Nickname: PeteV
Fantasy Player Rank: #34
Fans: 48
Foes: 2

91 Money League Teams

ChampionshipArya StarkinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr I
ChampionshipChicagoinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr X
ChampionshipDaenerys TargaryeninFantasy Championship Slow 8hr XI
ChampionshipEmerson, Lake and PalmeinFantasy Championship Slow 8hr III
ChampionshipJon SnowinFantasy Championship Slow 8hr VII
ChampionshipLynyrd SkynyrdinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr VII
ChampionshipSansa StarkinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr II
ChampionshipThe DothrakiinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr VI
ChampionshipThe LannistersinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr V
ChampionshipThe Nights WatchinFantasy Championship Slow 8hr V
ChampionshipThe StarksinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr IV
ChampionshipThe TargaryensinFantasy Championship Slow 8hr I
RTFFCGreat WhitesinRTFFC White 5
RTFFCThreshersinRTFFC Red 3
DynastyChief Counselor IIinDraft Night
DynastyChief Counselor IIIinDeep Cut JOIN
DynastyChief CounselorinPass Interference
Best BallAaron BurrinBest Ball Championship 12221
Best BallAbraham WoodhullinBest Ball Championship 12184
Best BallAlfie SolomonsinBest Ball Championship 12458
Best BallArthur ShelbyinBest Ball Championship 12436
Best BallBenjamin TallmadgeinBest Ball Championship 12237
Best BallCaleb BrewsterinBest Ball Championship 12251
Best BallHenry KnoxinBest Ball Championship 12127
Best BallHercules MulliganinBest Ball Championship 12204
Best BallJohn HancockinBest Ball Championship 12098
Best BallJohn JayinBest Ball Championship 12301
Best BallMarquis de LafayetteinBest Ball Championship 12214
Best BallNathan HaleinBest Ball Championship 12215
Best BallNathanael GreeneinBest Ball Championship 12126
Best BallPatrick HenryinBest Ball Championship 12182
Best BallPaul RevereinBest Ball Championship 12155
Best BallPeaky BlindersinBest Ball Championship 12434
Best BallPolly GrayinBest Ball Championship 12410
Best BallSam AdamsinBest Ball Championship 12183
Best BallShelby Company LtdinBest Ball Championship 12380
Best BallSons of LibertyinBest Ball Championship 12303
Best BallThomas PayneinBest Ball Championship 12228
Best BallTommy ShelbyinBest Ball Championship 12472
Best BallWalter WhiteinBest Ball Championship 12470
Best BallWilliam Tecumseh ShermainBest Ball Championship 12322
Best BallWinston ChurchillinBest Ball Championship 12326
Best Ball ScoutAbraham LincolninBest Ball SCOUT 7757
Best Ball ScoutAlexander HamiltoninBest Ball SCOUT 7930
Best Ball ScoutAndrew JacksoninBest Ball SCOUT 7678
Best Ball ScoutAndrew JohnsoninBest Ball SCOUT 7766
Best Ball ScoutBarack ObamainBest Ball SCOUT 7897
Best Ball ScoutBenjamin FranklininBest Ball SCOUT 7921
Best Ball ScoutBenjamin HarrisoninBest Ball SCOUT 7795
Best Ball ScoutCalvin CoolidgeinBest Ball SCOUT 7830
Best Ball ScoutChester A. ArthurinBest Ball SCOUT 7776
Best Ball ScoutDolt 45inBest Ball SCOUT 7900
Best Ball ScoutDwight D. EisenhowerinBest Ball SCOUT 7809
Best Ball ScoutFranklin Delano RooseveinBest Ball SCOUT 7849
Best Ball ScoutFranklin PierceinBest Ball SCOUT 7745
Best Ball ScoutGeorge H.W. BushinBest Ball SCOUT 7867
Best Ball ScoutGeorge W. BushinBest Ball SCOUT 7890
Best Ball ScoutGeorge WashingtoninBest Ball SCOUT 7573
Best Ball ScoutGerald FordinBest Ball SCOUT 7875
Best Ball ScoutGrover ClevelandinBest Ball SCOUT 7789
Best Ball ScoutHarry S. TrumaninBest Ball SCOUT 7836
Best Ball ScoutHerbert HooverinBest Ball SCOUT 7831
Best Ball ScoutJames BuchananinBest Ball SCOUT 7746
Best Ball ScoutJames GarfieldinBest Ball SCOUT 7792
Best Ball ScoutJames K PolkinBest Ball SCOUT 7722
Best Ball ScoutJames MadisoninBest Ball SCOUT 7631
Best Ball ScoutJames MonroeinBest Ball SCOUT 7648
Best Ball ScoutJimmy CarterinBest Ball SCOUT 7883
Best Ball ScoutJoe BideninBest Ball SCOUT 7885
Best Ball ScoutJohn AdamsinBest Ball SCOUT 7565
Best Ball ScoutJohn F. KennedyinBest Ball SCOUT 7856
Best Ball ScoutJohn Quincy AdamsinBest Ball SCOUT 7658
Best Ball ScoutJohn TylerinBest Ball SCOUT 7716
Best Ball ScoutLyndon B. JohnsoninBest Ball SCOUT 7846
Best Ball ScoutMartin Van BureninBest Ball SCOUT 7679
Best Ball ScoutMillard FillmoreinBest Ball SCOUT 7742
Best Ball ScoutRichard NixoninBest Ball SCOUT 7863
Best Ball ScoutRonald ReaganinBest Ball SCOUT 7881
Best Ball ScoutRutherford B HayesinBest Ball SCOUT 7777
Best Ball ScoutTeddy RooseveltinBest Ball SCOUT 7823
Best Ball ScoutThomas JeffersoninBest Ball SCOUT 7599
Best Ball ScoutUlysses S GrantinBest Ball SCOUT 7767
Best Ball ScoutWarren G. HardinginBest Ball SCOUT 7829
Best Ball ScoutWilliam H. TaftinBest Ball SCOUT 7819
Best Ball ScoutWilliam Henry HarrisoninBest Ball SCOUT 7700
Best Ball ScoutWilliam Jefferson ClintinBest Ball SCOUT 7892
Best Ball ScoutWilliam McKinleyinBest Ball SCOUT 7804
Best Ball ScoutWoodrow WilsoninBest Ball SCOUT 7835
Best Ball ScoutZachary TaylorinBest Ball SCOUT 7731
Draft Slot123456789101112

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