Nickname: GothamsGreatest
Fantasy Player Rank: #190
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

42 Money League Teams

All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 1inJune 22
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 2inSaturday night
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 3inOreos Eat Cool J Cookies
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 4inSat brunch 22
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 5inFourth of July Special
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 1inThere can only be one
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 2inGreenbrier
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 3inMid Day Break Draft
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 4inThe Nooner
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 5inThe Tailgate Party
All-AmericanDamien Wayne 1inFootball Time in America
All-AmericanDamien Wayne 2 TinFlorida Fantasy Football League
All-AmericanDamien Wayne 3inFantasy Football 2018
All-AmericanDamien Wayne 4inTom G.O.A.T Brady
All-AmericanDamien Wayne 5inMattinglys Breakfast League
All-AmericanDick Grayson 1 TinNo Sharks Allowed
All-AmericanDick Grayson 2inBuild it and they will come
All-AmericanDick Grayson 3inIt's Auction Time
All-AmericanFind A New Slant 1inFantasy Football 2k18
All-AmericanFind A New Slant 2inLate Night
All-AmericanFind A New Slant 3in4th and Inches
All-AmericanFind A New Slant 4inMid June
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest1inFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest2inSaturday stoners
All-AmericanGothamsGreatest4inSunday AA
All-AmericanGothamsgreatest5inHere's to Lebron. Sucking my ....
All-AmericanJason Todd 1inSunday Afternoon FF Draft League
All-AmericanJason Todd 2inMonday Football
All-AmericanJason Todd 3 TinReds Rockin Rollin
All-AmericanJason Todd 4inThe Draft Room on RT Sports Leagu
All-AmericanJason Todd 5inOne Winner Eleven Losers
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 1inTomato Soup
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 2inFull Throttle Fantasy
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 3inGoodfellas and Bad Girls
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 4inFirst and Drunk to Go
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 5inLa Cosa Nostra
All-AmericanTim Drake 1inBourbon and Football
All-AmericanTim Drake 2inIs it 420?
All-AmericanTim Drake 3inKickoff Classic
All-AmericanTim Drake 4inJust Plain Ballers
All-AmericanTim Drake 5inXBR Fantasy Football

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