Nickname: thordsen
Fantasy Player Rank: #140

112 Money League Teams

All-AmericanJ THORinHollins Queens
All-AmericanJ THORinNovice only
All-AmericanJ THORinAll the Cool Kids
All-AmericanJ THORinFF Gurus
All-AmericanJ THORinLets Trade!!
All-AmericanJ THORinOh Boy
All-AmericanJ THORinPre Booty Draft Party
All-AmericanJ THORinDog Faced Pony Soldiers
All-AmericanJ THORinPlump Country Bumpkins
All-AmericanJ THORinHump, Pump, and Dump Day
All-AmericanJ THORinFriday Night Fight
All-AmericanJ THORinIt's Never Too Early to Draft
All-AmericanJ THORinFootball!!!!!
All-AmericanJ THORinFantasy Champions
All-AmericanJ THORinMNF Draft
All-AmericanJ THorinAll-American 940
All-AmericanJ THorinAll-American 745
All-AmericanJ ThorinThe All Hype League
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 1067
All-AmericanJ ThorinBreakfast Club
All-AmericanJ ThorinTalledega Nights
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 934
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 857
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 771
All-AmericanJ ThorinAA Late Night (12am) East Coast
All-AmericanJ ThorinGitchoo Sum
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 752
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 738
All-AmericanJ ThorinAll-American 735
All-AmericanJ ThorinFootball Lets Go!
All-AmericanJ ThorinKnuckles and Bones
All-AmericanJ ThorinAddicted to Fantasy
All-AmericanJ ThorinEarly Bird Special
All-AmericanJ ThorinMonday Night Football
All-AmericanJ ThorinTouchdown Masters
All-AmericanJ ThorinFootball Lets go!
All-AmericanJ ThorinThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanJ ThorinFootball Lets Go!
All-AmericanJ ThorinDO THIS
All-AmericanJ ThorinThursday Night Fotball
All-AmericanJ ThorinMonday Night Football
All-AmericanJ ThorinBrowns Haters
All-AmericanJ ThorinEarly Bird Draft
All-AmericanJ ThorinFootball Junkies
All-AmericanJ ThorinFear and loathing in Las Vegas
All-AmericanJ ThorinReal American Beer
All-Americanj ThorinDraft Day Soiree
All-Americanj ThorinWE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!
All-AmericanJ Thor (P)inAll-American 1084
All-AmericanJ Thor (P)inAll-American 690
All-AmericanJ Thor *inAll-American 717
All-AmericanJETinAll-American 854
All-AmericanJETinAll-American 775
All-AmericanJETinAll-American 760
All-AmericanJETinTuesday Night LETS GOOOO
All-AmericanJETinFathers Day AA
All-AmericanJet (P)inAll American
All-AmericanJET (P)inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanJET (P)inRed White and Beer
All-AmericanJET (P)inFantasyland
All-AmericanJET (P)inFantasy Addicts Anonymous
All-AmericanJET (P)inAmerican First
All-AmericanJET (P)inReal American Beer
All-AmericanJET *inAll-American 835
All-AmericanJET *inMonday Fantasy Doldrums
All-AmericanJET *inHumpty Dumpty sat in a Draft
All-AmericanJET *inLets Trade!!
All-AmericanJET *inAll-American 792
All-AmericanJET *inAll-American 789
All-AmericanJET *inAll-American 784
All-AmericanJET *inSmokeTown USA
All-AmericanJET *inAll-American 770
All-AmericanJET *inKickin' Hay and Takin' Dames
All-AmericanJET *inTake My Money
All-AmericanJET *inFootball Lets go!
All-AmericanJET *inPC stands for pretty cool
All-AmericanJet *inWEIRD PEOPLE ONLY
All-AmericanJETOinAll-American 721
All-AmericanJetoinAll-American 821
All-AmericanJETO (P)inSaturdays for fighting
All-AmericanJeto (P)inHow bout them Cowgirls
All-AmericanJeto (P)inAll-American 825
All-AmericanJeto (P)inDO THIS
All-AmericanJeto (P)inAll-American 788
All-AmericanJeto (P)inDraft with big time Idiots and st
All-AmericanJeto (T)inPreSeason Week 1
All-AmericanJETO *inSuper Blitz
All-AmericanJETO *inSmokeTown USA #420
All-AmericanJETO *inAll-American 905
All-AmericanJETO *inAll-American 715
All-AmericanJETO *inAll-American 707
All-AmericanJeto *inThe Good, The Bad, and The Loser
All-AmericanJeto *inAll-American 894
All-AmericanJeto *inDangerous Boys
All-AmericanThe Storms (T)inBig Trouble in Little Fantasy
All-AmericanThorinSweet Leaf
All-AmericanThor (P)inDummies
All-AmericanThor (P)inAll-American 734
All-AmericanThor (P)inBig Time Football!!!
All-AmericanThor (T)inBeginners League
All-AmericanThor (T)inIf You Can't Beat Em', Cheat
All-AmericanThor *inAll Hail the Chefs
All-AmericanThor *inAll-American 976
All-AmericanThordseninFootball Junkies
All-AmericanThordseninGame of Inches
All-AmericanThordsen *inSunday night
All-AmericanThordsen (P)inDrafting for Dum Dums
All-AmericanThordsen *inFriday Night Live
All-AmericanThordsen *inTuesday Fun
All-AmericanThordsen *inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanThordsen *inSunday Night Football 5/28
All-AmericanThordsen * (P)inOffensive Player Of The Year
Draft Slot123456789101112

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