Nickname: Gtmoney
Fantasy Player Rank: #1279
Fans: 10

10 Money League Teams

All-Pro.50inSTL Parker Bowl
All-AmericanDeuceinHut Hut Time
All-AmericanFirst down 1inThe Beer Leagaue
All-AmericanFirst down 2inEarly to Bed, Early to Rise
All-AmericanGoatinPigskin Fantasy
All-AmericanGtballersinChicken Fried Fantasy
All-AmericanGtballers2in12 Blind Mice
Best BallGtballers3inBest Ball PRO 386
Best BallGtballers4inBest Ball PRO 456
Best BallRoballersinBest Ball PRO 374
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonWonderlickersinMS FINEST

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