Nickname: tuckersmo
Fantasy Player Rank: #330

23 Money League Teams

ChampionshipDeebofc-1.11inFantasy Championship 8/17 8:30pm
ChampionshipDeebofc-2.4inFantasy Championship 8/22 6:00pm
High StakesDeebo5k-1.4inThe Syndicate
High StakesDeebo5k-2.6inThe Syndicate II
High StakesDeebo2k-1.2inFor the Big Boys
High StakesDeebo1k-1.7inBig and Ugly
High StakesDeebo1k-2.4inThe Big Tent
High StakesDeebo500-1.5inThe Ballers
High StakesDeebo250-1.8inWorking man
High StakesDeebo250-2.1inSpend more get more
High StakesDeebo125-1.3inCoast to Coast
High StakesDjaxxin4th and Drunk to go
High StakesGame of jAXXinThe Dirty Dozen
High StakesJacks JaxxinWinners and Whiners
High StakesJinxy JaxxinWest Coast!!!!
High StakesKing JaxxinFaNTaSy MaNiaCS
All-AmericanThe Zou!!inNO MO BLACK AND YELLOW
Audible15thManinlets do this
Triple PlayDirty DawgsinFriday Babyyy!!!!!!
Triple PlayJaxxinPhilly Opening
Big LeagueJaxx Edgeinlets draft
High StakesKing JaxxinSlow Pitch
High StakesJaxx BaxxinHS 125 4hr VIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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