Nickname: coffeemann
Fantasy Player Rank: #1041
Fans: 4
Foes: 1

61 Money League Teams

DynastyCoffee TimeinJ&L Dynasty League
DynastyCoffee TraininginCertified Kicker Free
All-AmericanAction AuctioninThe Conundrum....Mahomes or Lamar
All-AmericanAll IninKeeters
All-AmericanAuction 2inHow many things can hurt you ?
All-AmericanAx the Media AuctioninFootball Eve
All-AmericanBruising BulliesinThe Family Business #1
All-AmericanBust in LooseinMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanCoffee Auction 1inEarly Birds
All-AmericanCoffee SlammerinInside The 20
All-AmericanCoffee TamerinBeat the Distraction W/Action
All-AmericanCoffee TraininKeeping Busy
All-AmericanDistraction ActioninMove'in & Groov'in
All-AmericanLieing Media ManiainGigaton
All-AmericanSuper Auction 2inSuperFlex
All-AmericanTrump TraininThe Trump Train Gang
All-AmericanTrump Train 2inBeat the Distraction W/Action 2
All-AmericanTrump Train AuctioninMidweek AA Auction
All-AmericanTrumping Lying MediainSuperFlexus
All-AmericanTrumps Triumphant TrumpinBeat the Distraction W/Football A
All-AmericanWakey BakeysinLong PPR
All-AmericanWhy be Scurd Action FirinSudden Death Fantasy Football
EliminatorCoffee limiinIf you ain't last... you're first
EliminatorEliminator 2inSummer's Over League
DimesDime Bags 1inDimes Best Ball 5114
DimesDime Bags 10inDimes Best Ball 5266
DimesDime bags 11inDimes Best Ball 5304
DimesDime Bags 12inDimes Best Ball 5330
Dimesdime bags 14inDimes Best Ball 5393
DimesDime Bags 2inDimes Best Ball 5131
DimesDime Bags 3inDimes Best Ball 5188
DimesDime Bags 4inDimes Best Ball 5195
DimesDime Bags 5inDimes Best Ball 5216
DimesDime Bags 6inDimes Best Ball 5220
DimesDime Bags 6.5inDimes Best Ball 5421
DimesDime Bags 7inDimes Best Ball 5231
DimesDime Bags 9inDimes Best Ball 5271
DimesDimes 13inDimes Best Ball 5371
DimesDimes 8inDimes Best Ball 5234
DimesSuper Dimes 12.75inDimes Best Ball 5523
DimesSuper Dimes 12.85inDimes Best Ball 5526
DimesSuper Dimes 12.90inDimes Best Ball 5530
DimesSuper Best 2inDimes Best Ball 5332
DimesSuper Dime Bags 10inDimes Best Ball 5470
DimesSuper Dime Bags 9inDimes Best Ball 5469
DimesSuper Dimes 1inDimes Best Ball 5320
DimesSuper Dimes 10inDimes Best Ball 5473
DimesSuper Dimes 11inDimes Best Ball 5482
DimesSuper Dimes 12inDimes Best Ball 5484
DimesSuper Dimes 12.5inDimes Best Ball 5508
DimesSuper Dimes 12.80inDimes Best Ball 5525
DimesSuper Dimes 14inDimes Best Ball 5534
DimesSuper dimes 3inDimes Best Ball 5364
DimesSuper dimes 4inDimes Best Ball 5387
DimesSuper Dimes 5inDimes Best Ball 5390
DimesSuper Dimes 6inDimes Best Ball 5411
DimesSuper Dimes 8inDimes Best Ball 5423
DimesSuper Dimes 8.5inDimes Best Ball 5447
Draft Slot123456789101112

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