Nickname: GothamsGreatest
Fantasy Player Rank: #268
Fans: 5
Foes: 1

50 Money League Teams

All-ProHXH2inLast Chance FF 2021
All-AmericanAOT1inBudweiser League
All-AmericanAOT2inLA Confidential
All-AmericanAOT3inCJ Chark Week
All-AmericanBL1inAll-American 222
All-AmericanBL2inStumblin, Bumblin, and Fumblin
All-AmericanBL3inAcme, Inc,
All-AmericanBSD1TinThe Goat!!
All-AmericanBSD2inAll-American 144
All-AmericanBSD3inAll-American 148
All-AmericanCSM1inCome one come all
All-AmericanCSM2inThe All American
All-AmericanCSM3inSuper Ultimate Fantasy
All-AmericanDRRR1inWe Go Over the Middle
All-AmericanDRRR2inAll-American 102
All-AmericanDRRR3inAll-American 104
All-AmericanFMAB1inBid them up
All-AmericanFMAB2TinLets Go Buffalo
All-AmericanFMAB3TinIf you're not First, you're Last
All-AmericanFZ1inAll-American 39
All-AmericanFZ2inAll-American 43
All-AmericanFZ3inAll-American 48
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest1inDraft Time
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest2inBlast The Draft
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest3inThe Jedi Council
All-AmericanHF1Tinfantasy 4 dumbies
All-AmericanHF3TinMe So Hornnnnnnayyy
All-AmericanHXH1inSon of a Mitch Trubisky
All-AmericanJJK1inSaturday Draft
All-AmericanJJK2inBig Ass TDs
All-AmericanJJK3inIf At First You Don't Succeed, Pl
All-AmericanKNY1TinAll American
All-AmericanKNY2inAll-American 162
All-AmericanKNY3inBIG @$$ TDs
All-AmericanMHA1inTuesday's Evening Draft
All-AmericanMHA2inSuper Bowl
All-AmericanMHA3in2 Geniuses and 10 Idiots
All-AmericanSC1inAll-American 177
All-AmericanSC2inAll-American 196
All-AmericanSC3inGreatest Show on Paper No. 2
All-AmericanTG1inMad Max
All-AmericanTG2inAll-American 13
All-AmericanTG3inLiving the Lake Life
All-AmericanTPN1inPreseason showdown
All-AmericanTPN2inHall of Fame Game Day
All-AmericanTPN3inAll-American 5
All-AmericanUBW1inBig Time Fantasy
All-AmericanUBW2inAll-American 72
All-AmericanUBW3inAll-American 80
Draft Slot123456789101112

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