Nickname: BigP-LittleD
Fantasy Player Rank: #671
Fans: 4

20 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChamp D4D1inFantasy Championship Slow 4hr I
ChampionshipChamp D4D2inFantasy Championship Slow 4hr III
ChampionshipChamp D4D3inFantasy Championship Slow 2hr I
ChampionshipChamp D4D4inFantasy Championship Slow 2hr III
ChampionshipChamp D4D5inFantasy Championship Slow 4hr VI
ChampionshipChamp D4D6inFantasy Championship 8/25 6:30pm
ChampionshipChamp D4D7inFantasy Championship 9/8 8:45pm #
AudibleD4D1inJust Points
AudibleA4A1inCorona Training Camp
Best BallN4N4inBest Ball PRO 269
Best BallN4N6inBest Ball PRO 398
Draft MastersN4N1inSit and Go 20 XXXVIII
Draft MastersN4N2inSlow 20
Draft MastersN4N3inHips Don't Lie
Draft MastersN4N5inLeague of Extraordinary Nerds
DimesBLPD1inDimes Best Ball 5361
DimesBPLD2inDimes Best Ball 5373
DimesBPLD3inDimes Best Ball 5409
DimesBPLD4inDimes Best Ball 5413
DimesBPLD5inDimes Best Ball 5448
Draft Slot123456789101112

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