Nickname: Foticcine
Fantasy Player Rank: #1037
Fans: 3

55 Money League Teams

AudibleMagic Mike Exotic IXinPays Top Two
AudibleMagic Mike Exotic VIIIinDraft Smart
AudibleMagic Mike ExoticinSunday Funday
AudibleMagic Mike Exotic IIIinLate Night Mess Around
AudibleMagic Mike Exotic IVinLate Night Superflex
AudibleMagic Mike Exotic VIinBurpin the Babies
EliminatorDozer and the DandelioninLast Man Standing League
EliminatorDozer Eatsin$100 Eliminator
EliminatorDozer Sleepsin$50 Eliminator
Best BallLOL 20k IinBest Ball Championship 1780
Best BallLOL 20k IIinBest Ball Championship 1858
Best BallLOL 20k IIIinBest Ball Championship 1870
Best BallLOL 20k IVinBest Ball Championship 1931
Best BallLOL 20k IXinBest Ball Championship 2422
Best BallLOL 20k VinBest Ball Championship 1996
Best BallLOL 20k VIinBest Ball Championship 2065
Best BallLOL 20k VIIinBest Ball Championship 2193
Best BallLOL 20k VIIIinBest Ball Championship 2253
Best BallLOL 20k XinBest Ball Championship 2523
FaceoffCowboyz II MeninLas Vegas 50 Bracket 1 JOIN
Draft MastersMagic Mike Exotic IIinSparky
Draft MastersMagic Mike Exotic Vinsparky
Draft MastersMagic Mike Exotic VIIinSit and Go 50 XXVIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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