Nickname: pearlshams
Fantasy Player Rank: #152
Fans: 8
Foes: 1

13 Money League Teams

All-ProPearl Jam 2inLate Night Draft Addicts
All-ProPearl Jam 1inMax's League
All-ProPearl Jam 3inGeniuses of the Gridiron
All-ProPearl Jam 4inAll pro 2
All-ProPearl Jam 5inBlood, Sweat and Beers
Big LeaguePearl Jam 2inLets Make a Deal
Big LeaguePearl Jam 4inUP UP AND AWAY
Big LeaguePearl Jam 7inSlow Draft
Big LeaguePearl Jam 8inWinners and Whiners
High StakesPearl Jam 1inBlack Mamba Forever
High StakesPearl Jam 6in1500 SMACKERS
High StakesPearl Jam 3inHS 125 4hr VII
High StakesPearl Jam 5inwhose second
Draft Slot123456789101112

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