Nickname: peterson_mark
Fantasy Player Rank: #159
Fans: 2

81 Money League Teams

High StakesAFishyAKnottoinJet Sweepers
High StakesPlatypus ReigninBig Boys League
High StakesWhathadhappenedwasinDandy Don's League
All-ProFranticinBoredom Buster
All-ProGOATly GOATishinLombardi would be Proud
All-ProMammothinNO TRADING
All-ProSkullinPeace Love and Football
All-ProWalrusinFun For All
AudibleBeware of DoginReally?
AudibleLemniscateinBest Damn League
AudibleDouble ZeroinShawntae House
All-AmericanAsteriskinTo the Victors Valiant 2
All-AmericanBarracudainThe Ball Busters
All-AmericanBullseyeinMid Day Magic
All-AmericanCycloneinGreen Leaf
All-AmericanHammerheadinThe Holy Grail
All-AmericanIllusioninAmerican Pie
All-AmericanJust ChillininAmerican Steel
All-AmericanLightninginSEC SEC SEC
All-AmericanMantisinFantasy Fanatics
All-AmericanMoonshineinBlack and Blue Division
All-AmericanPandaleriuminNo Punt Intended
All-AmericanStorm HorizoninNothing but Q
All-AmericanT RexinADP Sheep
Best BallBarracudainBest Ball Championship 2612
Best BallBoltinBest Ball Championship 2666
Best BallBonsaiinBest Ball PRO 422
Best BallBrainwashinBest Ball PRO 305
Best BallCrazy TraininBest Ball PRO 470
Best BallDeep MidnightinBest Ball PRO 103
Best BallDestructioninBest Ball PRO 112
Best BallDistillinBest Ball PRO 200
Best BallDouble TroubleinBest Ball PRO 254
Best BallFinish LineinBest Ball PRO 490
Best BallForgotmymaskinBest Ball Championship 2709
Best BallHotdoginBest Ball PRO 160
Best BallMemoryinBest Ball PRO 290
Best BallMosquitoinBest Ball Championship 2599
Best BallNevermindinBest Ball Championship 2689
Best BallNo SnowflakesinBest Ball PRO 273
Best BallNumber 9inBest Ball PRO 209
Best BallPhenomenoninBest Ball PRO 173
Best BallPoliticoinBest Ball PRO 268
Best BallRaptorinBest Ball Championship 2589
Best BallRattlesnakeinBest Ball PRO 165
Best BallRocketinBest Ball PRO 161
Best BallRogueinBest Ball PRO 281
Best BallRoosterinBest Ball PRO 145
Best BallScorpioninBest Ball PRO 302
Best BallSnake EyeinBest Ball Championship 2562
Best BallSolitudeinBest Ball PRO 210
Best BallSpider2YBananainBest Ball Championship 2608
Best BallThinkerinBest Ball PRO 350
Best BallThresherinBest Ball Championship 2641
Best BallTimescapeinBest Ball Championship 2692
Best BallTrifectainBest Ball Championship 2726
Best BallTurtleinBest Ball PRO 284
Best BallWhy not?inBest Ball PRO 188
Best BallZebrainBest Ball PRO 234
Draft MastersIcemaninQuick Saturday Night Draft
Draft MastersJuggernautin$100 Best Ball
Draft MastersMaybe Maybe NotinQuick 100
Draft MastersOk TheninFun Weekend Draft
Draft MastersWhat Sammich?inQuicker Saturday Night Draft
Draft MastersLasting ImpressioninNational Treasure
Draft MastersSpacemaninFriday Night Fast Draft!
Draft MastersWalrusinRed Zone Watchers
Draft MastersBlasterinBest Ball NOW XVIII
Draft MastersBombasticinAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
Draft MastersGremlinin19 Days...
Draft MastersHyenainBest Ball NOW VI
Draft MastersKrakeninLate Night Draft
Draft MastersMakoinBest Ball NOW XX
Draft MastersQuakeinDM PPR Quick Hit
Draft MastersToucheinBest Ball NOW VII
Draft MastersVampireinBest Ball NOW XXII
Draft MastersVertigoinTHE LAST DM
Draft MastersWerewolfinScrewballs
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonThis One Goes to 11in-CPFFL 2020

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