Nickname: Citywidedog
Fantasy Player Rank: #2231
Fans: 7

21 Money League Teams

DynastyCITYinLeague of Legends
DynastyJRSinCupid Shuffle
DynastyJRSS67inSleepers and Busts SuperFlex
Draft MastersDirtydeedsinLETS GO
Draft MastersJRS 3inDraft Master
Draft MastersStuck in the End ZoneinFirst Down and 10
Draft MastersToo Many CooksinFirst Down
DimesCaptaininDimes Best Ball Novice 9726
DimesCity 3inDimes Best Ball Novice 9980
DimesCitywide 2inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9814
DimesCitywide 3inDimes Best Ball Novice 9886
DimesCitywide 4inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9900
DimesCitywide 5inDimes Best Ball Novice 10060
DimesDirtydeed 2inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9836
DimesFireball 2inDimes Best Ball SFlx 9881
DimesFireball 3inDimes Best Ball SFlx 10080
DimesFireballsinDimes Best Ball Novice 9785
DimesJRSinDimes Best Ball Novice 9761
DimesJRS 1inDimes Best Ball Novice 9904
DimesJRS 4inDimes Best Ball Novice 9960
DimesJRS5inDimes Best Ball SFlx 10022
Draft Slot123456789101112

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