Nickname: masterdrafter
Fantasy Player Rank: #12
Fans: 29

398 Money League Teams

ShootoutSuncoast 370 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutSuncoast 370 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutSuncoast 370 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutSuncoast 373 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutSuncoast 373 2inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutSuncoast 373 3inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChallengeSuncoast 322inPlayoff Challenge 100.52
ChallengeSuncoast 323inPlayoff Challenge 100.51
ChallengeSuncoast 324inPlayoff Challenge 100.50
ChallengeSuncoast 325inPlayoff Challenge 100.49
ChallengeSuncoast 326inPlayoff Challenge 100.34
ChallengeSuncoast 327inPlayoff Challenge 100.26
ChallengeSuncoast 328inPlayoff Challenge 100.27
ChallengeSuncoast 329inPlayoff Challenge 100.28
ChallengeSuncoast 330inPlayoff Challenge 100.29
ChallengeSuncoast 331inPlayoff Challenge 100.30
ChallengeSuncoast 332inPlayoff Challenge 100.32
ChallengeSuncoast 333inPlayoff Challenge 100.33
ChallengeSuncoast 334inPlayoff Challenge 50.55
ChallengeSuncoast 335inPlayoff Challenge 50.44
ChallengeSuncoast 336inPlayoff Challenge 50.27
ChallengeSuncoast 337inPlayoff Challenge 50.28
ChallengeSuncoast 338inPlayoff Challenge 50.29
ChallengeSuncoast 339inPlayoff Challenge 50.31
ChallengeSuncoast 340inPlayoff Challenge 50.32
ChallengeSuncoast 341inPlayoff Challenge 50.33
ChallengeSuncoast 342inPlayoff Challenge 50.46
ChallengeSuncoast 343inPlayoff Challenge 50.54
ChallengeSuncoast 344inPlayoff Challenge 20.37
ChallengeSuncoast 345inPlayoff Challenge 20.38
ChallengeSuncoast 346inPlayoff Challenge 20.39
ChallengeSuncoast 347inPlayoff Challenge 20.53
ChallengeSuncoast 348inPlayoff Challenge 20.34
ChallengeSuncoast 349inPlayoff Challenge 20.35
ChampionshipSuncoast 14inFantasy Championship 9/3 10:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 15inFantasy Championship 4/27 9:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 16inFantasy Championship 4/28 8:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 17inFantasy Championship 5/3 8:00pm #
ChampionshipSuncoast 18inFantasy Championship 5/5 7:00pm #
ChampionshipSuncoast 19inFantasy Championship 5/14 9:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 20inFantasy Championship 5/18 8:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 21inFantasy Championship 5/21 10:30pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 22inFantasy Championship 5/25 11:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 23inFantasy Championship 5/26 7:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 24inFantasy Championship 5/27 8:00pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 25inFantasy Championship 6/2 7:30pm #
ChampionshipSuncoast 26inFantasy Championship 6/9 7:00pm #
ChampionshipSuncoast 27inFantasy Championship 6/14 10:30pm
ChampionshipSuncoast 28inFantasy Championship 7/7 3:00pm #
RTFFCSuncoast 29inRTFFC Red 2
RTFFCSuncoast 30inRTFFC Black 1
RTFFCSuncoast 31inRTFFC Gold 1
RTFFCSuncoast 32inRTFFC Gold 2
RTFFCSuncoast 33inRTFFC Silver 2
RTFFCSuncoast 34inRTFFC Black 4
RTFFCSuncoast 35inRTFFC Gold 4
RTFFCSuncoast 36inRTFFC Black 5
RTFFCSuncoast 37inRTFFC White 4
RTFFCSuncoast 38inRTFFC Green 2
RTFFCSuncoast 39inRTFFC Silver 6
RTFFCSuncoast 39XinRTFFC Silver 8
RTFFCSuncoast 39XXinRTFFC Platinum 9
RTFFCSuncoast 39XXXinRTFFC Green 12
High StakesSuncoast 1Kin$1000 League
High StakesSuncoast 40inThose Guys Fantasy Football
High StakesSuncoast 41inThe Same Old Jets
High StakesSuncoast 42inThe Bermeister
High StakesSuncoast 43inGunslingers and Barmaids
High StakesSuncoast 44inThe Ballers
High StakesSuncoast 45inGo Big or Go Home
High StakesSuncoast 46inAlmost Labor day league
High StakesSuncoast 47inSlow Roll
High StakesSuncoast 48inHeavy Hitters 1st Annual HS
High StakesSuncoast 49inSpend more get more
High StakesSuncoast 50inGreat Football Minds
High StakesSuncoast 51inSHARK FRENZY
High StakesSuncoast 52inI Love a TE
High StakesSuncoast 53inCrosstown Traffic
High StakesSuncoast 54inJust4 ChitZ n GigglEs
High StakesSuncoast 55inBig Pharma
High StakesSuncoast 56inThe Featured League
High StakesSuncoast 57inWeekend Draft
High StakesSuncoast 58inThe Blair Walsh project
High StakesSuncoast 59inQuit Crying in Your Beer
High StakesSuncoast 60inShow Us Your TDs
High StakesSuncoast 61inIt's happy hour, let's draft!
