Nickname: Iamheisenberge
Fantasy Player Rank: #466
Fans: 1

18 Money League Teams

All-AmericanFat Robert 1inAll-American 14
All-AmericanFat Robert 2inBIG @$$ TDs
All-AmericanFat Robert 3inThe Fantasy Council
All-AmericanFatty McFatfat 1inAll-American 8
All-AmericanFatty McFatfat 2inPass on Chin Diapers
All-AmericanFatty McFatfat 3inEAST COAST, WEST COAST we all dr
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 1inThe NFL Challenge
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 2inGanja420
All-AmericanTeam Hendrix 3inAll-American 7
All-AmericanTeam Ramrod 1inAll-American 40
All-AmericanTeam Ramrod 2inAll-American 36
All-AmericanTeam Ramrod 3inAll-American 41
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 1inPro Football League
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 2inFFL 2021
All-AmericanTurd Ferguson 3inFantasy Players
All-AmericanWe Suck 1inKickoff Special
All-AmericanWe Suck 2inThe OT
All-AmericanWe Suck 3inAll-American 244
Draft Slot123456789101112

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