Nickname: BabySoSo
Fantasy Player Rank: #199
Fans: 4

100 Money League Teams

AudiblePale HorseinHe Rode a Black Horse
All-AmericanAmbrose Jakis 1inDraft Times
All-AmericanAmbrose Jakis 2inMonday Funday
All-AmericanAmbrose Jakis 3inHella Early Androids
All-AmericanBorslina 1inLets Get Footballing!
All-AmericanBorslina 2inFootball Daze in America
All-AmericanBorslina 3inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanChandrian 1inTuesday's Draft
All-AmericanChandrian 2inFantasy ffl2
All-AmericanChandrian 3inTrade Club
All-AmericanGearless Joe 1inPro Fantasy Players
All-AmericanGearless Joe 2inYou Got Knocked The F*ck Out
All-AmericanGearless Joe 3inLets go
All-AmericanHaliax 1in11 Amateurs and 1 Pro
All-AmericanKotaro Bokuto English 1inSunday's Draft
All-AmericanKotaro Bokuto English 2inMonday's Draft
All-AmericanKotaro Bokuto English 3inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanLeroy Jenkins 1inSaturdy Draft
All-AmericanLeroy Jenkins 2inThe Jedi Council
All-AmericanLeroy Jenkins 3inSunday Football Smash!
All-AmericanMaster Elodin 1inTWO TIMER
All-AmericanMaster Elodin 2inStart of Season
All-AmericanMaster Elodin 3inDraft Time
All-AmericanNolan Grayson 1inAfternoon delight
All-AmericanNolan Grayson 2inFirst and Goal
All-AmericanNolan Grayson 3in$30 Draft
All-AmericanTaborlin the Great 1inFantasy Champions
All-AmericanTaborlin the Great 2inFirst & Ten
All-AmericanTaborlin the Great 3inDraft Time
All-AmericanTempi 1inSunday Funday
All-AmericanTempi 2inSuper Cool League
All-AmericanTempi 3inFriday's Draft
Best BallBastinBest Ball Championship 3724
Best BallBlack SperminBest Ball Championship 3660
Best BallCinder FerulainBest Ball Championship 4134
Best BallDaichi SawamurainBest Ball Championship 3284
Best BalldiggoryinBest Ball Championship 4157
Best BallEmporio IvankovinBest Ball Championship 3655
Best BallFish BillyinBest Ball Championship 3934
Best BallGearless JoeinBest Ball Championship 4079
Best BallHashirama SenjuinBest Ball Championship 3753
Best BallhojuinBest Ball Championship 3928
Best BallHouse LonginBest Ball Championship 4026
Best BallHouse mouseinBest Ball Championship 4020
Best BallIttetsu TakedainBest Ball Championship 3576
Best BallJimboinBest Ball Championship 3824
Best BallKashin KojiinBest Ball Championship 3797
Best BallKei TsukishimainBest Ball Championship 3268
Best BallKrombopulos MichaelinBest Ball Championship 4198
Best BallKvotheinBest Ball Championship 3877
Best BallKvothe 2inBest Ball Championship 3886
Best BallLonghouseinBest Ball Championship 3717
Best BallLudo BagmaninBest Ball Championship 3735
Best BallMaes HughesinBest Ball Championship 4127
Best BallMaster AshinBest Ball Championship 3710
Best BallMoist GashinBest Ball Championship 3748
Best BallNergoinBest Ball Championship 3868
Best BallPremium GashinBest Ball Championship 3764
Best BallRyunosuke TanakainBest Ball Championship 3536
Best BallShlonghouseinBest Ball Championship 3664
Best BallSkank HuntinBest Ball Championship 3920
Best BallSolf J. KimbleeinBest Ball Championship 4142
Best BallSung Jin-WooinBest Ball Championship 3946
Best Balltaint sniffinBest Ball Championship 3449
Best BallTerry FlapsinBest Ball Championship 3736
Best BallToru OikawainBest Ball Championship 3314
Best BallYu NishinoyainBest Ball Championship 3590
Draft MastersKoshi SugawarainOne more time
Draft MastersNergo chaninEarly action
Triple PlayJiminSunday Bloody Sunday
Triple PlayLonghouseinLast One
Triple PlayTrafalgar D. Water LawinLast Last One
Triple PlayWilliam MunnyinYoung Guns
Draft MastersBilly HoeinFull Count Fantasy Baseball
Draft Mastershouse 2inMuskie Hunters
Slam DunkBentham of the WildinEarl the Pearl
Slam DunkClan MudhorninJust because
Slam DunkDoffyinG Royal
Slam DunkGash towninDr. Dunkenstein
Slam DunkGood Gashinit basketball time
Slam DunkGroguinOnly the best 2
Slam DunkHashirama SenjuinDetroit Basketball
Slam DunkHouseinWestern Division
Slam DunkJimijaminRest Management
Slam DunkKenpachi ZarakiinSet Shot
Slam DunkKrombopulos MichaelinPhi Slamma Jamma
Slam DunkLeroy JenkinsinBubble Ballers
Slam DunkLonghouseinBubble Boys
Slam DunkLudo BagmaninSixth Man
Slam DunkMan12inchinbetter late than never
Slam DunkPremium GashinNothing But Net
Slam DunkPrime GashinSunday Fun Day
Slam DunkTerry FlapsinMalone D
Slam DunkTrafalgar D. Water LawinJingle Balls
Slam DunkTrue GashinMile High Ballers
Slam DunkWilliam MunnyinBounce Pass
Draft Mastersgash mastersinbball 2021
Draft MastersGash StarinCP3's Farewell Tour
Draft MastersGenryuai YamamotoinQuick Stop
Draft MastersPill headinFast Break Fantasy Basketball
Draft Slot123456789101112

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