Nickname: pearlshams
Fantasy Player Rank: #154
Fans: 5
Foes: 1

10 Money League Teams

High StakesPearl Jam 6in$125 High Stakes PPR Auction
High StakesPearl Slam 1inA League of their Own
High StakesPearl Slam 2in$125 High Stakes #8
High StakesPearl Slam 3in#125 High Stakes #9
High StakesPearl Slam 5inHigh Stakes Fun
High StakesPearl Slam 8inHigh Stakes Hail Mary
All-ProPearl Slam 4inCome & Get it
All-ProPearl Slam 7inLast Chance League
All-ProPearl Jam 9inLast League Standing
Big LeaguePearl Jam 1inThunder and Lightning League

Foes of pearlshams are

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