Nickname: socalsteelers
Fantasy Player Rank: #137
Fans: 8

22 Money League Teams

ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.11inFantasy Championship 8/11 12:00pm
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.19inFantasy Championship 8/19 10:30pm
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.24inFantasy Championship 8/24 10:30pm
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.27inFantasy Championship 8/27 11:59pm
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.5inFantasy Championship 8/6 12:30am
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.7inFantasy Championship 8/7 11:59pm
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 8.9inFantasy Championship 8/9 8:30pm #
ChampionshipSheeshier She-Shed 9.2inFantasy Championship 9/2 2:00pm #
High StakesBender Island 8.30inIt's All Luck Anyways
High StakesBenderIsland 8.11in$$$ High Stakes Auction
High StakesBenderIsland 8.15inThursday $125 Auction
High StakesBenderIsland 8.16inAuction City
High StakesBenderIsland 8.25in2 weeks to football!!
High StakesBenderIsland 8.26inEasier Than Video Games
High StakesBenderIsland 8.31inGoing once...
High StakesDilly DillyinSupercalifragilisticexpialidociou
High StakesHyde & ZekeinVEGAS GOLD
High StakesMe & Julio Down by the inCoast to Coast
DynastyFarmer Tedin500 Dynasty
DynastyFarmerTed 5inDynamohum
DynastyFarmer Ted 6inDynasty With Trading
AudibleA A Ron and A A RoninNFC NORTH CHAMPS
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonFarmer Ted 8inThe Fantasy Football League

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