Nickname: mnfaststart
Fantasy Player Rank: #173

29 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMn Fast StartinFantasy Championship 2/15 9:30pm
ChampionshipMn Fast StartinFantasy Championship Slow 8hr I
ChampionshipMn Fast Start 2inFantasy Championship 2/16 9:30pm
AudibleMn Fast Startin4ManSFlex
All-AmericanMn Fast StartinWallstreet
All-AmericanMn Fast StartinTOO EARLY TO DRAFT DRAFT
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 1inThe Live Show
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 10inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 2infootball guys
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 3infootball
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 4inHold em
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 5inearly AA
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 6inFIRST LIVE AA
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 7inHunters
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 8inDrafting with idiots 2
All-AmericanMn Fast Start 9inYou need to practice early
Best Ball ScoutMn fast startinBest Ball SCOUT 110
Best Ball ScoutMn Fast Start 2inBest Ball SCOUT 160
Best Ball ScoutMn Fast Start 3inBest Ball SCOUT 190
DimesDoug Souders PrizeinDimes Best Ball SFlx 2
DimesDoug Souders PrizeinDimes Best Ball 1
Big LeagueMn Fast StartinNL ONLY
Triple PlayMn Fast StartinAmerican Players
Triple PlayMn Fast Start 3inSix Months Of Fantasy Distraction
Triple PlayMn Fast Start 3inTriple Play draft
Best BallMn Fast StartinBest Ball Championship 1751
Best BallMn fast start 2inBest Ball Championship 1979
AudibleMn Fast Startin40 Ounce - Deep Best Ball
DimesMn Fast StartinDimes Best Ball 518
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

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