High StakesSuncoast 63inJOIN-THEY DO NOT KEEP YOUR $ IF D
High StakesSuncoast 63AinTraining Camp
DynastySuncoast DYN 1inGame of Thrones
DynastySuncoast DYN 5inEnd Game
DynastySuncoast DYN 2inMenace to Society
DynastySuncoast DYN 3inMonkey Business
DynastySuncoast DYN 4inThe Beer League
All-ProSuncoast 64inNFL AP
All-ProSuncoast 65inYOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
All-ProSuncoast 66inBills Mafia
All-ProSuncoast 67inSerious Players Club
All-ProSuncoast 68inNFL All Pro
All-ProSuncoast 69inGive me the money!
All-ProSuncoast 70inNFL PPR All Pro
AudibleSuncoast 71inTommyknockers Birthday Draft
AudibleSuncoast 72inTHE BIG CAHOONAS
AudibleSuncoast 73inDUALFLEX HIGH STAKES AUDI 10/20
AudibleSuncoast 74in1500, 750, 400 speaks for ITSELF
AudibleSuncoast 76inDog Dawz of Summer
AudibleSuncoast 78inBubbles Dances to Motown
AudibleSuncoast 79inDUALFLEX HIGH STAKES AUDI 10/22
AudibleSuncoast 81inLets draft
AudibleSuncoast 82inWooden Nickels ... Silver Dollars
AudibleSuncoast 83inSmokers Jokers Tokers
AudibleSuncoast 84inVBD - Very Best Drafters
AudibleSuncoast 85in2019 Slow Roll
AudibleSuncoast 86inits 420 somewhere
AudibleSuncoast 87inRTFFC Style Audi High Stakes
AudibleSuncoast 89inBorder Walls
AudibleSuncoast 90inHammertime Invite
AudibleSuncoast 91inDraft and Go 10/25
AudibleSuncoast 92inDOWN GOES FRAZIER
AudibleSuncoast 93inIt'a just getting a little more s
AudibleSuncoast 94inlet's do a dang draft
AudibleSuncoast 95inThe Best Bestball - 12 Teams
AudibleSuncoast 96inHammertime Free Agency Special Ed
AudibleSuncoast 97inBubbles Loves $$$ and Donuts
AudibleSuncoast 98in$50 Happy Hour Audi 10/25
AudibleSuncoast 99inFEB AUDI DM
AudibleSuncoast 100inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 3
AudibleSuncoast 101inThe Draft is Here
AudibleSuncoast 101inThe 2019 NON-FACTOR Classic
AudibleSuncoast 102inEarly Birds
AudibleSuncoast 102inYou Play the Game to Win
AudibleSuncoast 103inIts Go Time, Bubbles
Audiblesuncoast 103inAlfred Morris for 921
AudibleSuncoast 104inHAWAII 30
AudibleSuncoast 104inC Mike Pro Bowl Special
AudibleSuncoast 105inSlow Audi
AudibleSuncoast 105inFrozen Balls
AudibleSuncoast 106inTaco tuesday draft night
AudibleSuncoast 106inNFC vs AFC
AudibleSuncoast 107in1-22 Audi
AudibleSuncoast 107inHammertime at Walgreens
AudibleSuncoast 108inSaturdayn hight Audi
AudibleSuncoast 108inWhere‚??s Rosen Draft Palooza
AudibleSuncoast 109inAB Dat U Runnin Outta Jail?
AudibleSuncoast 109inYou Won
AudibleSuncoast 110inCappuccino Kangaroo
AudibleSuncoast 110inBubbles Shakes Her Groove Thing
AudibleSuncoast 111inWed Night Audi.
