Nickname: Iamheisenberge
Fantasy Player Rank: #233

72 Money League Teams

All-AmericanAverage Joe 1inBoomin
All-AmericanAverage Joe 2inVandelay Industries
All-AmericanAverage Joe 3inLast one baby!!!!
All-AmericanBoomer Sooner 1inFriday Night Beer and Wings
All-AmericanBoomer Sooner 2inAl Bundy League
All-AmericanBoomer Sooner 3in1 Winner and 11 Idiots
All-AmericanBring It 1inFunny Money
All-AmericanBring It 2inGo Pack Go
All-AmericanBring It 3inChicks Dig the Deep Ball
All-AmericanDCFFL 1inBeer, Burgers and Football
All-AmericanDCFFL 2inDreams of Glory
All-AmericanDCFFL 3inDirty Dozen
All-AmericanFat Basturd 1inLast Chance
All-AmericanFat Basturd 2inThunder Down Under
All-AmericanFat Basturd 3inLa Cosa Nostra
All-AmericanFat Robert 1inFantasy Football
All-AmericanFat Robert 2inPlayers gonna play
All-AmericanFat Robert 3inAir Raid Fantasy
All-AmericanFat Robert II The SequeinJet Sweep
All-AmericanFat Robert II The SequeinKnuckleheads
All-AmericanFat Robert II The SequeinGame of Inches
All-AmericanFatty McFat 1inBring Your End Game
All-AmericanFatty McFat 2inThe Players Club
All-AmericanFatty McFat 3inPutUpOrShutUp
All-AmericanHeisenberg 1inAll American
All-AmericanHeisenberg 2inSmash It
All-AmericanHeisenberg 3inLets Do IT !
All-AmericanMatt Foley 1inTOUCHDOWN MAKERS
All-AmericanMatt Foley 2inReal Money League
All-AmericanMatt Foley 3inFirst Round Failure
All-AmericanMCFATTY 1inTrades are good
All-AmericanMCFATTY 2inRed, White and Blue Fantasy
All-AmericanMCFATTY 3inOld Number 12
All-AmericanMike Honcho 1inLast Chance to the Dance
All-AmericanMike Honcho 2inThe Fantasy Draft Room
All-AmericanMike Honcho 3inThe Last Draft
All-AmericanOLD SCHOOL 1inRow The Boat
All-AmericanOLD SCHOOL 2inDraft Season!!
All-AmericanOLD SCHOOL 3inThe Madden Curse
All-AmericanPolk High 1inLEAGUE OF LEAGUES
All-AmericanPolk High 2inDraft Test Dummies 2019
All-AmericanPolk High 3inKing Cobras
All-AmericanReal Fatty McFatFat 1inEastern Football League (EFL)
All-AmericanReal Fatty McFatFat 2inMore than a Thielen
All-AmericanReal Fatty McFatFat 3inWhy do U keep drafting Gordon
All-AmericanRon Burgundy 1inTrade Trent Williams for Clowney
All-AmericanRon Burgundy 2inPhantasy Phenoms
All-AmericanRon Burgundy 3inRoger Goodell Fan Club
All-AmericanRudy Poo 1inFast and Furious Fantasy
All-AmericanRudy Poo 2inPeytons Place
All-AmericanRudy Poo 3inevery kitchen needs a baker
All-AmericanTeam Fat Robert 1inLETS DO THIS
All-AmericanTeam Fat Robert 2inGood Times
All-AmericanTeam Fat Robert 3inDa Bear Necessities
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 1inJust Ballers
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 2inVandelay Industries
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 3intexas1234
All-AmericanTeam Jabroni 1inBest of the best
All-AmericanTeam Jabroni 2inDak to the Future
All-AmericanTeam Jabroni 3inSour OG
All-AmericanThe Real Fat Robert 1inWe Love Big TDs
All-AmericanThe Real Fat Robert 2inPunt Pass or Kick
All-AmericanThe Real Fat Robert 3inRealist guy in the Room
All-AmericanTitts MaGee 1inNo Punt Intended
All-AmericanTitts MaGee 2inPlaying for Keeps
All-AmericanTitts MaGee 3inFor the average guy Joe
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 1inFantasy Football Medium Rare
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 2intrading times
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 3inPut Football on Tuesdays Too!!!
All-AmericanWelborn 1inAfternoon
All-AmericanWelborn 2inI can't quit you
All-AmericanWelborn 3inThis is merica
Draft Slot123456789101112

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