Nickname: Hot_Boy42
Fantasy Player Rank: #246

32 Money League Teams

All-AmericanHB 3inUnder Chemical Warfare
All-AmericanHB 1inAll American #1
All-AmericanHB 11incant win if you don't play
All-AmericanHB 12inLongest draft ever
All-AmericanHB 13inDraft Day
All-AmericanHB 14inPRE DRAFT AA
All-AmericanHB 15inFantasy Addicts
All-AmericanHB 16inPost Draft Fun
All-AmericanHB 17inIt's Time to Start Drafting
All-AmericanHB 18inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanHB 2inSuperbowl Hangover
All-AmericanHB 4inAA SLOW
All-AmericanHB 5inAll In
All-AmericanHB 6inMarch Madness
All-AmericanHB 7injoin now trade later
All-AmericanHB 8inRain Delay
All-AmericanHB 9inElite 8
All-AmericanHB10in2 HR SLOW AA
Best BallMvp 7inBest Ball Championship 13573
Best BallMvp 8inBest Ball Championship 13582
Best BallMvp 9inBest Ball Championship 13585
Best Ball ScoutMvpinBest Ball SCOUT 14
Best Ball ScoutMvp 2inBest Ball SCOUT 16
Best Ball ScoutMvp 3inBest Ball SCOUT 37
Best Ball ScoutMvp 4inBest Ball SCOUT 68
Best Ball ScoutMVP 5inBest Ball SCOUT 249
Best Ball ScoutMvp 6inBest Ball SCOUT 256
DimesA TeaminDimes Best Ball SFlx 14683
DimesA team 2inDimes Best Ball 14692
DimesA Team 3inDimes Best Ball 14694
DimesA team 4inDimes Best Ball 14704
DimesA team 5inDimes Best Ball 14711
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

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