AudibleSuncoast 111inSmall Fish Big Bowl
AudibleSuncoast 112inWinter Blues
Audiblesuncoast 112inBest Balls
AudibleSuncoast 113inFriday Night Delight
AudibleSuncoast 114inBubbles Supa Bowl Party
Audiblesuncoast 114inFree Squares
AudibleSuncoast 115inTaco Tuesday with Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 115inFlacco over Brady
AudibleSuncoast 116inWhopper Wednesday with Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 116inTWO A DAZE
AudibleSuncoast 117inTake a Ride on a Suncoast Wave
AudibleSuncoast 117inOne way or the other
AudibleSuncoast 118inGround Control to Major Tom
AudibleSuncoast 118inBubbles Dances for Bob Kraft
AudibleSuncoast 119inBubbles Joins XFL Cheerleaders
AudibleSuncoast 119inBEST PIX AWARD DRAFT
AudibleSuncoast 120inSunday Funday with Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 120inMonday Night Football
AudibleSuncoast 121inBATTING .500
AudibleSuncoast 121inBan Hammer
AudibleSuncoast 122inHAPPY HOUR BEST BALL
AudibleSuncoast 122inTwenty Dollar Cheapo
AudibleSuncoast 123inSaturday night Bestball
AudibleSuncoast 123inCombine Special
AudibleSuncoast 124inSaturday late bestball
AudibleSuncoast 124inMarch On
AudibleSuncoast 125inBubbles Bubbles Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 125inYa'll Crazy To Draft Early, Like
AudibleSuncoast 126inThe Corncob bar mitzvah County Fa
AudibleSuncoast 126inTOP 300 PICKS
AudibleSuncoast 127inHump Day Drafting
AudibleSuncoast 127inQuick Stop
AudibleSuncoast 128inFebruary Freeze
AudibleSuncoast 128inThe Rap Sheet Predicts
AudibleSuncoast 129inAudi 2020
AudibleSuncoast 129inCheapo Backup Plan
AudibleSuncoast 130inDonuts and Wings
AudibleSuncoast 131inTaco Tuesday
AudibleSuncoast 132inFriday Night Audi DM
AudibleSuncoast 134indaily double
AudibleSuncoast 135inBubbels talks March Madness Strat
AudibleSuncoast 136inDrunk Tank
AudibleSuncoast 137inDiaper Dandy Baby
AudibleSuncoast 138inFri Happy Hour
AudibleSuncoast 139in25 Man Roster
AudibleSuncoast 140inThe Madness Has Begun
AudibleSuncoast 141inBob Kraft Says Sorry to Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 142inTuesday night lights
AudibleSuncoast 143inFriday Night Draft
AudibleSuncoast 144inSaturday Afternoon
AudibleSuncoast 145inElite 8
AudibleSuncoast 146inMonday Mayhem
AudibleSuncoast 147inLovin Costa Rica still
AudibleSuncoast 148inQuick Cheapo Draft-o
AudibleSuncoast 149inLets Go 4 the Hat Trick
AudibleSuncoast 150inHouse Targaryen
AudibleSuncoast 151inChillin with Bubbles
AudibleSuncoast 152inApril Dual BB
AudibleSuncoast 153inMartini Landing
AudibleSuncoast 154inTOP 300 PICKS
AudibleSuncoast 155inNice schedule
AudibleSuncoast 156inEvening Do
AudibleSuncoast 157inFriday Night Lights
AudibleSuncoast 158in4-20 DRAFT
AudibleSuncoast 159insleepierest
AudibleSuncoast 160inADDICTS WELCOME.....
