Nickname: Whaddawho
Fantasy Player Rank: #16
Fans: 12

62 Money League Teams

All-ProAP-1*inBabes Babes Babes
All-ProAP-2inPaper Tigers Fantasy League
All-American101 Look. DinAA DRAFT
All-American102 If you had*intuesday night stoners
All-American104 One Opportunity. inSaturday Night Draft
All-American105 To Seize. MWby4inEarlyBirds
All-American106 Everything you everinMARCH AA
All-American107 One Moment. DPin3-24 AA DRAFT
All-American108 Would You Capture IinAA before the Real Draft
All-American112 Knees Weak. P^12inBig Dogs Porch
All-American113 Arms Are Heavy. inNfl draft Night
All-American114 Theres Vomit On HisinAll American Made
All-American116 Hes Nervous. DinThursday Nighter
All-American119 To Drop Bombs. DinHa ha ha
All-American120 But He Keeps on ForinHalfway through May
All-American121 What He Wrote Down.inAfternoon Delight
All-American122 The Whole Crowd*inStormy Night
All-American126 Hes Chokin How. inNo Truth League
All-American127 Everybodies Jokin NinSunday Night
All-American131 Oh There Goes GraviinTuesday AA F U wanna fight about
All-American132 Oh, There Goes RabbinAuction action baby cakes!
All-American133 He Choked. OP^7inDraft Night in American
All-American134 Hes So Mad*inLETS GO!!
All-American135 But He Wont Give UpinOTAs and Mini Camp
All-American140 Hes Dope. P^26 /inMONSTER ISLAND LEAGUE
All-American142 But Hes BrokeinSmash Mouth
All-American144 That He Knows*inOreos Eat Cool J Cookies
All-American145 When He Goes Back. inThe All-American
All-American146 To His Mobile Home inKing of Kings
All-American147 Thats When Its*in1 month till training camp
All-American149 This Whole RhapsodyinSaturday fun day
All-American150 He Better Go CapturinKalc SF 20
All-American153 In The Music. OPinFireworks
All-American155 You Own It*inDRAFTING FOR DOLLARS
All-American156 You Better Never LeinPicking Winners
All-American157 You Only Get One ShinAfternoon Delight
All-American159 This Opportunity CoinBreakfast & Football
All-American162 Through This Hole TinThe Squad
All-American163 This World Is Mine inCredit card finally working
All-American164 Make Me King*inearly drafters
All-American165 As We Move Toward AinPersonal Fouls
All-American169 Close To Post-MorteinGronk If You Like TDs
All-American170 It Only Grows HardeinMake Fantasy Great Again
All-American171 Only Grows Hotter. inMidgets of the Midway
All-American172 He Blows Us All OveinFriday Afternoon Draft
All-American174 Coast To Coast ShowinPre Pre Season
All-American176 Lonely Roads*inTuesday's Delight
All-American177 God Only Knows (SflinFlexys Midnight Runners
All-American178 Hes Grown Farther FinGood Morning Football
All-American180 He Goes Home*inBadasses Inc
All-American182 But Hold Your Nose*inDez Has Feelings Too
All-American184 His Hos Dont Want HinF**K the Cowboys
All-American186 They Moved On*inThe Money League
All-American187 To The Next Schmo. inGordon Geko
All-American190 So The Soap Opera*inSEC Fans
All-American191 Is Told And UnfoldsinIt's Always Sunny
All-American194 Da Da Dumb Da Dumb inALL AMERICAN
All-American195. DinA League Has No Name
All-American197*inTHE DIRTY DOZEN
All-American199. /1GinThis is it
AudibleAM-1. DinBringin The Pain
AudibleAM-3. DP^60inBottom Of The Barrel

5 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full Season(BR$)Scranton Stranglerin16th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonRudolph the Redzone ReiinKFFSC Big Game Week Dynasty Keepe
Full SeasonScranton Stranglers (SCinKFFSC Big Game Week Redraft 2018
Full Season($)($)Scranton StrangleinKFFSC March Madness Redraft 18'

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