Nickname: jkl337
Fantasy Player Rank: #41
Fans: 79

28 Money League Teams

ChallengeKiss of DeathinPlayoff Challenge 19.33
ChallengeThere is no foulinPlayoff Challenge 19.32
ChampionshipBringing the HeatinFantasy Championship 8/25 6:00PM
ChampionshipFire and FuryinFantasy Championship 9/1 11:00AM
ChampionshipGinger SnapinFantasy Championship 8/19 9:45PM
ChampionshipGrid Iron Annihilation inFantasy Championship 9/1 9:00PM #
ChampionshipHuskiesinFantasy Championship 8/25 11:00PM
ChampionshipKilling MachineinFantasy Championship 8/18 10:00PM
ChampionshipNemoinFantasy Championship 8/10 6:30PM
ChampionshipNest EgginFantasy Championship 8/17 9:30PM
ChampionshipPerfect Storm inFantasy Championship 9/2 9:00PM #
ChampionshipPole Slot inFantasy Championship 8/21 7:00PM
ChampionshipSmashmouth inFantasy Championship 9/3 11:00AM
ChampionshipTotal Domination inFantasy Championship 8/27 8:00PM
ChampionshipTriFecta inFantasy Championship 9/3 9:00PM #
RTFFCBig Red inRTFFC Red 11
RTFFCBlack Bird inRTFFC Black 11
RTFFCBlack Mamba inRTFFC Black 7
RTFFCBlack N BlueinRTFFC Black 4
RTFFCBlue looking oddsinRTFFC Blue 1
RTFFCGang GreeninRTFFC Green 6
RTFFCGreen Dot inRTFFC Green 2
RTFFCGreener GrassinRTFFC Green 5
RTFFCSolid Gold inRTFFC Gold 12
RTFFCWhite AngelinRTFFC White 3
RTFFCWhite LightninginRTFFC White 7
High StakesBrute StrengthinMarch Drafting
High StakesFlying KetchupinHigh Stakes

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonTeam LeeinDazed and Confused
Full SeasonWeek-Lee AnnihilatorinRTS Top Dogs

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