AudibleSuncoast 161in6CDT Funny
AudibleSuncoast 162inMON NITE AUDI
AudibleSuncoast 163inBEST of BALLZ
AudibleSuncoast 164inLast Chance before Draft
AudibleSuncoast 165inSuper Bowl Champs
AudibleSuncoast 167inSunday Night Draft
AudibleSuncoast 168inColton & The Wolfman April 30th
AudibleSuncoast 169inQuick fix
Audiblesuncoast 170inMOTHERS DAY EVE
AudibleSuncoast 171inTuesday night Jumbo Audi
AudibleSuncoast 172inLD SPECIAL 1
AudibleSuncoast 173inWeekend Warriors
AudibleSuncoast 174inLD SPECIAL 2
AudibleSuncoast 176inAudi Best Ball SFlex
AudibleSuncoast 177inSFLEX N NBA
AudibleSuncoast 178insunday draft
AudibleSuncoast 179inLeague of Legends
AudibleSuncoast 180inDominos
AudibleSuncoast 181inIndependence Day
AudibleSuncoast 182inHail Mary
AudibleSuncoast 183inEAT UM UP
AudibleSuncoast 184inDeep Best Ball
AudibleSuncoast 185inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 4
AudibleSuncoast 186inSunday SuperFlex
AudibleSuncoast 187inLD SPECIAL 5
AudibleSuncoast 188inMonday Night Raw
AudibleSuncoast 189inWKRP IN CINCINNATI
AudibleSuncoast 190inColton & the Wolfman Aug 6th
FaceoffSuncoast 350inAtlanta 100 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 351inIndianapolis 100 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 352inOakland 100 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 353inJacksonville 100 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 354inDetroit 100 Bracket WC
FaceoffSuncoast 355inNew England 100 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 356inTennessee 100 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 357inCarolina 100 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 358inDallas 100 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 359inPittsburgh 100 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 360inPhiladelphia 50 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 361inJacksonville 50 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 362inBuffalo 50 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 363inCleveland 50 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 364inDetroit 50 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 365inPhiladelphia 50 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 366inAtlanta 50 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 367inDenver 50 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 368inArizona 50 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 369inNew England 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 370inPittsburgh 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 371inGreen Bay 20 Bracket 17
FaceoffSuncoast 372inSeattle 20 Bracket WC
FaceoffSuncoast 373inBaltimore 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 374inTampa Bay 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 375inTennessee 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 376inNew York Jets 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 377inSan Francisco 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 378inNew Orleans 20 Bracket 18
FaceoffSuncoast 379inGreen Bay 20 Bracket 18
Draft MastersSuncoast 191inSit and Go 100 XVIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 192inSit and Go 100 XVI
Draft MastersSuncoast 193inSit and Go 100 XIV
Draft MastersSuncoast 194inRoses are free
Draft MastersSuncoast 195inSit and Go 100 XIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 196inSit and Go 100 XII
Draft MastersSuncoast 197inSit and Go 100 XI
Draft MastersSuncoast 198inBEST BALL WEST VS EAST COAST
Draft MastersSuncoast 199inSit and Go 100 IX
Draft MastersSuncoast 200inSit and Go 100 VIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 201inVegan Meat Eaters
Draft MastersSuncoast 202inSit and Go 100 XXIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 203inSit and Go 100 XXVIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 204inSit and Go 100 VI
Draft MastersSuncoast 205inSit and Go 100 VII
Draft MastersSuncoast 206inSit and Go 100 IV
Draft MastersSuncoast 207inJust the Johnsons
Draft MastersSuncoast 208inLet's play
Draft MastersSuncoast 209inSit and Go 50 XIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 210inSit and Go 50 XVII
Draft MastersSuncoast 211inSit and Go 50 XV
Draft MastersSuncoast 212inKnockout Punch
Draft MastersSuncoast 213inSit and Go 50 XIV
Draft MastersSuncoast 214inSit and Go 50 XIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 215inAir Conditioning Best Ball Draft
Draft MastersSuncoast 216inSit and Go 50 XI
