Nickname: peterson_mark
Fantasy Player Rank: #171
Fans: 3

91 Money League Teams

All-ProHammerheadin11th Hour Draft
All-ProSkullinFFL champions
All-ProT-RexinMonday night Rookies
AudibleCaptain Stack SparrowinFinish Strong
AudibleStack AttackinTwin Towers
AudibleSupaGhostFlexinAudible NOW XCVII
All-AmericanBlast OffinVictory Sunday
All-AmericanBoltinFantasy Football Factory
All-AmericanBullseyeinAll-American 199
All-AmericanDouble ZeroinFootball Junkies
All-AmericanMakoinAll-American 163
All-AmericanStacky McStackingtoninAFC Central
All-AmericanThresherinAll-American 146
All-AmericanVertigoinLets do it
All-AmericanWhy NotinNational Fantasy League
Best Ball# 9inBest Ball Championship 5527
Best BallAsteriskinBest Ball Championship 5372
Best BallBarracudainBest Ball Championship 5345
Best BallBrain CandyinBest Ball Championship 5131
Best BallBrainwashinBest Ball Championship 7044
Best BallCraZ TraininBest Ball Championship 5830
Best BallDestroyerinBest Ball Championship 5545
Best BallDestructioninBest Ball Championship 6405
Best BallDouble TroubleinBest Ball Championship 5993
Best BallGoblininBest Ball Championship 6033
Best BallHeartbeatinBest Ball Championship 6438
Best BallHotdoginBest Ball Championship 5305
Best BallLightninginBest Ball Championship 5343
Best BallMoonshineinBest Ball Championship 5869
Best BallOk TheninBest Ball Championship 5807
Best BallRaptorinBest Ball Championship 5410
Best BallSledgeinBest Ball Championship 5127
Best BallSlow and SteadyinBest Ball Championship 6219
Best BallSolaceinBest Ball Championship 5825
Best BallSpider2YBananainBest Ball Championship 7379
Best BallSummitinBest Ball Championship 5497
Best BallTidal WaveinBest Ball Championship 5753
Best BallTrifectainBest Ball Championship 5290
Best BallVenominBest Ball Championship 5857
Best BallWerewolfinBest Ball Championship 5460
Best BallWhy notinBest Ball Championship 6393
Best BallZebrainBest Ball Championship 5074
Draft MastersScreamscapeinOverinflated Balls
Draft MastersUnderdoginTuesday Night Draft
Draft MastersWhatHadHappenedwas&hellinBest Ball $100
Draft MastersBeware of DoginLast draft of the year
Draft MastersRocketinSPARKYS
Draft MastersScoreasauras RexinSPARKYS
Draft MastersDeep MidnightinDunkin in ur face
Draft MastersInfernoinWatch and Draft
Draft MastersMantisinSaturday Night Draft
High StakesBeware of DoginFinal Countdown
Big LeaguePlatypus ReigninMarshmello
Big LeagueWhat SammichinTheRealDeal2021
Big LeagueBrain CandyinFriday Night March 12th Event
Triple PlayFranticinTriple 2021
Triple PlayRoosterinSluggers 2021
Triple PlaySkullinYANKEE HATERS
Triple PlayEl Oso BlancoinLet's Play 2
Triple PlayJuggernautinWalk Off
Triple PlayTidal WaveinCOVIDs Over
Triple PlayFastballinMAGAts
Triple PlayRogueinThe Outhouse
Best BallBad CompanyinBest Ball Championship 136
Best BallBarracudainBest Ball Championship 159
Best BallBerzerkerinBest Ball Championship 355
Best BallBoominBest Ball Championship 339
Best BallCobrainBest Ball Championship 310
Best BallDistillinBest Ball Championship 273
Best BallHotdoginBest Ball Championship 133
Best BallMakoinBest Ball Championship 398
Best BallMantisinBest Ball Championship 158
Best BallMoonshineinBest Ball Championship 200
Best BallRaptorinBest Ball Championship 176
Best BallRocketinBest Ball Championship 174
Best BallScorpioninBest Ball Championship 164
Best BallSledgehammerinBest Ball Championship 199
Best BallSlow and SteadyinBest Ball Championship 212
Best BallStorm HorizoninBest Ball Championship 143
Best BallSummitinBest Ball Championship 266
Best BallTrifectainBest Ball Championship 230
Best BallUnderdoginBest Ball Championship 408
Best BallWalrusinBest Ball Championship 260
Best BallWerewolfinBest Ball Championship 203
Best BallZebrainBest Ball Championship 153
Draft MastersscreamscapeinLast Chance Saloon
Draft MastersThis one goes to 11inShow Us What You've Got
Draft MastersThresherinSaturday Night Fever
Draft MastersAfishyAKnottoinFore!!!
Draft MastersDeep MidnightinBarry Bonds HOF
Draft MastersSluginChic's did the Long Ball
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonThis One Goes to 11in-CPFFL 2021

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