Nickname: BIG-NASTY1
Fantasy Player Rank: #148
Fans: 58
Foes: 3

15 Money League Teams

All-Americanbig nasty 10inMiller Genuine Draft
All-Americanbig Nasty 16inPhantasy Phootball Phenoms
All-AmericanBig Nasty 21 1inWe Are Groot
All-AmericanBig Nasty 22inCrackback Block
AudibleBig Nasty 15inSaturday Afternooner
AudibleBig Nasty 22inhawaiian style
Draft Mastersbig nasty 13inSit and Go 20 XXXIV
Draft MastersBig Nasty 2inSit and Go 20 XXIII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 20inFilled Fast
Draft Mastersbig nasty 4inSit and Go 20 XXII
Draft Mastersbig nasty 5inSit and Go 20 XXV
Slam DunkBig Nasty 2inSit and Go 30 V SD
Slam Dunkbig nasty 3inPost Moves
Slam Dunkbig nasty 4inFriday SD 10-12
Draft Mastersbig nastyinSit and Go 10 I DM

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