Nickname: socalsteelers
Fantasy Player Rank: #77
Fans: 6

46 Money League Teams

ChampionshipTB6-24tfcinFantasy Championship 6/24 10:30PM
ChampionshipTB7-21tfcinFantasy Championship 7/21 2:00PM
ChampionshipTB8-12tfcinFantasy Championship 8/12 10:00PM
ChampionshipTB8-14tfcinFantasy Championship 8/14 9:00PM
ChampionshipTB8-22tfcinFantasy Championship 8/23 12:30AM
ChampionshipTB8-23tfcinFantasy Championship 8/23 11:00PM
ChampionshipTB8-29tfcinFantasy Championship 8/29 11:59PM
ChampionshipTB8-4tfcinFantasy Championship 8/4 8:00PM #
ChampionshipTB8-8tfcinFantasy Championship 8/8 11:59PM
RTFFCTB7-22rtffcinRTFFC White 5
RTFFCTB7-29rtffcinRTFFC Black 7
RTFFCTB8-16rtffcinRTFFC Blue 7
RTFFCTB8-19rtffcinRTFFC Green 4
RTFFCTB8-23rtffcinRTFFC Black 12
RTFFCTB8-27rtffcinRTFFC Platinum 1
RTFFCTB8-31rtffcinRTFFC Silver 12
RTFFCTB8-8rtffcinRTFFC Silver 6
High StakesHold My ZimainThe Syndicate
High StakesTB9-3aucinHigh Stakes 2018 Auction
High StakesTB8-22aucinBIG TIME AUCTION
High StakesTB8-25hsinLate Night Tip
High StakesTB9-2aucinGoing, going, gone
High StakesTB5-18hsinBlowhards and Diehards
High StakesTB5-24hsinFast and Slow
High StakesTB7-11aucin12 of the BEST
High StakesTB7-23aucinMixed Auction Nuts
High StakesTB7-29aucinFearless Auctioneers
High StakesTB7-3aucinPre 4th Auction
High StakesTB8-13aucin4th and Goal
High StakesTB8-14aucinElite High Stakes Auction
High StakesTB8-17aucinAuction League
High StakesTB8-18hsinSaturday night draft
High StakesTB8-19aucinAuction TIme
High StakesTB8-1aucinHump Day Auction
High StakesTB8-26aucinHigh Stakes Auction
High StakesTB8-30hsinThursday Night Football
High StakesTB8-31auc2inFriday Night Auction Beatdown
High StakesTB9-3auc2in$125 High Stakes PPR Auction
High StakesTB9-8hsinHigh Stakes Hail Mary
DynastyFarmer Tedin500 Dynasty
DynastyFarmer Ted 7inDynasty With Trading
AudibleTB7-30audinFun Fast Easy
AudibleTB8-3audinThe FozzyDog OPEN
AudibleTB5-28hsinPoint of Order
AudibleTB9-2audin$125 AUDI TFC STYLE

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonFarmer Ted 8inThe Fantasy Football League

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