Nickname: BIG-NASTY1
Fantasy Player Rank: #187
Fans: 59
Foes: 3

34 Money League Teams

ChampionshipBIG NASTYinFantasy Championship 8/11 6:00pm
All-Americanbig nasty 1inSlow Motion
All-AmericanBig Nasty 1 1inFour Hour Slow Draft
All-AmericanBig Nasty 1 2inBattle of Winterfell
All-AmericanBig Nasty 1 3inDoesn't matter
All-Americanbig nasty 2inFour Hour Slow Draft III
All-Americanbig nasty 3inSuper Techmo Bowl
All-AmericanBig nasty 5 1inadp trendsetter
All-AmericanBig nasty 5 2inGulf coast beaches
All-AmericanBig nasty 5 3inCrown of Thorns
AudibleBig NastyinDraft and Go 10/25
AudibleBig Nasty 1inLD SPECIAL 4
AudibleBig Nasty 14inDraft and Go 4
AudibleBig Nasty 19inLeague of Legends
AudibleBig Nasty 20inLeague of Legends 2
AudibleBig Nasty 22inWHEEL OF FORTUNE 4
AudibleBig Nasty 8inWhat The What
Draft MastersBig Nasty 9inSit and Go 50 IX
Draft MastersBig NastyinSit and Go 20 XXXII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 1inSit and Go 20 XXXV
Draft MastersBig Nasty 11inSit and Go 20 XLVIII
Draft MastersBig nasty 12inSit and Go 20 XLIII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 13inSit and Go 20 XXXVI
Draft MastersBig Nasty 14inSit and Go 20 XXXIX
Draft MastersBig Nasty 15inSit and Go 20 XLVII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 20inSit and Go 20 XL
Draft MastersBig Nasty 22inSit and Go 20 XLV
Draft MastersBig Nasty 23inSit and Go 20 XLIX
Draft MastersBig Nasty 24inSit and Go 20 LII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 25inSit and Go 20 XXXVIII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 27inClock Suckers SLOW idiots
Draft MastersBig nasty 4inSit and Go 20 XXXIII
Draft MastersBig Nasty 7inSit and Go 20 XLI
Draft MastersBig NastyinSit and Go 4hr 10 I DM JOIN
Draft Slot123456789101112

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