Draft MastersSuncoast 217inGit It On
Draft MastersSuncoast 218inHowl at the Moon w/The Wolfman
Draft MastersSuncoast 219inSit and Go 50 XXXIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 220inHowl at the Moon w/The Wolfman #2
Draft MastersSuncoast 221in50$ Best Ball
Draft MastersSuncoast 222inSit and Go 50 VII
Draft MastersSuncoast 223inSunday Punch
Draft MastersSuncoast 224inSit and Go 50 IX
Draft MastersSuncoast 225inSit and Go 50 VIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 250inGet It On
Draft MastersSuncoast 200inSlow Masters
Draft MastersSuncoast 201inSlow Hand Luke
Draft MastersSuncoast 226inSUNDAY FUNDAY
Draft MastersSuncoast 227inAuctions Rule
Draft MastersSuncoast 228inAlways Sunny in Oakland
Draft MastersSuncoast 229inBeerleague6
Draft MastersSuncoast 230inLooney Tunes #9
Draft MastersSuncoast 231inLooney Tunes #7
Draft MastersSuncoast 232inLooney Tunes #26
Draft MastersSuncoast 233inMonNiteAuction
Draft MastersSuncoast 234inLooney Tunes #2
Draft MastersSuncoast 235insail away
Draft MastersSuncoast 236indo it now
Draft MastersSuncoast 237inFriday Night Feever
Draft MastersSuncoast 238inJuly 4th Best Ball Auction
Draft MastersSuncoast 239inWedNiteAuction
Draft MastersSuncoast 240inSotheby's NFL Player Auction
Draft MastersSuncoast 241inLet's Get Ready To Rumble
Draft MastersSuncoast 242inAuction DM
Draft MastersSuncoast 243inEA Sports Its In The
Draft MastersSuncoast 244inBring it
Draft MastersSuncoast 245inBoats and Hoes
Draft MastersSuncoast 246inSpeed Drafters 7/18
Draft MastersSuncoast 247inSit and Go 20 LXIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 248inSit and Go 20 LXV
Draft MastersSuncoast 249inSit and Go 20 LVIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 250inTues. Special
Draft MastersSuncoast 251inKicking It Off
Draft Masterssuncoast 252inEarly No Hurry
Draft MastersSuncoast 253inSit and Go 20 CXXXVIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 254inSit and Go 20 CXXXVI
Draft MastersSuncoast 255inSit and Go 20 CXXXIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 256inSit and Go 20 CXXXVII
Draft MastersSuncoast 257inSit and Go 20 IX
Draft MastersSuncoast 258inSit and Go 20 VIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 259inSit and Go 20 XIV
Draft MastersSuncoast 260inSit and Go 20 XI
Draft MastersSuncoast 261inSit and Go 20 XII
Draft MastersSuncoast 262inSit and Go 20 XIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 263inSit and Go 20 XV
Draft MastersSuncoast 264inSit and Go 20 XVI
Draft MastersSuncoast 265inSit and Go 20 XIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 266inSit and Go 20 XX
Draft MastersSuncoast 267inSit and Go 20 XXIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 268inSit and Go 20 XXVI
Draft MastersSuncoast 269inSit and Go 20 XXXI
Draft MastersSuncoast 270inSit and Go 20 XXXIV
Draft MastersSuncoast 271inSit and Go 20 XXXIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 272inSit and Go 20 XLIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 273inSaturday Quick One
Draft MastersSuncoast 274inSit and Go 20 XLV
Draft MastersSuncoast 275inSit and Go 20 LII
Draft MastersSuncoast 276inWeekend Warm up
Draft MastersSuncoast 277inSit and Go 20 LI
Draft MastersSuncoast 278inSit and Go 20 LVII
Draft MastersSuncoast 279inSit and Go 20 XXXVII
Draft MastersSuncoast 280inSit and Go 20 LIX
Draft MastersSuncoast 281inSit and Go 20 LVI
Draft MastersSuncoast 282inAfternoon delight
Draft MastersSuncoast 283inSunday funday
Draft MastersSuncoast 284inHUMP DAY FAST DRAFT
Draft MastersSuncoast 285in518 upstate
Draft MastersSuncoast 286inTuesday BestBall DM
Draft MastersSuncoast 287inOH YEAAAA
Draft MastersSuncoast 288inBest Ball Bonanza
Draft MastersSuncoast 289inIt's a New Day, Yes it is
Draft MastersSuncoast 290inLooney Tunes #22
Draft MastersSuncoast 291inPRE-SEASON STARTER BB DM
Draft MastersSuncoast 292inHangin with Epstein
Draft MastersSuncoast 293inBet your Bottom Best Ball
Draft MastersSuncoast 294inBest Ball
Draft MastersSuncoast 295inBest Ball For All
Draft MastersSuncoast 296inGOATS only
Draft MastersSuncoast 297inDraft Baby Draft
Draft MastersSuncoast 298inTHE ANACONDA BB DM
Draft MastersSuncoast 299inBest Ball NOW XLIII
Draft MastersSuncoast 300inBest Ball NOW XLV
Draft MastersSuncoast 301inLate Night Best Balls
Draft MastersSuncoast 302inLet's GO 2
Draft MastersSuncoast 303inBest Ball NOW LXXII
Draft MastersSuncoast 304inDorian Dilema
Draft MastersSuncoast 305inAin't No Reasoning with Hurricane

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