Nickname: Bakes_Boys
Fantasy Player Rank: #266
Fans: 8

93 Money League Teams

High StakesSuperbowl VinStrangeland
High StakesVic 8-19inThursday Night Football
All-Pro9-4inSACK it up Sally
All-ProVic 8-30inLUNCH TIME FUN
All-ProVic 9-3inCowboys Baby!
All-American8-31 VicinNo Points for 2nd place
All-AmericanBaker 7-5inSFlex Fantasy Fever
All-AmericanEmpire Strikes BackinSTAR WARS or STAR TREK
All-AmericanFootball teaminAll-American 170
All-AmericanRCJH VicinFantasy After Dark
All-AmericanSuperbowlinChamps and Chumps
All-AmericanSuperbowl IIinROADhead to Glory
All-AmericanSuperbowl IIIinPrestige Worldwide
All-AmericanVicinno kickers no d woo hoo!
All-AmericanVic 7inThursday Action
All-AmericanVic 7-15inWest Coast Players Lounge
All-AmericanVic 7-31inJeep Drivers
All-AmericanVic 8-10inStraight Up Fantasy
All-AmericanVic 8-12inAuction Funhouse
All-AmericanVic 8-13inJASON VORHEES lives in the woods
All-AmericanVic 8-25inAll-American 131
All-AmericanVic 8-8inSuperflex Auction
All-AmericanVic 8-9inCalifornia fantasy
Best BallBaker 6-25inBest Ball Championship 4372
Best BallSuperbowl IVinBest Ball Championship 7456
Best BallVic 4-13inBest Ball Championship 3436
Best BallVic 4-22inBest Ball Championship 3536
Best BallVic 55inBest Ball Championship 3664
Best BallVic 7-20inBest Ball Championship 4786
Best BallVic 7-27inBest Ball Championship 4925
Best BallVic 7-9inBest Ball Championship 4599
Best BallVic 8inBest Ball Championship 4617
Best BallVic 8-18inBest Ball Championship 5495
Best BallVic 8-20inBest Ball Championship 5572
Best BallVic 8-28inBest Ball Championship 5827
Best BallVic 8-29inBest Ball Championship 5882
Draft MastersDiggs in a blanketinLate Round Flyer
Draft MastersRCJH 28inReal players
Draft MastersVic 7-10inEarly Auction 7
Draft MastersVic 7-11inAuction Time
Draft MastersVic 7-16inLate night auction
Draft MastersVic 7-21inJULY 21 PPR SNAKE
Draft MastersVic 7-29in20 DM auction
Draft MastersVic 8-1inSunday Night Auction
Draft MastersVic 8-15inRandom Draft Generator
DimesVic 3-23inDimes Best Ball 5815
Big LeagueBaker 3-14inMarch 14th early draft
Big LeagueBakes 2-13inSATURDAY ROTOWORLD
Big LeagueBakes BoysinMLB 2021
Big LeagueRCJH 2in6-4-3 Double Play
Big LeagueBaker 3-19inMarch Madness
Triple PlayBakeinHouse of Cards
Triple PlayBaker 3-2inLets Get it ON
Triple PlayBake 1-30inSaturday Night
Triple PlayBaker 2inHigh and Tight
Triple PlayBaker 3-31inPlay Ball
Triple PlayBaker 3-6inHit em Up
Triple PlayBaker 3-8inLA Duds
Triple PlayRCJH 3inPlay Ball 2021
Best BallBaker 2-12inBest Ball Championship 87
Best BallBaker 2-17inBest Ball Championship 104
Best BallBaker 2-19inBest Ball Championship 98
Best BallBaker 2-24inBest Ball Championship 124
Best BallBaker 2-27inBest Ball Championship 130
Best BallBaker 28inBest Ball Championship 219
Best BallBaker 3-13inBest Ball Championship 249
Best BallBaker 3-15inBest Ball Championship 260
Best BallBaker 3-23inBest Ball Championship 341
Best BallBaker 3-9inBest Ball Championship 200
Draft MastersBaker 2-22inSunday night
Draft MastersBaker 3-5inITS Time
Draft MastersBaker 2-13inSpring Training
Draft MastersBaker 2-14inIced in
Draft MastersBaker 2-20inHappy Hour5
Draft MastersBaker 2-3in2/3/2021
Draft MastersBaker 3-1inSullivan Illinois
Draft MastersBaker 3-11inAuction anyone DM
Draft MastersBaker 3-17inDM Roto 20 8hr CXXXIX
Draft MastersBaker 3-24inAuction week
Draft MastersBaker 3-25inBASEBALL 2021
Draft MastersBaker 3-26inLess than a week away
Draft MastersBaker 3-29inLove Fantasy
Draft MastersBaker 3-30inRoto 5x5
Draft MastersBaker 3-7inLet's Roto
Draft MastersBaker 3-77inSUNDAY NITE BB DM FB
Draft MastersBaker 3-8inMar 8th
Draft MastersBaker 3-9inA GPIC league
Draft MastersBaker 4-2inApril 2nd
Draft MastersBakes 1-29inWhose got the Best Balls
Draft MastersRCJHinAuction times running out
Draft MastersRCJH 4-8inOne More?
DimesBaker DimeinDimes Best Ball 133
Draft Slot123456789101112

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