Nickname: plants
Fantasy Player Rank: #117
Fans: 4

64 Money League Teams

Championship1 OneinFantasy Championship 7/27 9:30pm
Championship2 TwoinFantasy Championship 8/6 4:00pm #
Championship3 ThreeinFantasy Championship 7/24 11:30pm
Championship4 FourinFantasy Championship 7/28 10:00pm
High Stakes5 FiveinFriday Night Flexoff
High Stakes6 SixinThursday Night Flex
All-Pro7 Seven*inQ Sucks
All-American10 TeninMonday tears
All-American11 EleveninNot Opting Out
All-American12 Twelve*inFat Mitts
All-American13 Thirteen*inthe opera
All-American14 FourteeninMandatory Mini Camp
All-American15 FifteeninNooner
All-American16 SixteeninMidnight Madness
All-American17 Seventeen*inthe right spot
All-American18 Eighteen*inFutbol
All-American19 Nineteen*inTraining Camp
All-American20 TwentyinSunday Trade
All-American21 Twenty OneinAfternoon Flex
All-American22Twenty Two*inRTS SFlex PPR Championship #2
All-American23 Twenty Three*inWho Pooted
All-American24 Twenty Four*inAfternoon Flex
All-American25 Twenty FiveinStay Thirsty My Friends
All-American26 Twenty Six*inAuction Day Saturday
All-American27 Twenty SeveninLets Draft
All-American28 Twenty Eight*inAfternoon Flex
All-American29 Twenty Nine*inIts Football Time
All-American30 Thirty*inMonday Flex
All-American31 Thirty OneinBlazed and Confused III
All-American32 Thirty TwoinSaturday Slamming
All-American33 Thirty Three*inLimping to the Line of Scrimmage
All-American34 Thirty Four*inHOW MANY DOLLA GETS CAN U GET?T
All-American35 Thirty Five*inAfternoon Flex
All-American36 Thirty Six*inSuperflexing
All-American37 Thirty Seven*inWednesday Night Draftin
All-American38 Thirty EightinDOLLA MAKE YOU HOLLA
All-American39 Thirty NineinSaturday Night
All-American40 FortyinMidnight Madness II
All-American41 Forty OneinNothing on TV
All-American42 Forty TwoinNo Mask Required
All-American43 Forty Three*inSPARKYS
All-American44 Forty Four*inPhumble the Draft
All-American45 Forty Five*inFriday 8-21 Auction
All-American46 Forty Six*inMonday's Delight
All-American47 Forty Seven*inAfternoon Flex
All-American48 Forty Eight*inThursday 7-30 Auction
All-American49 Forty NineinBOOBIES11
All-American50 Fifty*inTuesday Flex
All-American51 Fifty OneinCome on lets Draft!
All-American52 Fifty TwoinSPARKYS
All-American53 Fifty ThreeinBidding War
All-American54 Fifty Four*inMonday Night SF
All-American55 Fifty Five*inAfternoon Flex
All-American56 Fifty SixinGo Deep
All-American57 Fifty SeveninGinn n Guice
All-American58 Fifty EightinOne Winner and Eleven Losers
All-American59 Fifty NineinSPARKYS
All-American60 Sixty*inThe fun league
All-American61 Sixty OneinTGIF Fantasy
All-American62 Sixty Two*inCOVID-19
All-American63 Sixty ThreeinOpt Out
All-American64 Sixty Four*inHunker Down
All-American65 Sixty Five*inSunday Flex
All-American66 Sixty SixinFriday Night
Draft Slot123456789101112

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