Nickname: KUCS
Fantasy Player Rank: #345
Fans: 5

13 Money League Teams

Draft MastersFlintstones DM 50-5inMister Sparky and the Deadheads
Draft MastersGrant DM 50-7inThe League
Draft MastersMAGA DM 50-3inHo Hum Drum
Draft MastersOld School DM 50-2inQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft MastersReagan DM 50-4inDraft Aficionados
Draft MastersRoad RunnerDM 50-6inPanties in a Wad
Draft MastersYou Talkin to Me? DM 50inSend It!
Draft MastersJohn Wayne 20 DM-5inJust Drafting
Draft MastersNuclear Nightmare DM 20inDraft Masters
Draft MastersPattoninEast Coast Auction Action
Draft MastersPurple People Eaters DMinSunday
Draft MastersTarkington DM 20-4inDead Men Dont Draft
Draft MastersUSA DM 20-1inThursday Winners

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