Nickname: Gwinny
Fantasy Player Rank: #295
Fans: 4

29 Money League Teams

All-AmericanAndy GriffithinTTFFL - TV Show Dads (2020 Theme)
All-AmericanCholeinBrunch Bidders Club
All-AmericanDemFools 1inChicken Fried Fantasy
All-AmericanDemFools 2inGoing Once
All-AmericanDemFools 3inGo for it
All-AmericanDippity DoinRumbling Stumbling Bumbling
All-AmericanHigh Tide 1inFantasy 4 Breakfast
All-AmericanHigh Tide 2inMy Guys Are Savages
All-AmericanHubbainBlood, Sweat, and Beers
All-AmericanHubba 1inMake Football Great Again
All-AmericanHubba 2inFF is My Go Fund Me
All-AmericanJammers 1inNaked Cheerleaders
All-AmericanJammers 2inAugust 28 AA Auction
All-AmericanJammers 3inOrdinary Gentleman
All-AmericanTrumpinDeeper Sleeper
Best BallAtlanticManinBest Ball PRO 515
Best BallRazzinBest Ball PRO 517
Draft MastersChaosinFriday afternoon lights
Draft MastersCiv WarinAuctionsRFun
Draft MastersCovidmaninSaturday Night
Draft MastersDabItinDM-BB-4
Draft MastersFeverinDM-BB-3
Draft MastersFreaky DeakyinMorning Draft
Draft MastersHagertinAuction time
Draft MastersJazzmaninBest Ball Ballers
Draft MastersLaborDayinLast Enders Auction
Draft MastersPyschoinDraft Time
Draft MastersSharonatorsinLate Night Draft
Draft MastersUSAinSaturday night
Draft Slot123456789101112

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